Since I forgot to sleep the night before, I was exhausted yesterday evening. I kept hoping to make it past sunset. As dusk fell, I remembered I forgot my mobilization portion of the WLC and I needed to get that in. It really did make my sore back feel better. Death by deadlifts is not only difficult during the performance, but also in the recovery.

I thought that might perk me up and keep me awake longer. It didn’t. I gave up and went to bed around 8.30. I had already looked at today’s WOD and thought that it was good thing I was exhausted or I would be up all night asking myself what was I thinking when I signed up for CrossFit.

I was up at 10.30, 1.30, and 4.15 to go to the bathroom. Yesterday, I read that Michelle Obama is in a bit of trouble because she is advocating for everyone to drink one more glass of water per day and there is no scientific basis to her statement that it will benefit you. Some big medical group pointed out that we drink when we are thirsty and excess water is just flushed from the system. It was flushed here at 10.30, 1.30, and 4.15. When this portion is over, I may keep drinking a bit more water than before because I think I was minimally dehydrated. My plan is to drink one-half ounce of fluid per pound which is WAY different than one-half ounce of water and not counting my coffee. My way counts coffee. It will also taste better.

There were six regulars and two fundamentals people there this morning. We did warm-up together and then they split off. Warm-up was a 400 meter run (300 for me), ten air squats with a 3 second hold at the bottom, bear crawl down the mat, ten med ball cleans, ten med ball overhead squats, bear crawl down the mat, ten cherry pickers, and ten wallballs (which seemed just cruel).

Today’s WOD as written:
Max unbroken wallballs
20 Min AMRAP  
one partner works the other holds a kb(1.5/1 pood) while they rest
10 cleans(155/105)
10 dips
1 rope climb

I suck at wallballs because they are body intensive and I’m body old. They include a weighted squat, throwing a ten pound (for me anyway) ball up against the wall to a particular height, catching it properly and immediately falling back into a squat. That’s a lot of stuff going on there for an old coot. I usually start beeping around number 7. Rumor had it, although it wasn’t on the board, that Gabe did 52. Kurtis and Ricky, using 20 pound wallballs did 53 each. I managed 15 which was more than I thought I would get. I love watching truly athletic people do stuff.

For the WOD, Carma and I were a team. She used a 53# bar for the cleans which was too much for me. However, I bit the bullet and realized someplace inside my head that while I’m all about the numbers, it is more important to grow and push myself. Higher weights mean more growth (although lower numbers) and the only way to get better is to keep pushing. I used a 42# bar which nearly killed me, but didn’t so it must have worked. Carma used a green band for dips; I used two boxes. Neither of us can climb a rope and the substitution was 5 knees to elbows which neither of us can do, either, but we pulled our knees up as high as we could.

Now for the whole pood thing. Ricky and I did a partner WOD like this long ago. He is an over-achiever and I’m a weenie and it was his turn to be stuck with the Patti. I figured out then how to technically follow the rule while still being able to participate. I sat on a box and held the weight. I did the same thing today. It is easier to hold a plate which distributes the weight instead of a 35 pound KB.

Easy or not, we managed to get in 8 rounds + 2. We worked hard. And even though at any time in the last three minutes I might have puked, I managed not to do that. What a bonus. Thanks, Carma. We rock! And we didn’t even get a Seniors scale which we both qualify for. Me, more than Carma.