Thursday after leaving work early (I had some banked time), we took off for our road trip/exciting weekend. Dick mostly had the car packed, but there were a few things still in the house by my request. I carried the last few things out and we took off for Ohio and Danielle’s wedding. We weren’t even off the street when he asked if I had grabbed my backpack with all my electronic stuff in it. I hadn’t. We turned around and grabbed it and he found he had left some other stuff running, too. So we successfully left the house five minutes later.

Outside Columbia, we got caught in an hour traffic jam. When we got to the cause, we could see that a smaller SUV was smacked in the back end by an 18-wheeler. People cut them off and don’t realize they need more room for breaking. The person in the SUV was apparently also not wearing a seatbelt, because the windshield was as shattered as the back window. There were two other cars still at the scene.

We had several emergency vehicles pass us as we waited in traffic. I kept saying that we were safe. Perhaps we were safe because we forgot to grab the backpack and turn off the ceiling fan. No matter the why, we were grateful – even if it had to be under duress. He hates traffic jams.

Then we got to Charlotte and we were trapped for another hour or so in rush hour traffic. We were stop and go and inching forward and then could zoom and there was nothing to indicate anything other than an exit where it must be a bottleneck.

We spent the night in Statesville, North Carolina and it was a cheap crappy hotel. Every time I itched somewhere, I thought I had bed bugs. We saw there was an IHOP close by and I said I wanted to eat there for breakfast. We couldn’t find it. There was a huge sign telling us where the IHOP was, over there but Dick insisted they were never IN the mall. Well, he now knows that an IHOP can, indeed, be IN the mall.

Our drive the next day was much less jammed up. However, the Garmin said to get off at 250 and go up the back way. We don’t know why, but at least it was different scenery. There were pictures of Amish chasing flying deer or something. There was a lot of horse poop on the side of the road. LOTS. I can’t imagine city streets of old, before cars.

There were corn fields and soybean field. And then there were corn fields and soybean field. There were also some corn fields and soybean fields and then, it looked like alfalfa. The old llama farm is still there and the llamas were out grazing. Dick insists there was as ostrich farm on route 83, but we saw no ostriches. He said it was too hot and they were all in the barn.

We got to the hotel in Avon and I really had to get to a bathroom (I had a huge coffee from a gas station stop a couple hours before) and I left Dick checking us in while I ran to the ladies’ room. I came out feeling much better and who do I see walking down the hall? Barb! It was so nice to see her. She asked me where Dick was and I had no idea. She asked me what room we were in and I had no idea. Dick finally showed up and we had all the answers.

Last night, we were invited to the rehearsal dinner. It was held at a restaurant right next door to the hotel. Barb, Bill, and I walked over. Ruth was going to try to walk it, but there was a place without walkway and she isn’t steady enough for that anymore. Dick got the car and drove his mom over. She did remarkably well for someone 91 years old. And she is forever Ruth so those who know her know what that means.

We got back to the hotel about my usual bedtime. I had coffee for breakfast, extra coffee in the car, and three cups of coffee at the restaurant. I had trouble falling asleep.

Yesterday’s WOD was one of those hero things that I have seen some other blogger post. It looked horrid when I read about someone else doing it. Because Thursday was so horrid, I would have tried it if I had been home, just to prove that I wasn’t a total loser. But it was a three person team WOD and I would have been so distressed at how I held others back and it might have been a really bad idea.

Today, CrossFit Hilton Head is having their fourth annual WOD for RET. It is a 5k run with WOD stuff interspersed throughout the run. I have never been able to participate before, this year I’m in a different state, and so maybe next year, I can actually DO the WOD for RET instead of just having the t-shirt. I love Momma T and this is such a great cause. This year there are almost 200 people participating, not all locally.

Today, Danielle and Joe get married. My sisters didn’t know I was heading to Ohio and at our age, bad thoughts conspire and they thought I might be coming for a funeral. Well, we are losing a Hysell today. But we gain a Ross. I wish the newlyweds the best of luck.