We had a great but busy weekend. The wedding was wonderful, the reception was loud or else we are too old. The family reunion was splendid. Visiting with dear friends was priceless. The return trip via airplane went okay except for not posting what gate my flight was leaving from, but luckily some kids were getting email updates and let me tag along with them. The kids were probably in their thirties. See, too old. My electronic check-in worked, but they didn’t send me gate updates via text and they only had Dick’s email address. I need a better plan next time I travel.

Jerry was nice and volunteered to pick me up from the airport and brought me home. Ricardo had been collecting the mail and my new cord for the second monitor got here, but I can’t get it to work, which was always a possibility because the older monitor might not be recognized by a newer video card. But at least I tried.

The grocery store wasn’t too crowded as I picked up fresh food items for the coming week. I managed to find our favorite ice cream on sale, too.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night and when the alarm went off this morning I just wanted to go back to sleep. But I missed one WOD by being on vacation and one WOD by it being a holiday and it is Tuesday and so I needed to get my fat behind to the box. Besides, I ate way too much junk over the long weekend to skip another day. So off I went.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run and 250 meter row. Then lunge down the mat doing passthroughs with a PVC pipe. Next was ten good mornings and then dislocates.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min working on MU(progressions/max reps/max weight)
Then, for time
deadlifts(315/205)RX+, (225/150)rx, (135/95)scaled
lateral burpees

I don’t have enough muscles to up myself with them so I was doing some really easy progressions. There may be a muscle up in my future, but not in my near future. I could stand on a blue band and hold myself up for perhaps 30 seconds, but I couldn’t hold myself on the rings without some help.

For the WOD, I used a 33# bar and tried it with ten pound plates on each end and it was ridiculously easy. I put another ten pounds on each end and figured I would see what it was like with another ten pounds total. I could have done the lift, but I’m not sure about 45 times. I stuck with the 73# bar and used that.

I could have done 45 burpees, but not while doing 45 deadlifts. So I scaled those to pushups, however I did do real big boy hand release pushups.

First round I did 7-7-7 on the reps and was beeping by the second set and had to wait too long to get my heart rate back down. Second round I did 5-5-5 reps and managed to get through it with lots of beeping. On the last round I did a 5-4 rep scheme on the deadlifts and then was beeping like crazy and so I rested before I did the 9 pushups and ended at 10.03.

Cindy was using 135# for the WOD and I tried to pick it up for just one deadlift. Nope. I will get to body weight, but not today.

It felt great to get back to the box. Now, I have to get back to work.