August 2013

Thursday after leaving work early (I had some banked time), we took off for our road trip/exciting weekend. Dick mostly had the car packed, but there were a few things still in the house by my request. I carried the last few things out and we took off for Ohio and Danielle’s wedding. We weren’t even off the street when he asked if I had grabbed my backpack with all my electronic stuff in it. I hadn’t. We turned around and grabbed it and he found he had left some other stuff running, too. So we successfully left the house five minutes later.

Outside Columbia, we got caught in an hour traffic jam. When we got to the cause, we could see that a smaller SUV was smacked in the back end by an 18-wheeler. People cut them off and don’t realize they need more room for breaking. The person in the SUV was apparently also not wearing a seatbelt, because the windshield was as shattered as the back window. There were two other cars still at the scene.

We had several emergency vehicles pass us as we waited in traffic. I kept saying that we were safe. Perhaps we were safe because we forgot to grab the backpack and turn off the ceiling fan. No matter the why, we were grateful – even if it had to be under duress. He hates traffic jams.

Then we got to Charlotte and we were trapped for another hour or so in rush hour traffic. We were stop and go and inching forward and then could zoom and there was nothing to indicate anything other than an exit where it must be a bottleneck.

We spent the night in Statesville, North Carolina and it was a cheap crappy hotel. Every time I itched somewhere, I thought I had bed bugs. We saw there was an IHOP close by and I said I wanted to eat there for breakfast. We couldn’t find it. There was a huge sign telling us where the IHOP was, over there but Dick insisted they were never IN the mall. Well, he now knows that an IHOP can, indeed, be IN the mall.

Our drive the next day was much less jammed up. However, the Garmin said to get off at 250 and go up the back way. We don’t know why, but at least it was different scenery. There were pictures of Amish chasing flying deer or something. There was a lot of horse poop on the side of the road. LOTS. I can’t imagine city streets of old, before cars.

There were corn fields and soybean field. And then there were corn fields and soybean field. There were also some corn fields and soybean fields and then, it looked like alfalfa. The old llama farm is still there and the llamas were out grazing. Dick insists there was as ostrich farm on route 83, but we saw no ostriches. He said it was too hot and they were all in the barn.

We got to the hotel in Avon and I really had to get to a bathroom (I had a huge coffee from a gas station stop a couple hours before) and I left Dick checking us in while I ran to the ladies’ room. I came out feeling much better and who do I see walking down the hall? Barb! It was so nice to see her. She asked me where Dick was and I had no idea. She asked me what room we were in and I had no idea. Dick finally showed up and we had all the answers.

Last night, we were invited to the rehearsal dinner. It was held at a restaurant right next door to the hotel. Barb, Bill, and I walked over. Ruth was going to try to walk it, but there was a place without walkway and she isn’t steady enough for that anymore. Dick got the car and drove his mom over. She did remarkably well for someone 91 years old. And she is forever Ruth so those who know her know what that means.

We got back to the hotel about my usual bedtime. I had coffee for breakfast, extra coffee in the car, and three cups of coffee at the restaurant. I had trouble falling asleep.

Yesterday’s WOD was one of those hero things that I have seen some other blogger post. It looked horrid when I read about someone else doing it. Because Thursday was so horrid, I would have tried it if I had been home, just to prove that I wasn’t a total loser. But it was a three person team WOD and I would have been so distressed at how I held others back and it might have been a really bad idea.

Today, CrossFit Hilton Head is having their fourth annual WOD for RET. It is a 5k run with WOD stuff interspersed throughout the run. I have never been able to participate before, this year I’m in a different state, and so maybe next year, I can actually DO the WOD for RET instead of just having the t-shirt. I love Momma T and this is such a great cause. This year there are almost 200 people participating, not all locally.

Today, Danielle and Joe get married. My sisters didn’t know I was heading to Ohio and at our age, bad thoughts conspire and they thought I might be coming for a funeral. Well, we are losing a Hysell today. But we gain a Ross. I wish the newlyweds the best of luck.

I looked at the WOD last night and it looked difficult but possible. I was up before dawn and made it to the box without incident.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run passing a weight back and forth between the runners but I didn’t do that part. I did a 275 meter run and got back shortly before them and then we all did another 200 meter run without weight. Then bear crawl up and down the mat and then Coach Mike talked about various shoulder mobility things.

