Sunday was a quiet day. I think I might be mostly in the right time zone now. Apparently, after I went to bed on Saturday night, it poured. There was a huge storm and I missed the entire thing. That is now twice that it has rained here in the desert since my arrival. The first time was just a light sprinkle. It seems the rain loves me this year.

Pam went off to Mass without us since we were still in our jammies at the time of departure. Cheri has been playing Candy Crush Saga for a while now and has been stuck on a level for days. It seems like an innocuous game and I tried to get on my Kindle Fire thing, but Amazon doesn’t have it as part of their free store and they won’t install things I get from Google Play.

I tried playing it at Facebook but after a couple rounds Cheri warned me that I was going to have to start asking people for tickets and whatnot in order to keep playing. I won’t do that. So I got to go in and block the app again and it made lots and lots of posts disappear, which was really nice.

On the down side, because I won’t link the game which DID install on my phone nicely to my Facebook account, I can only play until I lose five times and then I have to quit for a couple hours until it gives me more tries. Well, maybe that isn’t a down side. Anyway, I’ve been stuck at one level for many tries so I may give up completely after the next five losses and remove it from my phone.

In between waiting for my games to accrue, I crocheted. The project is coming along nicely. I’m glad I threw in more string and even happier that I purchased some extra. I don’t usually spend this much time with my string.

Jen and Ronnie wanted to go to a movie and so they brought Quinn over. The big kids were with their dad. We had some lunch and then went to the pool. There was lots and lots of sunscreen involved in this outdoors at high noon thing.

I can’t remember the last time I had some flip flops, but it has been decades. Walking on the hot sidewalk was too much, so I have to submit so I don’t wreck my shoes the next time we go to the pool. I nearly burned my feet off, but did get to talk to a couple nice ladies while I cooled my piggies off in their shade.

We played in the pool for a while but Quinn got thirsty enough to keep dipping her face in the water and looking at us like we did something to her. Pam got her a bottle ready and as she drank, she started to fall asleep. This was not part of our plan, so we packed up everything and scurried home to get Quinn sleeping someplace nicer than poolside in the three digit dry heat.

We decided it was time for a meal again and Cheri does not miss a meal – ever. Pam and Cheri had made 10 Bean Soup before I arrived since they knew that it would not be what I would want to eat ever and I will, only under extreme duress, miss a meal. Cheri decided to have some of that. Pam and I made salads and put some of the Costco chicken on it.

I finished my salad and got out the rest of the larger container of watermelon. Pam doesn’t eat watermelon, so I put it right between me and Cheri. I cut this up myself so the fact that some of the pieces were too big is my own damn fault.

I had just put a too big piece of watermelon in my mouth and did one bite when someone said something really funny. I don’t know who said it or what IT was. I only know that watermelon juice flew out (although I did manage to just spit in my salad bowl) and I did not choke. However, it was just like the cartoons.

We all started really laughing at that. We laughed and laughed and laughed. So that made Cheri do her laughing trick and we all laughed even harder.

We finally got settled down. We finished the watermelon and cleaned up the kitchen. Pam had some papers to grade and since she forgot to sleep very much the night before, she thought she should do that before she got too tired. Cheri and I crafted and played Candy Crush as the case may be.

Pam finished her papers around 8 PM and that’s when Cheri decided to make her magnet beads things. First roadblock, gathering together all the supplies. Pam said she had crimp beads, whatever they may be, and told Cheri not to buy any. Apparently they were elusive and it took a while to find them. They had to find some beading tools. The board to use to make beads was easy to find. It took maybe 15 minutes for this part.

Next roadblock, find the magnet beads Pam purchased. This one even involved me and we did eventually find the one she had bought which was to serve as the pattern for the one Cheri would make. This took only five minutes or so.

Final roadblock, ADD Cheri. She needed to get a pattern set up which shouldn’t have been too difficult, except it was Cheri. She was working with the all turquoise beads and decided three turquoise with their three silver spacers before each magnet. This took an inordinately long time mostly because she had some ice cream treat and walked around and paced and wandered and went here and there and was in and out of the kitchen and moved around.

Finally, one hour after starting, she was ready to start. It wasn’t much over another hour when the project was finished. There were four turquoise beads between each magnet and it looks great.

What I did not do at all yesterday was take any pictures. The boys never got out of their gnome homes. But it was nice day anyway.