September 2013

I have been online for over fifteen years. I have many friends from different places online. I’ve met only a select few in person. I met David many years ago and it was a lovely experience. I planned on meeting Fred, who wrote for the same ezine I’ve been writing for these last several years. However, instead I met Cliff when he also came to pay respects to Fred who died rather suddenly. So I guess I met Fred, too, but he didn’t get to meet me even though we only lived about 90 minutes apart.

I have friends I truly care about scattered all over the world. I’ve never met them. I have friends across the US from east to west and north to south. I even have friends in the far north – Canada. I have friends in Australia and England. I have friends in the Netherlands and Germany. I have friends living God alone knows where. I meet them online and they are real and dear to me.

I know that people can be cyberbullied to death, literally committing suicide after being attacked online. I also know that I have rejoiced in my friends’ lives even if I’ve never met them. I’ve known Meridith and Kirsten since their babies were babies and those kids are in school and have been for years. I worry about Linda when I know she is out fighting fires. I rejoiced in John’s first grandchild and Rich’s new additions to his family. I’ve celebrated Lin’s publication of her first book. I’ve cared for and at least tried to be supportive of my friends who face troubles, too. There are so many friends that I can only begin to list them here.

Some of my online friends are from forums, some from as far back as AOL. Some of my friends are from Facebook where I found kindred spirits among the friends of my friends. Some of my friends are bloggers, people I follow and truly care about.

That’s my problem today. One of my friends, a woman I have never met and really don’t ever think I will, is going through a rough time. She is doubtful and angst ridden. And it hurts my heart. I can’t sit down over a cup of coffee and listen to her and offer a shoulder to cry on. I’m helpless as I watch this strong, determined, wonderful woman struggle with the vagaries of life.

And if life were like it was in days of old when all our friends were people we could pick out in a crowd, people we could call up or run over to their house, I would do something like that. But I’m trapped by the very system that allowed me to create friendships, strong bonds, actual loving care across time and space to places around the globe. My friends are scattered all over the place. I wouldn’t recognize them if they stood in front of me.

But I care about them just as much as I cared for my neighbors who congregated on the side deck sipping coffee and talking about everything in our lives. We shared our cares about raising children. We shared out ideologies and politics. We shared gossip and jokes. We shared our lives.

I do no different here online. Well, I don’t share much politics because it is just too volatile, but I’ve taken stances when the cause was just.

I’m hampered by the system that has given me so much connection. I have never been to Australia or New Zealand, but I speak with people from there daily. I’ve never been to England, but I have friends hither and yon who hail from there. I’ve been to Canada and Ireland and Germany and the Netherlands where I do have friends, but I didn’t get to meet them.

I honestly don’t care less for my online friends than for my “real” friends. My online friends ARE my real friends. And I hope that they find me tickling at the edges of their lives and consider me one of their friends, too.

I just wish I could do more than type. WG, I would love to buy you a cup of coffee and tell you how wonderful and inspiring you are. All I have is words. As a writer, I believe words should be enough, but as a person, I know they aren’t.


Yesterday was travel to Hilton Head and see the grandbabies day. First stop was at Craig and Dayna’s house where we were thoroughly entertained by Frankie. She is four and in her second year at Montessori preschool. She claimed she hadn’t been learning anything special but when I asked about music, out came her violin. She had brought it home to practice.

It is a miniature violin and she finally got the case unzipped, the Velcro kept sticking on her, and the bow was greased up and tightened. She was ready to perform for us. She was a little slow starting, but then it was nearly impossible to get her to stop. She had a captive and appreciative audience. The songs were pretty much all the same to us, but you could see her mouthing words and nodding in time to the beat with proper pauses thrown in. And, she proclaimed while swiping the bow downward with a flourish, “This is how you end.”

Priceless concert but it would have been impossible to enjoy if one had happened to have a hangover.

While she was eating lunch she wanted to know my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I said it was The Lorax. So Dayna got the book out and Frankie read it to me. She had difficulty with some of the words, mostly the made up ones, but she was doing really well – until she got tired. Then I would read a page and she would read a page and then finally I finished the book. We enjoyed the story and each of us loved having the other person read.

