CrossFit Summerville had a website again last evening so I could look at the WOD. Either I’m getting better or more used to not being able to do much because I looked at it and promptly let it go rather than obsessing about it all night long.

Either way, I knew I was going to the box today so why worry. I felt like Alfred E. Neuman. At least I didn’t feel like that pointy hatted spy guy. I was up at the crack of before even dawn and went off to the box.

Warm-up was a 800 meter run. For those of you who don’t speak meters, that’s a half mile. I can’t really run 400 meters. My plan was to go out until the last person passed me coming back and then turn around at that point. I might have got a 600 meter run/walk in, but I did have to walk part of that. I’m just pitiful at this running shit. Next was ten air squats with holding for a count of three at the bottom of the squat. Then lunge down the mat getting a good stretch in the hip flexors. Broad jump back down the mat and land in a deep squat, which would have made me fall on my ass. I did the best I could and 2/3 of the way down I was beeping like crazy and had to wait. Then get into a move that looked sort of like a fencing lunge but with hands held overhead and locked and hold for 30 seconds and alternate front legs and hold for 30 seconds.

The WOD as written:
Collect 10 minutes in the bottom of a squat.
Spend 15 minutes finding your max jump height.
Standing jump from two feet (no running start, drop step, etc.) landing on object with two feet and showing control on top with hips and knees extended.
4 rounds for time:
10 ground to overhead (135/95)
1 parking lot sprint (front edge of sign)

Too deep in the squat and my knee hurt. Just breaking parallel was more muscles in my thighs screaming. I could hold for about 20 seconds at a time and accumulated about 5 minutes and a piss poor attitude.

I don’t know what my max height for a box jump was. I think it was the short box and two 25 pound plates which is 16 inches. It might have had a ten pound on top. Today, I inched my way to 22″ jump and wanted the 23″ so bad. But instead, I have a scraped and bruised shin. I also have a new PR for this move, so it isn’t all bad.

For the WOD itself I used 32# and had to build my little towers to get the bar to the right height. Still no plywood cutouts because it is a good idea. CrossFit Hilton Head had all sorts of good ideas and I try my damnedest to get CrossFit Summerville to use some of them. No luck so far. More’s the pity.

So I built my little towers but I had them too close together and the bar fell off at one point and clunked me in my bruised and scraped shin and I didn’t swear like a sailor because I could hardly breathe. Lucky other people at the box. It was a pretty full class today. Ed, Ricky, Todd, Cindy, and me were all looking pretty bad by the end.

I could never do more than four grounds to overhead before beeping. I walked the parking lot sprint right up until the last bit and ran in on the final round and had a time of 15.18 and felt pretty good about the whole thing.

I’m home now with ice on my arm and my leg letting me know I was a dimwit for even trying that last jump. I was too afraid and probably held back in fear just enough to miss the step. 22″ isn’t bad for someone who had never gotten away from the baby box. At least tomorrow is rest day for me, so I have a little time for this leg to get really sore.