Yesterday’s WOD left me with an ouchie. I remember this from the last time we did tire flips. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but my left wrist hurts along the ulnar plane. I don’t remember it hurting while I was doing the flips but then again, I was struggling to remember to breathe at the time, so perhaps that was taking up too much of my brain capacity.

I was really pretty sure it was going to be my legs that hurt today, but they don’t. After today, maybe they will tomorrow.

It finally stopped raining but it was still only 67⁰ out there this morning. It was nice to have a full t-shirt on instead of one of my it’s-too-hot-out shirt because I was on the ground a lot. I looked at the WOD last night and while it was a partner WOD, I felt like I could be a decent partner.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run so I did 300 and got back to the box the same time as Ricky, Kurtis, Steve, and Bobby. Kristin and Carma were a bit behind them. I would have still been wandering around the parking lot if I had run the whole way. Lunge down the mat was next with a bear crawl back the other way. Then ten air squats (wouldn’t count toward the WOD) and ten push-ups (this wouldn’t either). Soldier walk the mat and then grab PVC pipes for dislocates and passthroughs. Then one minute per leg couch sit.

The WOD as written:
Max Effort Plank hold

So, I have trouble with this when we do the clock thing and I really suck at the whole plank hold move. I was hoping to make 15 seconds and got 23. All three girls were out before a minute was up. It was so quiet (Cindy wasn’t there) and so I started cheering on the boys – sorta. Since all of them were still holding their planks, I mentioned that they would be girly girls if they dropped out. At the two minute mark both Bobby and Steve crumbled. Ricky held on for another minute. Then there was Kurtis. He held his plank for five freaking minutes. We all applauded.

Carma wanted to be my partner for the WOD and I asked if she was sure. Coach Jason has a better idea. All three women worked together and kept the reps at 150. Then the four men worked in two groups of two with Ricky and Kurtis on one team and Bobby and Steve on the other.

Both Carma and Kristin do banded pull-ups. I was doing jump-ups from the 12″ box. The best way to cut down on turnover times was for Kristin to do ten, me five, Carma ten, me five and repeat. We still wasted time on the turnover, but not nearly as much. Then we decided to do ten rounds of five push-ups each and got through those without much problem. Then we did ten sit-ups each for five rounds and same pattern for the squats. We finished in 22.22.

I worked hard and was not a detriment to the team. I beeped a lot, but with the rest in between my turns, I could get my heart rate back down. We never had to wait for me to be old. I actually feel like I pulled my weight today and didn’t make others compensate for my weenieness.

I really had fun at the box today. It was amazing to watch Kurtis and it was fun to not drag the team down.