Then on to the Browns game and it was really difficult to keep to the WLC while sitting in a bar and watching a football game. I managed even though those French fries looked really good. I wasn’t losing a point over a few fries. Getting to see the other three kids make it worth the effort. Aiden had his first unassisted tackle the night before and was so proud of himself. He was thrilled with his news. We were, too.

I looked at the WOD last night and figured that even with a bad leg (it is better but not good yet) I could do the WOD. So I got up in the middle of the night and went to the box.

Warm-up was the usual stuff. I chose to run rather than row and may have sneaked past 300 meters. The lunge down the mat only worked with one leg. The rest of the stuff was okay to do. We ended with 20 squats and I couldn’t do them standing freely, but holding on to a bar, so not body weight squats, worked okay.

Today’s WOD as written:
3,3,3,3 Front Squats working weight try and work up to heaviest weight
3 push press (155/100)RX+, (115/75)rx, scaled
6 pull ups
9 push ups

I used a 20″ box behind me since I figured that would work without hurting my knee/leg. The only squat that actually hurt was the one where my knee turned in so I made sure my knee didn’t turn in again. I started at 22# and worked up to 52# doing five pound increments. They kept being easier than I thought they would be so I just kept going.

I tried a 42# push press and it wasn’t going to happen. I used 37# for the WOD (which is more than the last time) and a green band. I got the entire first round in before beeping and then it was all downhill after that. I would do three push presses and beep. I would do six pull-ups and beep. I would do nine pushups and beep. I spent more time getting my heart rate down than I did working.

After I finished the fourth round, I wanted to just run the set. But I had to pause – but only momentarily, like for oomph rather than recovery – during the pushups. I had a heart rate in the 170s somewhere, but I wouldn’t look. I finished in 8.40.

I wasn’t the worst time and I was more than twice the best time. I was also the lightest weight. All that is comparing myself to others.

I worked as hard as I could. I managed all six pull-ups at one go all five times. I did big boy pushups but not fully planked yet. I was actually throwing weight over my head and locking my arms (all but one rep which sucked). This was far more than I could have done even a month ago. I can only compare myself to me and I did better than I used to do. That is the only comparison that matters. But you will notice that I am still keeping track of me against the others.

I was the best in my age class today. Okay, I’m the only person there who is 60+.


I’m doing better than I imagined I would with this Whole Life Challenge. I’m being as obsessive as I knew I would be, but it isn’t as difficult once you get the hang of not being able to eat half of what you usually eat. It isn’t that half of what I usually eat is not on my lists of approved foods, there are only a few things missing. It is just that those few things are part of so many of the “normal” foods, accounting for America’s obesity problems I assume.

Something that I didn’t even know existed and had never tried before WLC was quinoa.

a goosefoot found in the Andes, where it was widely cultivated for its edible starchy seeds before the introduction of Old World grains. (Definition stolen directly from the Google search page.)

I have tried couscous and hated it. I have tried falafel and been disappointed. The only thing that would make me try quinoa was that there wasn’t anything else left on my list of possible things to have as a side dish with dinner. So I tried it. The first time it wasn’t cooked right and needed much more salt added. Once I did that it was okay. The next time I used rainbow quinoa (it comes in other colors) and I cooked it in beef or chicken broth or something better than water. Much better and I actually liked it.

It is slightly crunchy and sorta nutty. I hate beans because they are sorta crunchy and taste like dirt to me. I have no idea why quinoa is working for me. But it does and I wouldn’t mind having it once a week or so after the challenge is done. Dick, not so much. I thought the way I cooked it last night was perfect. I had been simmering stew beef for almost two hours when I took off some of the liquid and used it for making the quinoa. It even had wine in it. I thought it was delicious. Dick didn’t really care for the bird seed. But then again, he eats beans.

I think the most amazing thing has been my chocolate consumption. We are on day 22 today. We are done with three weeks of this challenge. I waited for five days, until I had a bonus point to use, and set out one serving of chocolate. I could use my point for that serving and if it took me more days to eat it, it wasn’t going to keep counting for points. I still have some left. I have made one serving of chocolate last for fifteen days plus whatever is left in there.

