I worked late last night because all the work showed up at 2.30 instead of at 10.00 and so it took me until 4.00 to get it all sorted, scanned, printed, overnighted, or emailed (to two different places). There is still crap on my desk that needs tending to, but the immediate stuff was taken care of before I left. I’m such a good worker bee.

Ricardo didn’t pay attention to what the Geek Squad was telling him. I asked the appropriate question, but he didn’t answer the way the thing turned out. When his computer malfunctioned, they couldn’t do anything other than format the hard drive and start over. I’ve mentioned to him before the need for backup. He isn’t sure where his files are, but they might be somewhere. He wants me to help fix stuff, but I didn’t have the strength to deal with that last night.

I did look at the WOD and noticed that it was only slightly over my head. I could do everything, sorta, but the time constraint was out of reach for an old fart, I thought.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run so I did my 300 meters but did the entire thing running. Then “immediately on return” said Coach Mike, broad jump/burpee down the mat. I mentioned sweetly and in dulcet tones that “That sucks!” I pointed out that Ricky would be doing 4 burpees and I would be doing eight. When I got back, I was told to lunge, lunge, push-up down the mat which was almost like doing a burpee anyway because to get from a lunge to a push-up … but what the hell. Then bear crawl but not me, I did this plank with hands together, walk hands out, do a push-up, walk hands back in for five reps. Then five inchworms and finish the mat with broad jump/burpee. End with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 Min working on a 1 RM weighted dip
5 rounds of
5 deadlifts(315/205)RX+ (225/150)RX (135/95) scaled
10 clapping pushups
mat sprint down and back
1min rest between efforts
goal time is <45 sec per round

I can’t do a ring dip without weights. I usually use a couple boxes when we do this. But I have made a pact with  myself to push harder and stop whining (out loud) which apparently doesn’t always work. See above. Anyway. I started with a green band and managed to actually do a few strung together ring dips. So I went to a blue and red band together and managed a couple. I ended with a blue band and squeaked out one that was taking all I had, but I got full extension. New PR is blue band ring dip. Who knew?

I pointed out that I couldn’t do ten clapping push-ups in 45 seconds let alone the rest of the shit. We talked about scaling stuff and I decided to do girl push-ups. I used an 85# bar for the deadlifts and actually ran the mat two of the five times.

The first round I was done in 38 seconds, the second round was still under the 45 seconds even though I walked the mat. The next two rounds were getting both over the 45 mark but I still had to walk the mat. I was only getting my heart rate back down to about 157 or so before starting again and it was going too high. On the last round, I ran it out because then I didn’t have to do any more rounds. I had a heart rate of 179 by the time I looked at it. I finished in 7.44 (I think) or 7.34 (I don’t remember now). But that included my four minutes of resting time in there so I was working really hard. Even with the higher number, I worked 224 seconds which averages to 44.8 seconds per round, so I did it! I didn’t even know. (I had to do the math here at home just now.)

It was very foggy today and now that school started and apparently the buses are too freaking inconvenient and it is better for everyone to drive their kids to school and plug up the road and so I sat through two green lights while the cop directed traffic disregarding the light. I have no idea why we can’t just follow the light, but the cop is still there. Anyway, I finally got home through the fog and the bus wasn’t quite as late today getting the little kids. The junior high kids are on the other side of the street. Cindy said she was pretty sure who was the nasty boy from last year and he isn’t in juvie (although she agreed that was a possibility), they moved away. That’s even better. And as a bonus, the buses picking up the kids outside my window are NOT the ones that honk five times each time they start up.