Today’s WOD as written:
20 min mobilizing shoulders
15 thrusters(115/55)RX+. (85/55)rx, scaled
15 TTB everyone
200 m run

We worked on shoulder mobility with a variety of moves and it actually helps to do that. Because my ear is still intermittently plugged up, I can hear the muscles cracking or moving over bony prominences or something. I can hear the inside of my body. It is very odd.

Then we warmed up for the WOD itself by doing a 200 meter run with the heaviest weight we could manage to carry and run. I opted for two 5# dumbbells and Cindy had 1 10# med ball. Mine was easier to carry. Then Mike complex down the mat and then set up for the WOD.

I was thinking of doing 32# but wimped out and did just the 22# bar without any extra weights. I can’t do toes to bar or knees to elbows, so I was supposed to do v-ups. On the first round I did the thrusters in two sets and I couldn’t manage more than one or two v-ups at a time and it was awful. The goal was to keep each round between 3 and 4 minutes. I mostly walked the 200 meters, running maybe 50 or so. My first round was 7 something minutes.

I did sets of 5 for the thrusters and sit-ups for the rest of the rounds. I continued to run a tiny bit in each run and walk the rest. My heart rate was consistently high and I spent about half my time trying to get it back down to something that wouldn’t kill me.

Ricky was done with his thrusters for the last round as I was beginning my thrusters for the third round. I was leaving the building for my “run” as he was finishing up, but I had another whole round to do. When I came in from my third round, Coach asked if I had to be done by seven or did I want to do the last round. What the hell. I don’t have to be to work until ten. I did the last round.

Everyone was finished. They were writing on the board, their equipment was put away, I was still working. Ricky left the parking lot as I was still down by Midas and Cindy and Todd were pulling onto the street as I hit the parking lot. I figured I could actually run the parking lot and cut a few seconds off my time. I guess it looked like everyone was finished. Mike had already turned off the clock. He said he thought I might have had a time of 22.45 but Todd was at 21.something and they were already half way home. I was doing seven minute plus rounds and so I figured it was at least 28 minutes, so maybe 28.45. All that with only a 22# bar and doing sit-ups instead of anything real.

I told Mike not to bother putting any time on the board because it was always the lowest time anyway and I started to cry. I just hate when I do that. I work so hard and I know I work hard and I know I’m the oldest person at the box and I know I keep going three to four times a week. And I know I still suck at this even though I’ve been at it for a year now.

Poor Mike didn’t know what to do with a crying old fart woman and he really should have just let me go home and him get to work. But he followed me out to the parking lot and tried to tell me I’m inspiring. I have no idea who I would inspire or how I would do it, but there ya go. Old farts driving by in their cars and never even trying this are less fit than me and less determined and probably less stupid.

So not only was I slow and made Mike late for work, he was even later trying to make me feel better about being old and slow. I would tell you what my time was today because I do keep track of it even when it is so crappy I won’t put it on the board, but I have no idea what my time was. Today just sucked. And I can’t redeem myself tomorrow because I will be on the road.

Maybe next week I can magically turn into a young, fit person.


I follow several young women’s blogs and they are inspiring. They ooze with enthusiasm and hold promise for a bright future. At least they usually do that. Today, I’m seeing some misery out there on several different blogs. Even from some other not quite spring chickens!

I would like to offer some perspective from an old fart.

You are not ever going to be perfect. Life will never be perfect. You and everyone around you will make mistakes – irritating mistakes. Life is just one damn thing after another.

Life is wonderful. Every single day there is something fantastic that happens. Always. For starters, you woke up this morning which is always a good boost to your day. After years of working with really sick people, some not waking up for the day, some not waking up ever again, I can tell you that waking up and being able to write about is a fantastic life.

The world is a wonderful place chock full of idiots. They do not behave the way you want them to behave and it is irritating as hell. They should be polite and respectful and God knows we always are, unless something goes amiss and we forget to do that for just a moment.

I remember reading something about a driver who didn’t pull forward when the light turned green. Our protagonist was irritated nearly to distraction. This idiot had a green light and clear path and wasn’t moving! To make matters worse, the driver suddenly opened the front door and jumped out of the car. The idiot was now not only not driving, but wasn’t even in the car. The driver yanked open the back door, struggled for a few moments and suddenly appeared with a baby who was choking on something. Finally, with the desperation of a parent with a suffering child, the baby’s choking hazard was cleared and the kid began to breathe with the parent clutching the child closely and sobbing.