Obviously, I’ve missed entire days of eating chocolate. And when I have a piece, it is about the size of one little M&M piece and I let it melt in my mouth, savoring the richness, the goodness, the joy that is chocolate. And then I am tempted to take a second piece, so I go away from the bowl and just have the rest of my evening without problem. The temptation lasts for perhaps twenty seconds.

Today is National Museum Day and we have tickets to go to a museum for free. The museum is near the Market. Also near the Market is Kaminsky’s. I love Kaminsky’s. It is a dessert restaurant. They have wonderful, delightful, delicious, decadent, heavenly desserts. After we are done with the museum, we are going to Kaminsky’s and I am having a dessert. With water because I only want to lose one point. But I want one of those desserts and after three weeks, I really think I’m allowed to splurge. I don’t drink and I’ve learned to like quinoa. I’ve made one serving of chocolate last for three damn weeks. I get a prize. My greatest fear as I write this is that after not having sugar for so long, the dessert will actually be too sweet and won’t be as wonderful as I anticipate. I’m willing to risk it.

Because of all these diet changes, I have lost 4.5 pounds so far. Most of that was right at the beginning and it was scaring me. For the first couple days I was starving most of the time. I didn’t know what to eat or how to make sure I had enough food around to pick from. Now I have better control over my appetite because my kitchen is fully stocked with really good food that I can eat at any time. That, and I don’t have to keep drinking that damn water and so I can enjoy food to the fullest and still lose weight.

All in all, I’m challenged by this but I’m also learning. I think that was the point. Learn how to be healthy during all your days. Don’t worry about the calorie content of anything, worry about the list of ingredients. If it is a chemical shit storm, don’t eat it. If it has sugar, don’t eat it. If it is gluten, don’t eat it. Hell, even if it is rice or white, red, purple, or yellow potatoes – don’t eat it.

I told the dentist it was worse than Paleo and she asked how it could be. I said, “No honey” and she understood. We, as a species, crave fat and sugar. They are both sources of energy – long and short term. In ages past, we were very likely to starve to death because food was scarce. Today, food is plentiful and ubiquitous and sugar as well as fat is everywhere. Choosing healthy isn’t as bad as sounds. There is still plenty to eat out there. You just have to learn to search for it. Who would have thought to look under the Qs.


I have been eating what is seeming like normal meals for the last several days. We have had lots of sweet potatoes and I had one cheat point blown off. But it is seeming like a more normal kind of diet. I have a plan for tonight. I have stew beef and I will cook it with carrots, onions, garlic, wine, and whatever seasonings sound good at the time. As it finishes stewing, I will take some of the liquid to cook the quinoa and then use cornstarch to make gravy with the rest. It will be a bit different than our regular stew and I won’t have any of those fresh baked rolls with it, but it sounds good.

Yesterday I had a trip to the dentist because I needed to have two fillings replaced as there was, apparently, decay around the edges. We no longer have dental insurance, so this was doubly painful. The only other part that really hurt was getting the anesthetic and even that wasn’t very bad. It is a new and improved agent that starts quickly and fades rapidly. It would be totally gone in three to four hours. It took six and a half hours for me to have the feeling completely back in my face.

Since I knew this was happening, all I had planned for myself for dinner was a banana/peanut butter/cocoa/almond milk/plain yogurt/Stevia smoothie. Since all the other things were unsweetened, the Stevia was needed. It was delicious but not particularly filling. Luckily I had pistachios, almonds, dried fruit, and coffee to go with it.

I looked at today’s WOD and since it is Friday, it was a partner WOD.

Today’s WOD as written:
Team Karen
2 partners
150 wall balls
every time the ball hits the floor or switch partners 10 burpees then.

Neither the wall balls nor the burpees was going to work well with my bad leg and I figured I would give it a rest and not head in today.

Then it dawned on me that I could go during open gym and do something else. I wasn’t real sure what that would be. My son is owner and operator of CrossFit Hilton Head and so I looked at his WOD. His WODs are written quite a bit differently than they are at my box. Each box is owned privately and the name is franchised, but there is a wide difference amongst boxes for this reason. It also means that CrossFits are not all the same so the generalizations and haters online are truly bizarre.

