On my day to sleep in, I was up at 5.17 without an alarm clock. I have no idea why. Today, I was up at 5.05 and was just dozing back off when the alarm rang out telling me to rise and shine. So I rose but I did not shine. I looked at the WOD last night and knew it was jump rope day and so I needed extra equipment for the box.

I stepped out to the garage and opened the door and lo and behold, it was chilly. I looked at my phone and it was 67 degrees. I momentarily thought I should go in and put a sleeved shirt on and then thought better of it and realized that would be dumb because I was going to be melting in just a few minutes. So I pulled out of the garage and found out it was raining. Such excitement out there today and in my not-really-awake state, it was enough to leave me flabbergasted.

Sabre was back at the box today. She had been out with whooping cough or pertussis. I have no idea how you get that when you were vaccinated as a kid, but maybe those run out. She had been cleared by her doctor and was safe to be around people again.

Warm-up was a 500 meter row (see weather report above), then ten cherry pickers. Lindsey and Cooper showed up about this time so she missed the rowing part. Then lunge down the mat doing passthroughs and do dislocates at the end. Then, with the PVC pipe locked out overhead, ten air squats. I really believe this move is helping me with my lousy squat technique. I cannot fall forward because I have to hold the pipe overhead. I can feel the difference in my torso. I am truly up straighter.

We practiced jumping rope and theoretically getting some double unders. Ricky can do this now and is pretty good at it. Lindsey and Sabre did attempts. I told Coach Kim that I was content with not being able to do this. I would do single unders and she didn’t argue with me. Even while practicing, my guaranteed to hold rubber band was not holding my hair. I tried making it even tighter, without any noticeable difference.

The WOD as written:
15 BOXJUMPS (24/20)

I don’t know why Henry likes cap lock. I do not, but I’m not fixing this stuff, I have always copied and pasted.

So we had three minute rounds with one minute of tire flips and then two minutes to get in the three snatches and get some rest before starting again. I managed 10 tire flips on the first round and was beeping for the last two. I did more of a power clean and cannot break parallel on that snatch squat. I got close a couple times today. I can receive the bar overhead, which is more than before, but I can’t fall under it to a full squat. There are too many moving pieces to this for me manage – yet. I’m getting closer. I worked with the 22# bar today and managed something, but not very much.

My heart rate was not low enough when starting the second round of tire flips and I had to rest for a few seconds in the middle. I only got 7 flips on that round. For the last round, I knew I was mostly done and had two minutes to do the snatches and then could rest all I needed. So I pushed a bit harder and got 9 tire flips on that round. So 26 tire flips and 9 not really snatches with some closer than others.

Then on to the next bit of fun. I did step-ups on a 20″ box and then 3:1 ratio for single unders. The first round I got all 15 step-ups done with the last few beeping but I didn’t stop. Then I managed the 75 jumps with a rest in the middle. On all the other rounds, I broke the step-ups in half. I did the first half leading with my right leg and the second half leading with my left in the hopes of not being able to walk at all tomorrow. I had to do half and half on the jumps, too, but I only stopped when I tripped on the rope not in a specific space. More often than not, it was my hair hitting the rope which then made it not in the right place for my feet. I have no idea what to do about long hair. I ended at 17.36 – the very last person yet again.