Now when confronted with some idiocy, the protagonist whispers BIBS – baby in the back seat.

Usually it is some idiot on a phone, but telling yourself there is a good reason for idiocy makes YOU feel better about it. The situation doesn’t change, but your reaction to it might. Treat yourself with enough kindness to give yourself this gift.

One of the bloggers is worried about comparisons to others. I can tell you something worse. As you age, you start comparing yourself to the younger, more able, better you. Unfortunately, those of you not yet old farts are seeing your lives as horrid messes and all that is not going right today. It is disappointing when the world doesn’t go as we plan, but it is often beyond our control to make it do so. The best we can so is the best we can do. There is no magic that makes things always turn out “right” whatever that may be.

On the same note, as we celebrated my youngest granddaughter’s fourth birthday at a pool party, one of the young guests (a CrossFitter, by the way) wouldn’t wear anything less than long pants because she wasn’t happy with the way she looked. She was uncomfortable. I asked if I could talk like an old lady and the young athletes standing there said I could. I pointed out that they were young, healthy, and looked pretty damn good to me. I was self-conscious and only saw my flaws when I was their age. But now, thirty to forty years later – I would be thrilled to have that young, mobile, healthy, fit body back. They weren’t going to get any younger and they might think about loving who they are right now.

They had to admit that as far back as they could remember, they saw the flaws in their bodies but from this perspective of a decade or two after their teens, they realized their body was great back then. I nodded and said that keeps happening so you might want to learn to like yourself now. It is a hard lesson to learn as I see my own flaws now, but I was standing there in my bathing suit, knowing that for my age, I’m not so bad. And the only other choice is dead, so I might just as well like this or when I’m eighty I’m going to wonder what the hell I was thinking.

Dreams and goals are great and we should all have them. The difference between the two is that goals have a due date. The problem comes in when the due date cannot be reached, especially when the reasons for that are beyond our control.

One of the things I’ve been forced to learn but have never liked (and probably never will) is that I don’t get everything I want. My due dates have had to be revised after my plan was sidetracked. Sometimes, I have readjusted my sails and gone on to achieve what I wanted. Sometimes I have learned that I didn’t really want it but something even better was sitting around some blind corner just waiting for me to find it.

Some dreams and goals are simply meant to point us in the direction of other things. Some setbacks are put in our paths to make sure we are determined to reach some highly desired goal. I don’t know how to tell one from the other, but I think it might have something to do with final outcomes.

I wish all of my young friends the best in their lives. I can hear my mother saying, “Patience is a virtue” even as I type this. I believe it is. I’m not all that virtuous.


Yesterday I was so focused on what wasn’t working that I forgot to say what was going well. On the way to the box, in the dark and dreary middle of the damn night, I saw two deer at the side of the road. They were standing about ten feet apart and they both looked at me as I looked at them. After I drove past they went back to grazing. They were beautiful and serene.

I should also note that while I had to buy a new computer because mine broke, I was able to simply go and buy a new computer when mine broke. I had the funds which gave me the luxury of immediate replacement. I am fortunate.

We had Bob and Pam over last night to talk about the European river tour. They are leaving for their trip in less than a month. We told them all we could remember about what to do and more importantly, what not to do, to make the trip more enjoyable. They are going from Amsterdam to Vienna and then a bit beyond with their extra stay in Budapest. We traveled in the other direction.

We had a pleasant evening and after they left I looked at the WOD for today and saw I could manage it although not with the time constraints and then I toddled off to bed.

I woke up about two minutes before the alarm went off and as I pondered infinity in the dark, I was still startled by the jarring noise of the alarm at 5.15. It was in the mid-sixties out there and so I opted for a sleeved t-shirt and no headband thing cuz that is rather ridiculous.

Off to the box and there were just three of us there this morning at 6 AM because two of our regulars were at the 5 AM class. Two athletes and me for our slot. Martin and Ricky had different things to do and I had modified stuff. They ran 800 meters. Coach Mike asked if I could run 800 and I told him I couldn’t run 400. So I ran 200, got my heart rate down, ran 200, and would keep repeating until they came back. Luckily, as I was heading out for my third run, they were coming up the parking lot.