Today’s WOD as written by Craig (and my son really does do all his own programming):
WU: 400m run. 3 minutes of TGU at weight of choice. (Turkish get up)
MOB: Hamstrings. Hips. T-spine. Shoulders.
REVIEW: Deadlift. Push Press. Back Squat.
S: Deadlift. 3-3-2-2-1-1-1. (2 second pause on the ground on the triples and doubles.). Rest as needed.
C: 12-9-6 reps for time of:
Push Press 155/105
Back Squat 155/105
This workout has an 8:00 cap
LIII: 135/95
LII: 115/75
LI: Weight of choice.
PWOD MOB: Lax ball in C/S/B/G. Pigeon Pose. U/D dog x3.

Well, more squats. I would have to do a LI workout because even 75# is more than I could manage for many reps. I would have probably chosen about 60 pounds and tried it. I actually considered doing this with a 20″ box behind me to keep too much strain off my leg.

And then it hit me. I need to not just baby my leg, I need to give it a chance to actually mend itself. I need to not do any squats. I need to take some time away from the box and actually pretend that I have a brain and know something about health and fitness even though now I am an unregistered nurse since I have let my license lapse.

I am saying I stayed home because it is smart and not because I wimped out but perhaps that is rationalization after the fact. But I didn’t go to the 9 AM open gym for whatever reasons there are. However, this is my workout day. It is not a recovery day. I’m supposed to put some effort into the day. But I can’t be doing any squats because that is what is hurting my leg.

What to do? Well, because it is my favorite thing ever – run!

Okay, I would rather eat worms than run. Raw worms. Still squirming. I hate to run. I don’t do it well and my heart rate goes sky high and I suck at it and so why in the name of all that is holy would I put this as my task? Stupidity is the only thing I can come up with.

I know that interval training is supposed to be by time, but honestly, I have a 60-year-old heart and time is not of the essence. Beating is important. Always and forever, my heart needs to keep beating at a reasonable rate in order to keep the rest of me alive, especially the part that writes.

So I ran until I beeped and then I walked until I could run again and then I ran until I beeped. I was going to try to get a heart rate down under 130 before I ran again, but that didn’t seem to be happening so I would start running around 145ish and run until I heard the lovely “you are old” sound and then I would stop. I have tried to look up how long this used to take me when I just walked it normally. But I no longer have the computer with that data on it – it died and I’m using this wonderful Windows 8 thing.

Today, I went around the big block – we have three because we live in this winding curly-q place that thinks it will slow drivers down when all it does is limit visibility. But I have the small block that I know takes ten minutes to walk. Then there is the big block which I believe took me about 45 minutes to walk, but I don’t know. I know the biggest block takes over an hour.

I had endomondo on my phone, but I don’t believe it’s measurements for distance. So I just started out on my run and hoped for the best. The longer I kept at it, the more I wanted to know how far I was going. I would run, walk until I I got my heart rate down, and then run again for as long as I could before beeping. It would take longer to get my heart rate back down because I kept the pace up. I managed to finish with 30-32 minutes gone – my heart rate monitor does have a watch, but no seconds and so that’s the best I can do.

But I really wanted to know how far I had gone. I found a free running app and put that on the phone, figured out how to use it, got the bike out, and redid the same route. I managed the bike ride – nice and easy and never getting my heart rate above the mid-140s even uphill into the wind. I finished in 14.36 minutes. I went 2.16 miles.

My leg is not hurting, in fact, I think that it is marginally better after having some movement that wasn’t the kind that made the boo-boo in the first place. I know I feel much better.

I have never willingly and of my own accord run anywhere. I certainly have never done such a thing for miles. This is a new PR. Astounding.


I had a massage yesterday and he worked almost exclusively on my left leg with painful bands of steel where muscles are supposed to be. Phil did a wonderful job and it was better, but it was now very sore from being worked on. I did do a small test run after I was dressed again and it was possible to do a break-parallel squat after he was done. Today I have a couple bruises from the effort. He also worked a bit on my right shoulder and then for the last three or four minutes did some relaxation stuff so I wasn’t just battered.

This morning my leg hurts like hell, but it isn’t the same hurt as before. It is a sore hurt instead of tension hurt and the whole Rice Krispie effect is less. I took a nice hot bath last night to try to help some of the metabolites move along and I’m icing my leg even as I type here.

