I had a massage after work yesterday and the guy really worked on my arm. He had a different technique and I believe it helped quite a bit, but it has been bad for so long, that it is not totally fixed yet. He also said he could loosen up the muscles in my back enough to uncurve a bit of the scoliosis there. That would be great, my bar is always tilted because I’m tilted.

I looked at the WOD last night and just sighed in disgust. I had been doing so good and now this. But it is my day to go to the box and so I went to bed early and set the alarm and then …

My ear is still plugged up and I could hear every single heart beat whooshing through my eardrum. Being a bit on the OCD side, I count things. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh over and over and I couldn’t fall asleep and I sounded like a Doppler but there wasn’t any Doppler.

I did finally drift off and then I was up at 4 AM and there was a lot of lightning and the whooshing was back and I tossed and turned until it was time to get up. The weather on my phone said 73⁰ and clear and I could hear the rain and thunder and see the lightning. I tried to show my phone, but it is a smart phone and didn’t need to get any smarter.

It was barely drizzling at the box, a whole four miles from the house on the twisty, curvy roads. The full moon was peeking through a break in the clouds and it was strikingly beautiful as I walked in.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run and then a 250 meter row. There were six of us and five rowing machines and I know this is really hard to believe, but I was the last person back from the run so I had to wait to row. That let me catch my breath. Next was Ryan complex down the mat and then bear crawl back up. Then, because the WOD wasn’t enough, ten air squats followed by dislocates and passthroughs and reverse dislocates. Then stretch for five minutes.

The WOD as written:
20 Min working on Pull ups if you are proficient(20+) work on strict with NO!!!! movement of body except for head
400m run
50 air squats

My arm needs to heal and I keep doing things that I know hurt it because I’m a CrossFitter and not all that bright at 6 AM. In my defense, I go to the box before coffee and before my brain is awake enough to protest. I have a couple bruises from the work he did yesterday and it just seemed so counter-productive. Ring rows have not hurt my arm (as much) and so I worked on those. I lead with my belly and need to strengthen my core and lift with my arms. I could manage maybe five. By the sixth they were looking bad and by seven I was all belly again.

I was just going to see how long it took me to walk a mile and do 200 squats and hope I still got to work on time and just pout. But Coach Kim said, “Scale it to 200 meters and 25 squats” without me even asking. I mentioned I would probably still have to walk the run and she said as long as I was moving it was all good. So that is what I did.

I made it to squat 23 on the first round before beeping. It was very tempting to try to run the first 200 meters because I really can do that far, but then I can’t do anything afterwards, so it is actually smarter to walk and save the heart rate for later. I always feel like such a weenie when I work smart instead of hard, but I know I actually get more done with the rationing of the heart rate stuff.

I did a lot more beeping on the other rounds and I had to pause to shake my legs out about half way through the squats on them, but I kept moving. I finished at 14.00 even.

It was hard to even walk after 25 squats and I have no idea how the rest of them ran after 50. But they managed. Erik and Ricky were so close in time. Ricky could run faster; Erik could squat faster. They were neck and neck at the end. I think Ricky had him by less than five seconds at the finish. It was fun to watch. They finished their whole WOD about the same time as I was finishing up my half WOD.

I did try really hard to keep my chest up and stay back on my heels for my squats and my legs hurt right now so I can hardly wait to see what they will be like tomorrow … when I should be back for more, unless the partner WOD means I can’t show up.

Pick mine, it's slower

Pick mine, it’s slower