They did broad jumps from a squat and into a squat down the mat. I looked astounded and so I did lunge down the mat only. Then we got PVC pipes and did a Mike complex down the mat which is lunge with a passthrough twice, overhead squat, inchworm out and back and repeat. Then do that whole thing again. Before we were done with the warm-up, I had sweat dripping down my face. I had to keep wiping with my towel. I’m back to the headband on Thursday.

Today’s WOD as written:
Spend 20 min working on pistols
500m row 4 burpee muscle ups(RX+) burpee pull ups(rx) burpee(scaled)
rest 3 min between rounds
Goal time for each row men 1:50 women 2:00 or under
score is time for each round

We worked on pistols and it is still beyond my grasp. But I think I might be getting closer. Maybe. After that we did another warm-up before the WOD itself. I did lunge, lunge burpee down the mat until the two guys did the squat broad jump into a squat down the mat and then run 200 meters carrying weight. I didn’t count how many burpees I did, but they all sucked.

Since the goal time was rather out of reach for me, I spoke with Mike and said that if the guys were all done with four rounds before I finished three, I was going to stop at three. Instead, Mike suggested I do 250 meter rows, 4 burpees, and only a 2 minute rest and if I got done too quickly, do a fifth round.

On the first round (and during the warm-up) I did real jump in and out burpees. For the rest of the time, I walked them in and out and was lucky to get them done.

My times: 1.47 – 1.41 – 1.53 – 1.53 – 1.50

As you can see, I did five rounds. I did the math several times on the second round, I kept coming up with that number. I don’t know how I did that. Since I actually took a picture of all my numbers, I just did the math again while I’m actually fed and oxygenated, and that is really the number.

My goal for today is to whine less. Pray for me.


After all the trauma over the weekend and spending three hours out in the sun at the beach (which was perfect weather and a nice breeze meaning that I was covered in sand grit sticking to my gallons of sunscreen), I was really tired last night. Even though I took a nap in the car on the way home, it wasn’t enough and I was pooped.

I looked at the WOD and thought I could manage to do something with it. I went to bed early and fell asleep without problems. However, that sentence wasn’t as easy to type in as normal because my new computer doesn’t have all my shortcuts and so I had to teach it to capitalize WOD without ME capitalizing WOD.

I woke up before the alarm went off and I was dreaming of yelling at Microsoft people and woke up feeling frustrated. As an aside, I have to figure out how to turn this feature off, but as I’m typing, the borders of my program are fading in and out and changing colors and it is VERY distracting and it simply has to stop. I can’t stand this machine “helping” me do stuff I have never, ever wanted to do.

Anyway, I had extra time this morning because I was up so early. I leisurely got ready for the box and noticed that it was a beautiful day out there. The temperature was in the high 60s and I don’t have the thing that makes the degree symbol here yet and I’m not looking for it now. I hate having a new computer that isn’t set up right. There used to be a way to bring all that over in one file, but they got rid of that handy feature when they gave me a ribbon with a million choices for formatting that I never use.

Today’s WOD as written: (and I had to teach it that shortcut, too)
Squat 3×5 try and add 5# from last week remember to maintain good form and speed(.8m/sec)
For time:
Hang full snatch (RX+) Full snatch (rx) power snatch scaled(scaled)(115/75#)
Box Jumps(30/24)RX+ (24/20)rx and scaled

I really don’t know what that speed thing means even now. However, my PR for back squats is 62# and today I did one set of five at 53# and then two sets of 5 at 58# and then others were still working and so I added another five. I got three nice, the fourth wasn’t too bad, and the fifth didn’t break parallel. But I did sorta five squats with a 63# pound bar. I guess that’s a new PR and it wasn’t even a day to get that.

Then for the WOD, it was scale time. I used the weenie 22# bar and did hang power snatches and I jumped onto a stack of three 50 pound plates. However, I really jumped up but I did step down. I planned on sets of 5 for the first, 4 for the second, and 3 for the final round but my heart rate behaved better than expected. I managed ten snatches before beeping so I broke those into two and I figured I could do the same with the box jumps. Then I did sets of 6 for the second round on both and for the last round I did five and four, got my heart rate back down, and finished the nine jumps all together. I was done in 10.28 – the last to finish, but what the heck, I did jumps instead of step ups.