I looked at the WOD last night and knew it was mostly stuff I could do today so I set my alarm and was ready for a new day except that in the middle of the night I had to get up to close the windows because it was raining and I couldn’t fall back to sleep immediately and tossed and turned for a while which made it more difficult to get up this morning.

We had a small class for 6 AM. It was just Todd, Ed, and me. Warm-up was a 500 meter row. And I was done last. Who knew that would happen? Then Mike complex down the mat and on the first lunge I just about burst into tears. I had already told Mike I had a boo-boo and I just couldn’t do that. So, I did couch sits and passthroughs while holding the stretch. Next they broad jumped into squats and that was simply not an option, so I stayed on the wall, like one of those people who only put on ice skates once a year – Joe calls them wall suckers – well that was me today.

Next was a quick run of the parking lot and then bear crawl down the mat. Those I could do, so I did.

Today’s WOD as written:
15 min working on a full snatch
3 rounds for time
5 weighted pull ups(50/35)RX+, pull ups rx, banded pull ups scaled
15 power cleans(155/100)RX+, (115/75)rx and scaled

We practiced incremental moves for a snatch with just a PVC pipe. Mike kept saying to hold it close to your body. I only needed to hit myself in the chest once to know enough to hold the bar out a little to clear the girls. He said something about holding the bar in tight and I mentioned the fact that I had some protrusions that needed to be cleared. I thought he was going to blush. How cute, but he did understand my problem.

We moved onto our real bars and I worked with just the 22# bar. I could not, of course, go into a full squat. I brought a 20″ box over to sit on and rest between exertions because I could not get off the floor if I sat there. So I would perch on the box and get my heart rate back down and catch my breath. When I left it there for the WOD, Mike asked what I needed it for and I had to admit I just needed a seat to rest on.

We set up for our workout. I would prefer to use the heavier weight which for me is just 42# but with the right size plates on the bar, I don’t have to build the little towers or reach lower on my touch and go. But I wasn’t sure how many 42# cleans I could do. I scaled the rep scheme to 4-8-12 and used a green band for pull-up, just did big boy pushups, and then the cleans. That would give me 36 cleans at 42# which I thought I could manage. Last Friday I did 28 and I hoped I could increase that much.

Phil did work on my right shoulder yesterday for about 5 to 10 minutes and it worked much better today. I also got a little kip in there to help me with the pull-ups. Anyway, they didn’t hurt at all. The pushups aren’t a problem for my anymore. Then the cleans were done in sets of four.

I finished in 9.54 and still had some energy left. As I caught my breath and my heart rate dropped below 160. I told Mike I was going full Energizer Bunny and just kept on going. I figured if I did one more round of 3-6-9 reps, I would have done the required rep scheme. I did it and finished in 12.51. I managed to do 45 freaking power cleans with a 42# bar.

Those who were reading this a year ago will know that I couldn’t have done any of this. At all. I would have struggled with ring rows and girl pushups and done cleans with PVC pipe and still been challenged, very challenged. When I started I came home near tears on many days. It was so disheartening. I hadn’t intended to be this old and feeble. I used to be a jock. I used to be young. I used to be fit. And I cried. And my friends kept asking me why I was doing this.

This is why. Today is why. Every day is why. I’m a year older and it was a big birthday. But I’m not as feeble. I am a jock again. I’m going out on a limb and claim the status of athlete. I’m getting better each time I put in the effort. I’m not as fit as the 30somethings that come to the box, but I am far more fit than a very large majority of the 60 year olds I meet. I’m strong and powerful and confident. In fact, I’m awesome. I did more today than I thought could. I amazed even me. No tears today. I smiled all the way home and nearly burst through the door. When Dick asked how I did, I nearly jumped with joy.

I rocked.


I made a major decision yesterday – well major in the fact that it was so outside my comfort zone. I have mentioned that I’m just teeny, tiny bit competitive and also just a tad compulsive. I need to do it perfectly all the time. I can’t just toss off something and say it doesn’t matter.

Each time I post a blog, I write it in Microsoft Word, edit it, reread it, touch it up, copy and paste it into Word Press, reread it and touch it up some more, and if (when) I see errors in the published blog, I am totally mortified and go and fix them up as soon as I find them. That’s what I do for a blog post; you should have seen what I did with a resume when I was looking for a job. I sent it out to three or four of my family members to have them proofread and fix and make perfect.

