I opted to not go to CrossFit today. I slept in. I might have changed my mind, but the WOD wasn’t posted when I last looked and I’m too battered from last week to trust that I won’t kill myself this week.

I looked this morning and I could have managed it in a scaled version, but it felt really good to sleep in this morning. So, I just missed a day. I haven’t done that without being sick before, in fact I’ve gone when I was too sick to be there. But, I’m burning myself out.

Instead, I took my now turning green bruised leg for a run/walk around the block. I didn’t time it and I didn’t wear the heart monitor. I ran to a point, walked until I could breathe again and ran some more. I would think I should stop running and then find a landmark some distance in front of me and run until I got there. I ran to the fire hydrant, then I was just going to make it to the stop sign but I could go to that mailbox. Then I ran to the boat and then the car blocking the sidewalk and then I ran to the finish line.

My own WOD:
Five rounds for time:
10 squats
10 push-ups

I really can do ten push-ups without resting, but not if I’ve done anything else prior to the push-ups. I had rested after my run/walk and thought I was good enough to go on this. I set the kitchen timer thing to 20:00 and began.

I got the first round of squats done and 7 push-ups before I was feeling like a rest. I finished that and began the next round and managed the squats and only 5 push-ups. I squeaked the rest out with yet another break and then had to rest before starting the squats. I did them and had to do three pieces, 4-3-3 on the push-ups. Then I had to rest again. I managed the squats again, but not as quickly and thought repeatedly how I should have put a headband on as sweat dripped into my eyes. I got through round four and really just wanted to power through but had to rest anyway. I got the squats done by repeating “Chest up” with each one and I really think that all 50 were done with the proper form. I had the weight on my heels and outside of my feet, kept my knees from falling in and made a real effort to not fold up like a cheap beach chair. I got five push-ups in before pausing, then two more and kept telling myself only three more, but I had to rest. I was done in 10:15.

I had sweat running down my face and spotting my glasses. I never wear my classes to CrossFit. I have my contacts in before leaving the house. But just here … I dripped all over.

There is a reason that boxes do not have ceramic tile on their floors. Well, they would shatter the first time someone dropped the bar but that’s not the reason I’m talking about. As I covered in glow and my hands got damp, they kept slipping on the ceramic tile. I know I did all my push-ups as hand release because that’s how I was taught. But at least five times I had to wipe my damp hands on my shorts to keep me from slipping on the floor.

I didn’t go to the gym but I didn’t blow the whole day off, either. The gym would have been okay. They did Smolov which wouldn’t have killed me and then did toes to bar and KB swings along with repeated runs. I may have scaled the reps and definitely would have scaled the weight, but it wouldn’t have hurt my boo-boos.

I got something done today so I shouldn’t be trying to crawl out of my skin. That’s the best I could manage.