Great weekend with the kids and got some more shopping in at the other outlet mall. There was lots of stormy weather on the drive back home and yet we made it safely. I’m so glad I wasn’t the driver. I haven’t seen the big grandkids for a couple months and they looked so big and grown up and tall and it was so much fun. Aiden is signed up for football. Frankie is getting old enough to actually play like one of the big kids and really keep up. She has been trying for so long and it is now working for her.

I saw this idea in a life hack thing and we tried it last night. We just wanted something light to eat when we got home and so we had tuna salad sandwiches. I prefer those on toast. I had seen an idea. Put both slices of bread in the toaster slot together. The outside will toast and the inside will stay soft. It worked.

Eventually I looked to see what the WOD for today was and there wasn’t one posted. There wasn’t anything at all. Ryan put on Facebook: Website is down. Gym is not. See you at 5 am. I asked about 6 and he assured me he would see us then, too.

The 5 AM class was full and there were seven of us at the 6 AM class, too. Ricky got back in town and so he was there. Steve and Candace are regulars. I am irregular, but usually there at 6 AM. Ed and Teri were off to the side working on their Olympic lifting stuff so I didn’t count them here. And there were three new people. Chris (dark haired girl, not the guy who usually comes), Alysha, and I cannot remember the other guy’s name. Alysha and the guy seemed to be together, but maybe not. Both were young and fit.

The big people did a 400 meter run and I did a bit farther on my perhaps 275-300 meter run and I was totally winded when I got back to the building. Ten cherry pickers, lunge down the mat, and then dislocates and passthroughs. Then we did two 360⁰ plank circles going clockwise and two more going counterclockwise, except I only did about one and a half and one and I was getting too dizzy to do more.

The WOD as written and copied from the board instead of copy and paste from the website which is really inconvenient:
6 x 6 @ 70% strict press
5 rounds for reps:
20 seconds ME Push Press (95/65)
10 seconds rest
20 seconds ME Pullup
10 seconds rest
40 seconds Burpee box jump (24/20)
20 seconds rest

I believe my max effort on a push press is 42# but I know my arm is really sore. I tried just the 22# bar and I could manage six without any problem. I added another 2.5# to each side and did them with 27# and managed to power it out, but the sixth push on each round was a little shaky, which is probably what it is supposed to be. I have a massage scheduled for Wednesday and I hope no one gets sick and I can actually work on fixing this.

Chris and Alysha were working on establishing a one rep max and all of sudden Chris disappeared. She had gotten sick. She was wearing long pants and a short sleeve shirt. She had not had any breakfast. Ryan looked after her for a few minutes and after I finished my sixth round, I went over to check out the patient. She was still had white lips and her color was bad, but she was already recovering. I mentioned options for breakfast that keep you from falling over and got her to sit up. Her lips were still trying to pink up and she was looking good enough to try to stand. I had her stand up, but said if she got a head rush, to sit on the bench and not back on the floor. That orthostatic hypotension crap is nasty. She stood and plopped on the bench. After she stabilized, I moved her to directly in front of fan’s air stream and she eventually felt good enough to get herself home. I also told her I preferred puking outside by the bush because then you have a little breeze instead of the cloying heat in the bathroom. Oh, the voice of sad experience.

On to the WOD. I thought a push press was what we had been doing, but on the second round, I found out I was permitted a dip and drive on the WOD. What the hell? It sure made it easier on the rest of the rounds, but I was already a hot mess with my heart rate all horrible and stuff.

I used the same 27# bar as for my rounds above. I just did ring rows for the pull-ups and that didn’t hurt my arms as much. I stacked four 25# plates for the box jump because someone had claimed the small box for their base for their banded pull-ups.

First round I managed 7, 8, 3 and my heart rate was so high I couldn’t get it back to anything reasonable for the next set of push presses. I had zero in that and managed to get through the time with the ring rows and 8 on that. But I knew not to try burpees again. There wasn’t enough payoff and they made me too unsafe to do the next thing. Round three was 6, 8, 0 and round four was 6, 7, 0. Ryan messed up the time on the second round and only did 20 seconds of burpees, so he added ten seconds on round 3 and 5. I figured what the hell, and worked for some of the burpee time on round five and got 7, 7, 3. My score was 70.

My arm hurts and is being iced as I type. I managed to get through this even though it was pushing my heart stuff, I kept my head working and made it.