All my ouchies are getting better by the day and so I am sleeping better by the night. But I’m still waking often with something causing me to flinch. I hope I’m well on my way to getting all better because I get really cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.

I saw the WOD yesterday and determined I could manage a scaled version and went to bed at dusk so I could wake up in the middle of the damn night and head to the box. That was my plan and I managed to make it happen.

Warm-up was a 250 meter row, lunge down the mat doing passthroughs, 200 meter row, 10 air squats, 150 meter row, 5 inchworm out to a push-up and come back, 100 meter row and 10 push-ups. I managed all that without beeping.

Well, the website is down so I have to try to remember what we did instead of copy and paste. My own web access was down and I had to reset everything this morning, too. I believe that was a terrible rain we had last night and it made all the interwebs cranky around here.

The WOD as remembered:
We spent 20 minutes to get a 3 rep max on squat clean thrusters.
10 min AMRAP
15 ring push-ups
10 paralette passthroughs
5 thrusters (135#/95#)

I don’t remember ever being able to do the squats with weights. I was finally getting to lower and lower boxes behind my fat ass to keep me from toppling over. I started with a PVC pipe today, moved to the 22# bar, added 2.5# to each side and managed to get three strung together. I went up to a 32# bar and managed to get one rep, but was too unsteady on my feet in the squat and with the weight overhead with the thruster.

I was determined to not fall on my still sore ass. While the road rash is healing, it is still painful if I sit wrong or wiggle wrong or do anything to make it come into contact with solid objects. Joe told me Gold’s Gym has some cream for this type of ouchie and informed me that men get it, too. I guess that is encouraging; this isn’t just because I’m old and have old people skin. Young men can also scrape their asses off doing sit-ups.

I have enough problem with just push-ups. I could have challenged myself and done them on dumbbells but I thought doing strict hand release push-ups would be challenge enough. I used 20″ boxes for the pass through things and had just the empty 22# bar for the thrusters. If you set the weight down, you had to start up again with a squat clean and I didn’t want to do any extras.

I managed the firsts 15 push-ups without stopping, then I had to kill myself with the passthrough things. I can go forward without much problem, but backwards isn’t working so well. I had to get my heart rate back to 150 so I could manage to do all 5 thrusters without an extra squat clean thrown in. I managed. I did 2 rounds and 12 and was dripping wet when I finished.

There are days when I am amazed at how far I’ve come and then there are days when I see that the road ahead is exponentially longer. I guess it just means there is still room for improvement.