I’m so glad I don’t go to the box on Wednesday. I looked at it, and since I missed Monday, I considered going, but the WOD was 3 RFT of run one mile (3-5 minute rest between miles) and 25 burpee penalty if you were more than 15 seconds off each mile’s time. So basically run a 5K. Once I saw that, I knew I wasn’t going to wake up early for that.

Today’s WOD was not running. I went to the box. Actually, even if today’s WOD was running, it is my day to go and I would have had to just walked the runs and had horrible times and why go there to do that when I can do that at home (but don’t, at least not anymore).

Warm-up was individualized. Those who run were told to run with various weights. Todd and I rowed. We rowed until Coach said to stop rowing. We rowed until the weighted runners were back and I have no idea how long that was or how far I rowed. It was some place between 600 and 700 meters, so not all that far. Then Mike complex down the mat and I could do that. Then rack the PVC pipe and squat, broad jump and land in a squat. I can’t do that. I racked the pipe and lunged the mat.

Lindsey forgot to get there on time and she had to run the parking lot with a really heavy weight. At least we all didn’t have to do burpees because she was late. Thank goodness.

We worked with the bar doing cleans and Coach said he had researched and instead of receiving the bar in a squat, I should try it using a split stance. It is apparently easier for old coots to do this. It was awkward, but the more I did it, the better it became. I could even manage to add more weight to the bar.

Today’s WOD as written:
8 rounds every 30 sec 1 full clean
3 push press (185/120)RX+, (135/95)rx, (95/65)scaled
20 ab mat med ball tosses(20/14)

I used a 32# bar for the cleans and managed to remember to switch legs with the split. Coach said it would get easier as we went along, but he lied. I could have probably done 37# but didn’t add weight in between.

For the AMRAP, I thought we were doing strict press and I pretty much suck at that so I kept it light. Then I found out we were not doing strict and I could have added more weight, but it was time to start. The abmat med ball tosses were done with a 10# ball.

The first round I could pretty much power through. Then I would have too high of a heart rate after the push presses, but not by a lot. I did subsequent rounds of ball tosses in smaller and smaller groupings until the very end. At 90 seconds left, I really wanted to finished the fifth round and I had 10 more tosses. I just powered through. Then there were only 30 seconds left and I got to the bar and did the push presses and my heart rate was too high but there were only a few seconds left and I could rest when it was all over. I managed 5 rounds +5.

Coach and I agreed I could have gone heavier on the weight. I need to clarify the moves before I choose my weight. But today, I worked hard and after 102 sit-ups with a 10# med ball, my backside is burning. Great.