Last night I looked at the WOD and laughed uproariously. Then I went to bed. Yesterday’s water consumption was a bit easier, mostly because I worked out in the morning and sucked down so much water at the box that the rest was easy to consume. It also meant I drank it really early in the not quite day and so it had longer to get flushed away with all the toxins and impurities and my sanity. That meant I only woke up once in the middle of the night to pee. So that was a plus, too.

It is always a bad sign when the 5 AM class leaves sweat drops all over the mats. I knew it was a bad WOD.

Warm up was a 250 meter and 200 meter run and I managed both without beeping. Then ten air squats while jumping out of the bottom. So I started to beep there. Bear crawl the mat was next, grab PVC pipes and lunge down the mat doing passthroughs and then dislocates.

Today’s WOD as written:
Spend 15 min working on front lever
15 rounds EMOM
2 full cleans ~80%
25 du or singles


I included the video because it is short and because I wanted to add some mirth to this post. I can’t do a pull-up let alone this crap. We watched some videos on progressions and whatnot and all of them included people who could do things. I asked Coach Kim what she had for weenies. I did a hand plank and actually held it for a full minute. Then I tried one on my elbows. I had no idea they were that much more difficult. I did some ring rows and did my best to use my arms and lats and not hoist myself up with me legs and body.

Then we did some practice cleans. I have no idea what my max on a clean is because it used to be PVC pipe. I’m able to do more when it isn’t to a full squat, but these were full cleans and I had to squat to parallel with whatever weight I chose and then get my fat ass and the bar back up. And I had to do it every minute on the minute for fifteen minutes while including the dang jump rope stuff. I could probably have done two total of a heavier weight, so I stuck with just the 22# bar.

I was glad there was no punishment for singles since I still can’t do a double under. I made it through the first round without beeping at all. I got to the very end of the second round and was beeping. By the fourth round, I was beeping before I started jumping rope. By the sixth round I was starting the round beeping. I made an executive decision to start any round at or below a heart rate of 166.

I thought there were two rounds left and I was at 167 on the minute, but by one second after, I was at 166 so I did the round and figured I would power through the last one no matter what. Lo and behold, that WAS the last round. Since we start at 0:00, 14:00 was the fifteenth round. I made it and didn’t even know it.

I’m so glad I didn’t try to add any weights to my weight. I would have had to sit out a round some place. I was seriously considering it on many of the rests. I would finish working around the 28 to 32 second mark (depending on whether or not I tripped on the rope) and tell myself I didn’t have to do the next round. Then I would get up and do the next round – yes, I sat on the ground between sets to help get my heart rate down. Whatever it takes to get the work done.

It was muggy and the work was hard and I had more than one full bottle of water gone before the WOD itself even started. Might be another good water day, too.