We had an enjoyable long weekend with nothing much on the agenda. Yesterday, for a treat, we went out for pie and coffee in the middle of the afternoon. It was delightful. One piece of delicious pie and there wasn’t any more leftover to tempt me later. And it was fun.

Last night I rearranged the furniture in my office and I’m not sure I’m going to like it. There may be some more modifications needed. I will give it a day or two to decide for sure.

I slept fitfully and not very much but was definitely sound asleep when the alarm went off. Even so, I dragged myself out of bed and got ready to head to the box. When I got there, the parking lot was absolutely full. The 5 AM class was busy and there were lots of people there for 6 AM. It was Kim’s birthday and Cindy promised to show up. She didn’t but Todd was there. So the class included Ricky, Todd, Kim, Carma, Kurtis, Cole, and me. Seven people that early in the morning.

We did a 400 meter run which meant that I didn’t. I did the 275 or 300 meters or whatever that extra distance is that isn’t really 400 but is more than 200. Then lunge down the mat with hands laced behind your back. I don’t get full hip extension but then again, I don’t fall over. You can’t have everything. I will work on the hip extension. Then plank walk 360⁰ clockwise and then counterclockwise and I was so dizzy on that and my heart rate started beeping that I did a full clock one way but only a few hours the other. Then this inchworm on steroids thing ten times.

We next spent some time on shoulder mobility and then began the WOD.

The WOD as written:
Strict Press – (Smolov Jr. week 3/day 1)
This is the last week of this cycle. Remember all of you points or performance and keep working hard.
If you were able to complete all reps on all sets last week, you may add weight for this week’s lifts (5-10 lbs.)
6 x 6 @ 70%
rest 2 minutes between sets
4 rounds for fastest individual time:
1 power clean (135/95)
1 push press (135/95)
1 front squat (135/95)
run 200 meters
10 wall balls (20/14)
rest 2 minutes

I worked really hard on creating a spreadsheet with numbers in it so I could know what my PRs are and then I didn’t look and couldn’t remember. I thought I was doing 37# but I could only manage a couple with that. I tried 32# and could get five but I wasn’t going to get the reps. So I cut back to 27# and did the 6 x 6 except for the fifth round when I only got 5 and could not power up the last one. That is 65% of my PR according to math. The 32# was 76% and since I’m not regularly doing this, was probably a bit overzealous. That 32# was only five pounds off my PR.

Then onto the WOD. So, this is all oxygen demanding, heart beating like crazy stuff. I can’t run 200 meters and do anything else afterwards. I mentioned that I might just do a parking lot sprint. Coach Ryan agreed but mentioned I should really run so that I could be an athlete or something.

I was going to go with 42# and wimped out and just did 32#. At least I could squat with that. I’m not sure I could with a 42# bar and I didn’t test the waters today.

The first round, I actually ran the parking lot but I was beeping when I got back and couldn’t do the wall balls without resting. So that made no sense to me at all. My time was 1.53 for round one.

On the rest of the rounds, I walked the parking lot. That way when I got back, I could do wall balls without resting and could get through them without stopping. I started beeping around number 7 each time but I had a two minute rest following so I just went with it. My heart rate is high, but I have some wiggle room there at the top which gives me some space to push harder without killing myself. The next round was 1.54 and then 1.59 and the last round was 2.02.

Kurtis played professional or semi-pro or something like that golf. He is perhaps 25. Cole is a freshman in college now so I think that makes him 18 unless he is still 17. I have socks older than that. They were amazing to watch. Kurtis had times around 1.15 for each round and they were all within 5 seconds of each other.

I vacillate on my performance. I was there and I did a scaled version of the WOD. I was fairly consistent and worked really hard. I couldn’t even squat with a PVC pipe a year ago. I am amazing – at least to me. But I’m there with such young people who can do so much more and more quickly and it is disheartening to be old and feeble. But … I tell myself that my circle of friends includes a bunch of people who couldn’t have done what I managed to do this morning and so … maybe I’m not so bad. Perhaps.