Since the temperature was still in the two digit range, we walked Saturday morning. It was a bit later than our walk the day before and there was less shade due to fewer clouds. It was getting hotter as we walked and I did not put on sunscreen. I started to worry about the dumbness factor there and we didn’t walk quite two miles. According to Endomondo, it was 1.93 miles. That was Cheri’s phone telling us that. My phone doesn’t like to be accurate. Maybe on the next walk, I should do mine too, and see if it has updated appropriately in the intervening time.

We had tickets to a play in the afternoon and laundry to do in the morning. What else could we fit in? We sat around and crafted for a while and then Pam decided she needed to see if Salads To Go really had a place to eat inside or if the salads all had to leave. There were a couple outdoor tables which didn’t seem pleasant in the now three-digit temps. Our plan for eating there before the play was looking slim to none.

After the first load of laundry was finished, we made a Costco run. Pam needed bagels and crackers. Anything else would be extras. We were shopping politely when all of a sudden, the gnomes began to act up. It is easy to see why.

Costco cakes

Costco cakes

We finally corralled the brothers and managed to explain that we were not in a position to consume any of the tasty treats they were pointing out to us. They were not pleased but at least they didn’t make a huge fuss in the middle of the store. They are such handsome men that they nearly always gather attention to themselves when they are out in a group and it was no exception at Costco.

Instead of going out to eat, Pam got a cooked Costco chicken. We had wonderful bakery bread already at home. We were not going to have to worry about Salads To Go’s serving options. We ate lunch at home and finished up the laundry.

We got dressed for the matinee at Hale Theatre and Cheri said she had no idea we were getting this dolled up. I put on lipstick and blush and apparently was dolling up. That’s my usually minimum since I don’t have all that charm to rely on like The Charming Sister does.

Off we went to the theater and got to see Hairspray. It was wonderful. As we waited for the show to start, I tried to get Gned to photobomb for me, but he simply got cranky. I asked the couple in front of me to help and they said they didn’t mind Gned getting in their space, but they didn’t seem too happy about it. Then Gned worked his magic and started flirting. He is such a schmoozer. But it worked.


Gned and his new friend

Gned and his new friend

We thoroughly enjoyed the play and afterwards walked across the street to the Liberty something-or-other and bought desserts. We opted to get two desserts for the three to share.


Fruits and veggies the delicious way

Gnate wants to make sure that it is known that although the desserts were indeed shared, it was only among the sisters and the brothers were left without any. We had carrot cake and chocolate chip banana bread so you can see it was fruits and vegetables and so a very healthy and extremely low calorie choice.

On the way home we stopped at Michael’s. Pam had this neat bead string that works as a necklace or bracelet or whatever because there are these magnet things interspersed. Cheri needed beading to work on making a couple of these things. I didn’t like the light green and white next to the colors I already have for the scarves being turned into a throw thing that I’m making so I got a couple different colors to try, you know, just in case. You don’t want to run out of supplies. This time a got a green/blue variegated and a blue.

We also stopped at Trader Joe’s but we were unable to find anything to buy there. Luckily, the brothers were still in a snit over no dessert and did not make any scenes at the stores.

We arrived home delighted with our day and Pam started listing options for the upcoming week. There are many options. The ones selected will arrive at this space later.

I was exhausted because getting up at 3 AM is stupid. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up enough to go to bed. Both of my sisters were awake, probably for hours, without me. But I couldn’t stay awake anymore. I managed to sleep in today until 5, so perhaps I will now be able to stay awake in the evenings.

I thought they might have started working on their beaded scarves without me, but they are in the same state as they were yesterday morning.

What may or may not some day turn into beautiful scarves

What may or may not some day turn into beautiful scarves

Since I wasn’t paying close enough attention, I have no idea what is on the agenda today. I’m sure it will be fun because we are together.