I looked at the WOD last night and it looked difficult but possible. I was up before dawn and made it to the box without incident.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run passing a weight back and forth between the runners but I didn’t do that part. I did a 275 meter run and got back shortly before them and then we all did another 200 meter run without weight. Then bear crawl up and down the mat and then Coach Mike talked about various shoulder mobility things.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min mobilizing shoulders
15 thrusters(115/55)RX+. (85/55)rx, scaled
15 TTB everyone
200 m run

We worked on shoulder mobility with a variety of moves and it actually helps to do that. Because my ear is still intermittently plugged up, I can hear the muscles cracking or moving over bony prominences or something. I can hear the inside of my body. It is very odd.

Then we warmed up for the WOD itself by doing a 200 meter run with the heaviest weight we could manage to carry and run. I opted for two 5# dumbbells and Cindy had 1 10# med ball. Mine was easier to carry. Then Mike complex down the mat and then set up for the WOD.

I was thinking of doing 32# but wimped out and did just the 22# bar without any extra weights. I can’t do toes to bar or knees to elbows, so I was supposed to do v-ups. On the first round I did the thrusters in two sets and I couldn’t manage more than one or two v-ups at a time and it was awful. The goal was to keep each round between 3 and 4 minutes. I mostly walked the 200 meters, running maybe 50 or so. My first round was 7 something minutes.

I did sets of 5 for the thrusters and sit-ups for the rest of the rounds. I continued to run a tiny bit in each run and walk the rest. My heart rate was consistently high and I spent about half my time trying to get it back down to something that wouldn’t kill me.

Ricky was done with his thrusters for the last round as I was beginning my thrusters for the third round. I was leaving the building for my “run” as he was finishing up, but I had another whole round to do. When I came in from my third round, Coach asked if I had to be done by seven or did I want to do the last round. What the hell. I don’t have to be to work until ten. I did the last round.

Everyone was finished. They were writing on the board, their equipment was put away, I was still working. Ricky left the parking lot as I was still down by Midas and Cindy and Todd were pulling onto the street as I hit the parking lot. I figured I could actually run the parking lot and cut a few seconds off my time. I guess it looked like everyone was finished. Mike had already turned off the clock. He said he thought I might have had a time of 22.45 but Todd was at 21.something and they were already half way home. I was doing seven minute plus rounds and so I figured it was at least 28 minutes, so maybe 28.45. All that with only a 22# bar and doing sit-ups instead of anything real.

I told Mike not to bother putting any time on the board because it was always the lowest time anyway and I started to cry. I just hate when I do that. I work so hard and I know I work hard and I know I’m the oldest person at the box and I know I keep going three to four times a week. And I know I still suck at this even though I’ve been at it for a year now.

Poor Mike didn’t know what to do with a crying old fart woman and he really should have just let me go home and him get to work. But he followed me out to the parking lot and tried to tell me I’m inspiring. I have no idea who I would inspire or how I would do it, but there ya go. Old farts driving by in their cars and never even trying this are less fit than me and less determined and probably less stupid.

So not only was I slow and made Mike late for work, he was even later trying to make me feel better about being old and slow. I would tell you what my time was today because I do keep track of it even when it is so crappy I won’t put it on the board, but I have no idea what my time was. Today just sucked. And I can’t redeem myself tomorrow because I will be on the road.

Maybe next week I can magically turn into a young, fit person.