My next project is to get the auto correct correcting many of things is did on the last computer. That should take me a few days. Expect more whining.


Our first home computer was huge and expensive and didn’t have a modem, but it did have the newer 3.5″ floppy drive instead of the 5.25″ old fashioned one. It ran Windows 3.1 and I believe we had a dot matrix printer to go with it, but it used regular paper instead of the rolls or fan-folded stuff.

Over the years we have upgraded several times. I had something for a very short time that was an IBM computer with an odd operating system and it was horrible and we packed that up and took it back to the store and I got a Windows 95 computer instead. Then I had Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and two netbooks with Windows 7 Starter.

Going from a DOS based Windows 3.1 to a GUI interface in Windows 95 was a joy and even though there was much to learn, it really was rather intuitive. Point and click and plug and pray really mostly worked.

With each iteration there were improvements and there were irritations. I KNEW how to do stuff and then all of a sudden, I didn’t. I hate not knowing stuff that I think I should know.

I had an old XP at work and the company would no longer let me use it because Microsoft would no longer support it after some time in June of this year. I was very upset with having to learn a new operating system because I had heard nothing but complaints and bad things about Windows 8. Luckily, Windows 8 does not work with our proprietary software and so we had to special order and have specially made a new computer with Windows 7 on it.

Now here it is, a couple months later. On Wednesday, my computer was working and then all of a sudden the screen went to a lined gray and white thing that was first very light and then ate the entire screen. I closed the lid of the laptop and waited until it powered down and then opened it up and it didn’t want to work. Since I couldn’t see the screen, I forced it to shut down and then restarted it. A helpful screen came up that said it would try to fix itself and I was pleased with the technology that would be helpful.

I went off to work and when Dick came home from golf I called and asked him to check my computer. It was still on that screen and so he restarted it and all was well. It looked like the computer was fixed. I was happy because I really didn’t want to buy a new computer.

Well, the screen went to gray a few more times but it always came right back after shutting the lid and restarting itself. Until Saturday afternoon. I was playing a game and it just locked and faded. I tried several times to get it to restart and behave all to no avail. I have a second monitor and it was set to be an extension of the laptop and not a second image. I could not get the screen that would let me change that to pop up on the monitor that worked and let me make them identical images and so the screens were hidden from me.

I finally managed to get the thing to work enough to make the second monitor the same as what showed on the laptop. Now I was safe. I started gathering together all the files I would have liked to have had on a new computer but weren’t essential. I did have all my essential stuff backed up.

Then we ate and ran out to Best Buy to make my evening even less enjoyable. The only way to get a Windows 7 computer is to special order it and it takes from four to seven weeks to get it made and shipped. What they sell in the stores is Windows 8. I was stuck with Windows 8. I whined and carried on like a spoiled teenager about not wanting this crap. I didn’t have a choice.

I looked and looked and found one with a CD drive which is no longer standard. It also had a touch screen and it had both the new and the old ports for connecting a second monitor. My monitor has an old port because it is about five years old. So that is the one I would take. It was out of stock.

So we looked around for something comparable and I found a ASUS that seemed like it might work. It did not have a CD drive, but I did own an external one already because one of those old laptops had a broken CD player and I needed the external drive. I bought it and brought it home and started it up.

I had to create a Microsoft account because although it looked like it might let me skip this part, it really wouldn’t. So I created the account with my email address and I already had one, but I didn’t know the password to get in. Luckily my old laptop was behaving and I could access stuff there and find the account and get a link to change my password. So now I could continue getting up and running.

First thing I did was load Chrome and move the IE charm (really, the icons are called charms because “fucking large pictures that take up too much real estate” was already used somewhere else apparently) far down the list of charms that one has to scroll through because we all love doing that with our smart phones and this is supposed to be like our smart phones combining the worst of all possible technologies into one piece of shit box.

My browser window will NOT do what I want as it has no minimize or change size of the window or anything, but it is just there on the screen because no one ever wanted to use both a website and document at the same time or anything useful like that. I HAVE to find a way to make this work so I can research and write at the same time and I can’t hook up a second monitor.

There is just so much stuff that I absolutely HATE about this computer. Its only saving grace is that it actually works and my old one doesn’t.

