I woke first again on Wednesday but not by a whole lot. It was a beautiful morning out there. Pam woke up and said she would have walked but we weren’t all awake so we didn’t venture out. Pam went to grade papers but said that if Cheri wanted to walk, she would stop immediately and we could leave for a stroll. It wasn’t that much later when Cheri awoke. My blog post was written, but not yet posted. We walked.

My Endomondo wasn’t measuring accurately back in South Carolina. If it was off my very small amounts I wouldn’t have cared, but it was off by 1/3. If I walked 1.5 miles, I got credit for 1. Others also had this problem and the company had no fix other than to buy a new phone or do something with GPS since their product was just fine. I knew it was in error because Vicki and I took a walk and she walked 1.5 miles as I walked beside her for one mile. Google maps agreed with Vicki’s phone.

Cheri has Endomondo and so we tested again to see if my phone had self-corrected with any updates. We started our program and began walked together. When Pam stopped for her mail, Cheri and I continued walking so we would get the correct miles per hour reading. We got back to the house and stopped our programs together. It worked. Both of our phones said we were active for 40.50. We had the exact same time. Cheri walked 2.13 miles and burned 275 calories. I walked zero miles and burned 67 calories just because I was alive. I knew mine wasn’t working correctly; I didn’t know it wasn’t working at all.

Cheri and I checked and rechecked settings and could find nothing wrong with my phone. The only difference was that I didn’t have the Pro version but the free version. Vicki had the free version, too. Perhaps it has a time stamp and quits working after a while. I don’t know but it doesn’t measure CrossFit stuff anyway, so I don’t really care. It cannot be trusted to measure distance, which is important for me there, at least if I were running.

Kathy called because it wasn’t Tuesday anymore and we had missed our Tuesday talk with her so we all laughed together for a while and got to get caught up with her.

This was Cheri’s day to get picked up by Tami and Kristen and go meet Bea and play with them. Tami and Cheri were friends when she lived out here and was married to Rick. Kristen is Monica’s half-sister. Bea is Tami and Cheri’s ex-mother-in-law. They came to get her around 11.30 and she returned home around 6.30 full of smiles and stories and having loved her entire day. Rick’s current wife was not involved in the festivities.

Over the weekend, Ryan had been sick. It didn’t last for long but he threw up seven times while he was at his dad’s house. Hannah seemed to have caught whatever bug that was. Therefore, we had Quinn and Ryan for the day. Ryan came over with a handheld game system that is some fancy version of the old Gameboy thing my kids had.

Early in the day, I asked how long a charge lasted because I am painfully aware of the shortcomings of electronic devices lacking electricity. They are paperweights. Ryan assured me that a charge lasted for days. He must have charged this toy days ago. He did not bring the charger and it wouldn’t work with anything we had at this house.

Cheri offered him the use of her iPad, but he declined until his charge was really gone. Then he was stuck with some less thrilling toy. He had remembered to bring several extra games, but without power, they were useless. Oh, the trials and tribulations of childhood.

We had hoped to get our running around done before it was too hot, but Quinn needed some sleep or that entire experience would have been less than stellar. So Quinn took a nap and we waited. We also had lunch. After that we had two stops. One was to Safeway so Pam could pick up three needed grocery items and use the bank inside the store. We successfully remembered all three items.

The next stop was Sprouts. I love this store. It is unlike anything we have back home. There are lots of organic items, gluten free items, and bulk items. I told Dick I would get him some taffy from here. I got some for me, too. I also wanted chocolate covered dried cherries and I found some chocolate covered dried cranberries. They had decaf chocolate raspberry coffee which is something I have been hoping to stock up on for months now. I’m almost out at home. The other treat was three candy bars under their own name, so obviously not available at home.

Pam bought fruits and vegetables and found some sodas that were naturally flavored without any coloring or crap added. Ryan was able to have this stuff and he wanted some grape flavor. Pam got it and when we got home we each took a sip. It was like old fashioned grape Nehi that I remember from my childhood. You could really taste the grapes instead of chemicals hoping to taste like grape.

Gned and grape soda

Gned and grape soda

We got home and Quinn was being crabby again and so Pam tried food and drink without success and so plopped her in bed and she took another nap, which is unusual. She slept until her mother arrived. Ryan was relegated to the iPad by this time but had found the Minions to play with and was content. Pam’s papers had all been graded and her final reports handed in. The rest of the vacation time is free of these worries. And surprisingly enough, several of her last papers were really good. They are graded in the order they are handed in and it is often the poorer students who wait until the last minute.

Pam and I had opted to have BLTs for dinner. We needed to fry the bacon and we were working on that. Pam was transferring a strip from where I had separated them to the pan to fry using tongs. She dropped an uncooked piece of bacon on the floor. This is a group venture. I chimed in with the idea that I would be fine with cooking it. Any dirt or germs were going to die in the fire, as it were. I rinsed it off, she cooked it. No one died.

I got an alert on my phone about a possible impending dust storm. Cheri had also received the same message. Pam, who always lives here, did not. As far as I know we averted that disaster.

Cheri returned with lots of stories of the last few decades and told us about her wonderful day. She loved seeing Kristen’s new house which she said looks much better in person than in the pictures we have seen. Catching up with everybody was so much fun and she was effervescent all evening.

Cheri talked, Pam and I crocheted and listened. Eventually we ran out of steam and we all went to bed. Another fun day in the desert.