Craig posted a link to an article (I think that’s where I saw it anyway) stating that I should get six hours of sleep the night before a workout. Since I have to get up at the crack of the middle of the night, I need to get to bed early. The WOD wasn’t yet posted before I went to bed which was just as well.

I woke up to the annoying clanking of an alarm clock and could barely drag myself out of bed let alone do anything else of import. But I did it all anyway.

The parking lot was again rather sparsely populated. There were two teams at the 5 AM class and only one team at the 6 AM class. Carma has just recently started CrossFit and so she wasn’t much better off than me, who has been at this for nearly a year. We were pretty evenly matched as a team, although she didn’t beep.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run, lunge down the mat, ten air squats, ten med ball cleans, and dislocates and passthroughs. Since it was partner WOD and since it was a long WOD, we didn’t have a skill thing scheduled. The moves were explained.

The WOD as written:
Next week we jump back into some basic strength training so enjoy this Friday partner WOD.
3 rounds for time:
50 partner push up & claps
50 partner medicine ball clean & passes (20/14)
50 partner abmat medicine ball sit up & passes (20/14)
50 partner rainbow thrusters (20/14)
All mixed teams must used 20# med ball
3 burpee penalty if the ball touches the ground when it’s not part of the movement.
Extra credit for jazz hands & flair.

We did push-ups head to head with one doing a push-up and then reaching out to clap opposing hands and then other person doing a push-up and clapping hands and so the plank was held between push-ups.

Med ball clean and pass is just what it sounds like. Then with feet together, it was a sit-up, pass the med ball and sit up and back and forth.

What in the hell, you ask, is a rainbow thruster? Good question. It is the two partners standing back to back and doing a thruster with the med ball and then arching it overhead and passing it to the next person to do a thruster and arching it back. One would assume the rainbow is the arch going back and forth. I can’t wait to see what a unicorn something is.

So the newbie and the old fart scaled this right from the begining. I was willing to try a ten pound med ball, but I wanted the baby ball available if I pooped out. We just used the baby ball. We also did push-ups from our knees instead of big people ones which was really helpful.

I got through my 25 push-ups on the first round without beeping, but the med ball cleans nearly killed me and that was with the baby ball. I must have had to rest three or four times. Sit-ups were done without pause and I threw a few jazz hands in here. I had to rest on the thrusters once or twice. We were at 16 something after the end of the first round. I mentioned that two rounds would suffice. Coach Jason said if we could finish the next round before 35 minutes, we would be done or else he would scale the third round somehow.

On the second round, I had to pause twice with the push-ups, several times with the cleans, never with the sit-ups, and twice on the thrusters. But we finished (with me beeping) at 31.18. We never once dropped the ball as that would have involved burpees and we didn’t need the extra challenge.

We weren’t Rx, we weren’t fast, we weren’t graceful or powerful, we finished. It wasn’t pretty, but it was fantastic.