Steve Ballmer has done what Steve Jobs never could. He has made me consider buying an Apple. And if anyone asks me, it is what I would recommend. Get an iBook and you will have to learn all sorts of new stuff, but at least you can have more than one program running side by side and use your computer as you wish.

Do not buy a Windows 8. Unless you just want a gaming system and then this is the thing to get because you can play Angry Birds and Candy Crush right there on the screen instead of on your tablet that fits in your lap so it would be much more betterer.

I’m trying not to cry about this, but I abhor this computer. I have never spent so much money on something I hate so much. Every other computer I have ever bought brought me some joy and it was a thrilling purchase. But I knew I hated this in the store. I just didn’t know exactly how much I was going to continue hating it when I got home.

Charming charms

Charming charms

Last night my legs informed me that I was wise in the morning. It was obvious to my legs that I had worked really hard even though I only did 100 squats and a half mile instead of 200 squats and a mile in the morning. It wasn’t terrible but it was obvious that I had done a leg day.

Then I saw the WOD for today and thought about not going to the box. Then I remembered it was Friday and I go to the box on Friday. But I couldn’t do the WOD. It is all scalable. I pay for an unlimited number of trips to the box each month and I shouldn’t be scared out of going. I’m a weenie. I’m old. I can’t do a Hero WOD.

I set my alarm.

Since I forgot to sleep very much the night before, I slept soundly so at least I wasn’t fretting all night about this. However, at 5.15 I got out of bed and the first thought was, “You really don’t have to do this.” I got ready anyway. I argued with myself for a half hour as I dressed and ate my banana and fretting and talked myself into and out of going to the box.

I got in the car.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and I couldn’t even do the whole 300 weenie thing I do. Then lunge down the mat and bear crawl back. Then ten air squats that was just cruel and my legs hated, simply hated them. Then ten V-ups and dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Max unbroken pushups just chest to the floor (not hand release)
“31 Heroes”
AMRAP 31 minutes (As Many Reps As Possible)
8 Thrusters (155/105#)
6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 Box Jumps (30/24″)
This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run 400m with a sandbag (45/25). Once Partner #2 returns from the run, Partner #1 will grab the sandbag and begin their 400m, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.
Score is your total # of reps
This WOD was created specifically to honor the 30 men and one dog that gave their lives for our country on August 6, 2011. It is 31 minutes long—one minute in remembrance of each hero. The rep scheme is 8-6-11—the date of their ultimate sacrifice. Finally, this is a partner WOD. The men who gave their lives were from multiple branches of our military, working together as a team.  In the workout you and your team member will constantly be taking the load from each other providing much needed support and relief. We realize that no physical sacrifice made during a workout can come close to the sacrifice our brave heroes made, but we consider this WOD a CrossFitters “moment of silence.” This is how we can honor those that gave all in the name of freedom.

Well, I managed 26 push-ups.

And then it was all downhill. I mentioned to Coach Jason that we needed to do some scaling here or there would be 32 dead folks. I was pretty sure that wasn’t the goal. So … I walked 200 meters without a sandbag. Carma (thank God, Carma showed up) and I used a 32# bar for thrusters, we did a modification of the rope climbs and instead of the three hauling my fat ass up the rope to a stand, we did three pull-ups and 3 knees to elbows except I did jump ups and knees as high as I can get them. Then we used a 20″ box and did step-ups. So it was really scaled. Carma did 200 meters, but she did carry a sandbag.

The first time I looked at the clock I was dying and figured I just had to quit. It was sixteen something and all I could think was that I was half done and couldn’t quit now. I kept going and pushing myself. My heart rate was consistently high but would drop on my stroll to the corner and back. I started the walk and Carma did the thrusters. At one point, she got the moves out of order, which meant I had to do thrusters twice in a row and they were hurting my bad arm. I wanted to cry, but that wouldn’t be heroic, so I just did thrusters.

She was walking and I was left with half the rope climbs to finish. I did them, then the box step-ups and there was just seconds left on the clock. I was beeping, but there was going to be all the rest time I needed in thirty seconds or so. I managed five more thrusters so we had a score of 6+5. We rocked it.

6 AM class after 31 Heroes

6 AM class after 31 Heroes (for the curious, I’m the second from the right)

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