After doing 100 weighted squats (admittedly without much weight and not all perfect squats) I was sure my legs would not function at all the next day. Surprisingly, I could walk without wincing or even making the squeaking noise when getting out of my chair. This constant showing up stuff must really work. Crazy.

Also on the plus side, I had a massage scheduled for yesterday and so when I got there, we could work on my sore legs and make them much less sore right away. I also did some rolling out stuff myself, which helped tremendously.

I looked at today’s WOD and had to decide what to do. I still have racing stripes on my ass from the 150 sit-ups two weeks ago. The skin is now smooth but still discolored. So the WOD was scary. But it is all scalable. And I go to the box on Thursday. So I set my alarm and got ready.

I got there a bit early and did more rolling out on my legs. The warm-up was a 1000 meter row which helped work out some of the stiffness. Then lunge down the mat doing passthroughs and at the end of the mat do the dislocates. Then ten good mornings and then much to my dismay, with the PVC pipe overhead and locked, ten air squats. I was warm enough that I didn’t wince or make mewing ouchie sounds or anything. We then spent 5 minutes doing any leg or shoulder stretches we wanted. Couch sits felt really good in that ouchie kind of way that means you are getting a really good stretch.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 minutes working on the snatch. You must show the coach proficiency in the progressions before moving on to a full snatch. If you do not have a 1RM, find it. If you do, find a max triple (3RM)
60 AbMat sit ups
400m medicine ball carry (20/14)
30 medicine ball sit ups (20/14)
400m run
15 knees to elbows

So, that snatch thing is still out of reach for me. I worked on the individual movements with the sand filled PVC pipe. I could get the moves with that, but when I tried an empty 22# bar, I couldn’t fall under into a full squat. Well, that’s not completely true. I finally got under into a full squat, but couldn’t hold my balance and fell onto my fat ass and the bar went forward and made a horrible racket and everyone turned to make sure I didn’t break a hip or anything. I was fine. But damn, I really wanted a snatch today and I just didn’t have the power – yet.

First thing I did this morning was find Coach Kim and find out what to do with my ass rash issue. 90 sit-ups wasn’t going to be all that good. We decided I could do some different moves in there and I would stop the first round of sit-ups as soon as my ass was on fire again. But, today I really made sure the abmat was under my tailbone and when it slipped out of position, I got it back in place. I managed the whole 60 sit-ups, but not unbroken. Still, I did them and my nether region doesn’t seem any the worse for wear on that count.

I do not run 400 meters at all. I knew I was walking and I figured a 200 meter stroll with a 10# med ball was good enough. So that is what I did. My heart rate stayed at a constant 154 while I walked which meant I could go directly to my next move without taking time to rest.

My next move was 30 knees to not elbows cuz I can’t get that far. But I did get them up to my waist or a bit higher. I had to break them into sections, too. I got ten done and then did seven, seven, six and took another stroll. Again it was only 200 meters but when I got to the parking lot, I actually ran in. Scary there.

My next move was 15 reps of bringing my legs into an L position from the bar. My plan, as I was strolling was to run the parking lot, do 8 and then 7 and be done. That’s what I did and my heart rate never went over 175 – that I saw. But I finished in 12.14.

My hands are on fire now, but I managed to do something with a WOD that seemed pretty impossible when I looked last night. As far as I can tell, I didn’t rewound myself so the whole thing wasn’t actually a pain in the ass today.