I want my life perfectly ordered for the things that matter to me. I can’t stand clutter but dust bunnies don’t count. When I wipe down the kitchen sink after dishes, there are no water spots, but I don’t mind a sink full of dishes all afternoon. My kitchen counters are not to be filled with detritus from everyday use and if I had enough cupboard storage, there would be nothing on the counters as all. Well, maybe pretty decorative things and I guess the paper towels really have to be accessible. But nothing else.

I don’t normally eat like this. I normally eat pretty much like most Americans but without the fast food because I don’t like hamburgers and I’m cheap and fast food is expensive with low taste and high calories. I’m too lazy to stop into Paneras for a muffin even if I passed right by it on my way to work. Once I’m in the car, I don’t want to stop for anything until I arrive at my destination so some crappy – or even good – food along the way doesn’t tempt me. I also don’t want to leave the house until the last minutes so I don’t have time to stop.

I eat potatoes and bread and pasta and lots of food from the shelves that I have found out are simply loaded with sugar and more sugar and high fructose corn syrup and other things in the badness column.

Every day after the box, I would microwave two eggs and toast an English muffin and put real butter on it and have a cup of coffee and that was breakfast. On the days I didn’t work out, I had a bowl of Organic Farms granola (usually vanilla) with milk.

Lunch when I work was a salad with romaine lettuce (baby spinach sometimes), broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, tomatoes, two colossal olives sliced, two slices of bacon crumbled, topping of almonds with sunflower seeds and dried cranberries, and homemade dressing – either honey mustard or balsamic vinaigrette. When I don’t work, usually cheese and crackers (Triscuits). This has had to be altered. Some things in the salad are gone, and no cheese and no crackers.

Dinner was anything. Lots of pasta. I love things like my Beer Cheese Soup with some really good sourdough bread. Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup with crusty French bread is good, too. We often have baked potatoes with anything that doesn’t have pasta. There is always meat and potatoes or pasta and sometimes, but not always a vegetable is included. One of my favorite I-don’t-want-to-cook meals is a plate of hot buttered noodles.

I don’t drink much – an occasional social glass of wine. My beverage of choice is coffee with milk only. I rarely have a soda, maybe I consume a six-pack during the year. Maybe not that much. I drink hot chocolate and herbal or flavored teas as well.

I didn’t think my diet was that bad until I got to the WLC and found out that it wasn’t as healthy as I thought. However, I have printed lists of what is allowed on the beginner platform and I have been obsessive about following that list. I know I eat chocolate and I knew I was going to lose points for this. However, before signing up, I checked with the Leader of the Pack and asked if I could just take a hit per serving because I could make a serving last for days. It turns out, I can make a serving last for a couple weeks if I need to.

I love roast chicken. I made it. But we couldn’t have the white potatoes or the stuffing. I made gravy with cornstarch because I can have corn products on my list of allowed items. It looked funny but tasted okay. Our meal wasn’t horrible without the stuffing, but it wasn’t great, either. We have been using leftover chicken for a couple days.

Yesterday, my long suffering husband was going to make dinner compliant for both of us because he didn’t feel right eating “good” which meant tasty in front of me while I ate “good” which meant healthy. So we were both going to suffer. In a totally uncharacteristic move, but something that I believe has to be more important than points, I opted for a whole life that included tasty. Our pot pie was made with sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes which was amazingly good. He had already precooked both the potatoes and the carrots. We had pie crust on the top – made with wheat and costing a point.

To simply throw out a point like that was not even a real issue as I have three bonus points saved up. So I still have bonus points available for use which I will need in a few more days because my single serving of chocolate is getting low. By the time it is gone, I will probably have two more points.

I think that to keep my life healthy and in balance, I need to let go of the whole concept of ALL the points and live with some freedom to choose tasty or fun or better at life instead of best at points.

I will continue to try to eat clean. I don’t think my adventure last night is going to lead me to the brink of disaster, although that is in hindsight and I wasn’t all that sure prior to making the decision. I need balance in my life for it to be a healthy and happy life. I need to stop obsessing about points and know that I’m winning no matter how many points I have on the board. I’m living outside my comfort zone for a few weeks and finding it isn’t all that uncomfortable until I make it so.


