I loved my sister vacation. It was wonderful. I’m so glad to be back home.

I slept in my own bed. There is nothing extremely important about that, except that it is my bed. I don’t have any special mattress or anything. It is just my bed. And it has my pillow right there. I really need a new pillow but I keep not buying one because it takes a while to be one’s own after purchase and it is easier to sleep on one’s own pillow.

I took a shower in my own shower. There is nothing really special about my shower except that it is mine and set up just the way I like it. I have a hair clip in there that I actually brought to Arizona, but kept forgetting to take into the shower. So after I had conditioner on my hair, I couldn’t get it out of the way of the shower. This isn’t tragic, but it is annoying. I also packed the other hair towel which is just a teeny, tiny bit different but was actually dry when I was packing.

I had my own toothbrush. The travel one is not battery powered because those are so clunky. I have a smaller battery powered one, but can’t find it, so I had an old fashioned simple toothbrush. It worked and served the purpose, but it was not my normal routine.

I have my own creams and lotions and toothpaste and whatnot all in their normal live at home packaging. I brought travel items which all pack well, but they aren’t the exact same stuff I use on a daily basis. Those are too big to carry but they fit perfectly into my larger space here even if they don’t fit in my suitcase.

I know where everything is here. At least theoretically. Sometimes Dick moves something to the wrong place and then I go on an Easter egg hunt, but usually, if I want something I can simply go to where I know it is stored and retrieve it. It isn’t that hard to learn where things are kept when traveling, but the first time you want a salt shaker and have to ask, you know you aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

I have Command Central here. I was using my crappy netbook while gone because it is smaller and travels well. But it is not my normal fast computer with all the extras that I’m used to having. I also didn’t have my recliner set up the way I have my own set up. I could have used the recliner in Arizona, but I didn’t have my lapboard so it wouldn’t have really helped. I managed a lot of computer time anyway, but it was not my normal routine.

And that’s what it so nice about home. It is where we have set up our normal routines. Things are just as we want. Even though Pam and I have many similarities, like how we eat peanuts, we have set up our private spaces to suit us and we have many differences as well. She also has a house all baby proofed because Quinn is just as sweet as possible but still pretty much a moving wrecking ball without the sense God gave spit and likely to damage herself or her surrounding unless protected by all the adults who love her. So we do.

And then there is the fact that Dick is here. After all these years, I still miss him when we are apart. He can annoy me to distraction after too much togetherness, but too much apartness is far worse. It’s good to be back home.