I’m told it will get easier, but then I’ve been lied to before. I really want the results without doing the work which is pretty stupid. If that actually could happen we would have world peace and bountiful lives full of happiness, health, and good fortune for all. Instead, if you want something, you have to work for it. That sucks.

I can’t thank my husband enough for being supportive in this nonsense. He is not doing the Whole Life Challenge but he is doing half of it. I have offered to cook him a real stew type meal with potatoes in it while I ate more of a beef soup type thing with no potatoes, but he declined. He has been eating more veggies with me at dinner. He doesn’t really like veggies. We tried quinoa last night and after adding some salt, actually liked it and will incorporate into our normal diets after this is done.

I keep thinking of food I can’t have. I keep wanting food I don’t even normally eat because it is food I can’t have. The psychology here is astounding. I have been religious in following the diet stuff because it will either get easier or I’m going to start losing points, but while I’m highly motivated, it is best to power through.

Dick mentioned that I don’t eat that bad normally and I turned on the poor, helpful man like a rabid dog. If I ate that good normally, why was having such a hard time with this restricted diet? Of course I ate crap or I wouldn’t be having any trouble now. Cheese and crackers for lunch – verboten. Milk in my coffee – nope. Sugar in every damn thing including my delicious, wonderful, beloved chocolate. Cutting out the potato chips was easy, cutting out all the normal foods because sugar is one of the ingredients has been a royal pain in the ass and a true crimp in what I can and cannot eat. That and cutting out potatoes and pasta has been astounding. Our dinners are meat, potatoes/pasta, and sometimes but not always a vegetable. That’s not working so good right now.

I would dearly love to sleep through the night. I was up three times again last night.

I did look at the WOD for today and mouthed a silent prayer to Loki that I don’t go to the box on Wednesday. They were doing a Hero WOD for 9/11 and frankly, I’m not a hero. I honor all those whose lives were affected on September 11, 2001, and I applaud all those who do a special WOD in their honor today. I’m a wimp.

But I still needed at least ten minutes of some form of light exercise on my recovery day, which does sound so much better than rest day. On Sunday, I rode my bike and it was so hard to pedal the old thing. It is one speed, with an old lady seat, and is about twenty years old. However, it still works nicely. I have a child’s white basket with flowers that light up when it jiggles. My phone and water bottle go in there. Sunday, I wore sunglasses but no visor and I rode in the afternoon and it was hot and messy.

I whined appropriately to the man of the house who dutifully and without further nagging checked my tires. I had noticed that they were flat on the bottom. Well! There was 5# of air in the front and 7# in the back tire. (The seat was dusty when I took it from the garage on Sunday, too.) The tires are supposed to have 35# in each. So he filled them up. My ride today covered the same route and instead of 19 minutes, it took 14 minutes. It was beautiful out there with a nice temperature, sun not up yet (although I did wear my visor), and generally a lovely ride. Much easier to move the bike with rounded tires.

Tonight for dinner, we are having a meal just like we would have normally eaten. Pork chops, sweet potato, and some veggie on the side. I’m look forward to normal. I’m also looking forward to this being either easier or over, whichever comes first.