Another good day on the WLC front. I managed to do all the things I’m supposed to do for a balanced, healthy life without it being painful. Well, I would really have liked to have an entire candy bar after supper, but the feeling passed eventually. Dried apricots without added sugar are tasty and all, but they aren’t a bar of creamy, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth decadent chocolate.

I kept looking for the WOD to be posted because I had to see if I could actually do it. My leg was sore all weekend. I’ve worked on it all weekend. I worked on it before and after the WOD yesterday. It is not improving. It isn’t getting worse, either. But if it was another day of burpees, I was considering staying home. Not because I was cherry picking workouts, but because I’m old enough to know better and need to take care of myself.

No WOD was posted at eight. Or nine. But I have to get to bed relatively early to get that recommended sleep thing so I don’t lose a point. I still had no idea what was on the schedule for today and yet managed to sleep all right. When the alarm went off, I had successfully racked up my hours of sleep and was good for the day. I crept out to my office and looked. There was a WOD (It says it was posted at 9.44 PM). I told myself that I wouldn’t go if there were burpees. I don’t know if I could have followed through. I also tell myself I go to the box four times a week and Tuesday is my day to go. Luckily, there were no burpees. I went.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run with a 45 pound bar. Coach Mike – really? I looked at him and he looked at me and I suggested a 200 meter run with ten pound med ball. He said, “Really?” I told him I did it last week although I had to walk part of the way. I did it again today, but I had to walk part of the way. Next time. I’m carrying a couple five pound dumbbells or something because the med ball is awkward to carry.

Lindsey forgot to get there on time and so she was just starting her run after everyone got back. The rest of us had to do cherry pickers until Lindsey got back. No burpee punishment. Thank God, I may have had to kill Lindsey if that had happened. Then we did a Mike complex down the mat and back. These were hurting my knee, but not to the point of tears or anything. Just ouchie on each lunge on one side.

We worked with an empty bar and did incremental moves for a clean with ten repetitions of each. None of these were full cleans so without a squat and I was okay.

Today’s WOD as finally written:
15 min to establish one rep max clean
10 min AMRAP
thrusters (100/65)
chest to bar pull ups

I discussed this with Coach. I can dip a little but I can’t full squat without way too much discomfort, as we say in the medical field. I wanted to know if I only squatted to a 20″ box so I would know where to stop, would that still hurt my knee. I knew it wouldn’t be painful to only hit that depth, but I was pretty damn sure I would cry like a baby if I had to full squat at all and that was without weight. The last time I hurt my knee, it took too long to heal and I don’t want to do that again. I believe it is really more my leg than my knee, but whatever it is, it hurts and I have a massage tomorrow and shouldn’t really injure myself today.

We decided that going only to a 20″ box would be fine. He thought maybe a 24″ would be better, but it didn’t pull funny until a lower squat. So I thought 20″ would work. I began with just the bar without problem and kept adding five pounds at a time. I managed to get a 57# full clean to a 20″ box. I added another five pounds and was thinking to myself that I can only back squat 62#. It hit me then … I have been using the bigger bar for back squats. I haven’t been stuck at 62#, I’ve been stuck at 40# on a 33# bar which is 73#. I didn’t even know I was doing more. How stupid can one person be?

All I wanted to do was quote Dr. Seuss: “Come now, come now / You don’t have to be so dumb now.”

For the WOD I used the same box for squatting so I didn’t hurt myself on thrusters. I did a 32# bar for the weight and I used a green band for the pull-ups which were not chest to bar and weren’t even all that pretty but were at least pull-ups instead of ring rows. My arm still hurts, but not nearly as bad as it has in the past. I would love for the massage tomorrow to fix that, but my leg is a far greater problem.

I managed to get through the 12 rep scheme and get another 8 thrusters before time was called so that was 38 thrusters and 30 pull-ups. I spent a fair amount of time trying to get my heart rate under control which is always annoying to me. But at least I have a heart rate and I’m getting stronger and better and all that, right here at the box. If only they could do something about the wrinkles.


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