July 2013

Once upon a time in a fairy tale world, I was young and fit. I worked at a much more physically (and mentally and emotionally) challenging job. I also played between ten and twelve hours of racquetball every week and was a pretty good player. I not only could beat the women I played with more often than not, I could sometimes beat some of the men.

I was covered in cut and chiseled muscles and could run and chase the ball. I could smack with enough force to get to nearly 100 miles per hour and place it where I wanted it to go. I saw lots of rollouts which are very, very cool.

I played three mornings a week. I volunteered at my children’s school one morning a week. I worked afternoon shift saving lives and conquering disease. My life was busy but full of routines. I was somehow, ludicrously sure that it would remain on track forever. I would always be young and healthy and fit.

After a while I started having migraines. My first one lasted for several weeks until we found somebody who could diagnose and cure it. I was on daily medication for years afterwards which usually kept the migraines away. Many of them were vascular drugs and they made my heart rate skyrocket while sitting still. Some of them made me edgy and unfocused. One of them made me homicidal and suicidal. But they stopped the headaches.

When I stopped saving lives and conquering disease, my own disease miraculously disappeared. The surgeons were always so me, me, me and insisted on bright lights (my trigger) so they could work – silly surgeons. Between the bright and flickering lights and the stress, my migraines were fairly well guaranteed. When I quit, I had the option of working as a nurse outside OR, but chose to go back to school and learn something new.

In the interim, we moved and my new location didn’t have the availability of racquetball and so I stopped that. My new teaching job was still fairly mobile – I sure couldn’t sit all day. But I was no longer carrying hot, heavy sterile trays of instruments or pushing people on gurneys. It was less physically demanding.

Then we moved again and even that much went away. I’ve worked at secretarial work for years now. I’m pretty good at it. I type fast (I’m also a writer and that skill is mandatory) and I’m detail oriented (which is what managed to keep my patients alive for over twenty years). But what I do now is sit. I move my fingers rapidly while typing and I swivel in my chair to pluck printed pages from the often cantankerous printer. Mostly, I sit. I answer the phones and I greet people who come in the door. I would guess that on a busy day, I walk less than 2000 steps during the time I’m working. On slow days, I’m sure it is under 1000.

Once upon a time, when I was young and fit, I promised myself I would never weigh over 130 pounds. Some of those drugs I took made me creep up close to my top limit. A couple made me lose so much weight it was scary and I was nearly back to my too skinny high school days (back then, at 5’6” and 110 pounds I was a size 10). I wasn’t skinny in high school because of anything other than good genes and a better food source than what we have today.

My family didn’t do fast food. My mother cooked for us. We didn’t have a lot of prepackaged chemical crap sloshing its way across the table. What we had was real meat, veggies, fruits, dairy products, and never, ever mushy white bread. Back then cereals weren’t full of high fructose corn syrup and there wasn’t anything like Aspartame around and we never had Saccharin . We ate real food.

Oh, those were the good old days. The days of wine and roses or something like that. Really, it was just a more idyllic time.

But today I live in a world where genetically modified foods are everywhere. Today, the average American consumes over 50 pounds of high fructose corn syrup per year. It is difficult to find foods that are pure although if you can afford organic, you have a better chance of getting there.

I don’t remember exactly when I crept over the 130 pound mark. I don’t even know when I crept over the 140 pound mark. I do know that eventually I weighed more just standing around than I had when I was nine months pregnant. I also not only weighed more, but none of it was muscled and compact.

I was all the way up to a size 8, which is ludicrous. I weighed 35 pounds more than I did in high school, but wore a size smaller. That is why I cringe every time I hear that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12. When she wore a size 12, she was smaller than I am today wearing a size 4.

Yes, all this CrossFit has paid off, at least in part. Today, I weighed myself and I only have 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) to lose to get down to the weight that I swore would always be my point at which to stop eating. At least the plan was solid. It would have been easier to never have gotten puffy. It would have been easier to lose a pound or two instead of twenty.

I don’t diet. I have tried, instead, to eat clean. I try to stay away from packaged foods and I still rarely (very rarely) eat fast food – perhaps three times a year. But I love chocolate and potato chips and I don’t want to go to a Paleo diet.

I would like to weigh in at 125 and have some room to gain and wiggle before I hit that 130 mark from the other side. I know that with CrossFit weight isn’t supposed to be a big deal. Fit is the new skinny. But I don’t want to be skinny. I’m not looking for high school again. But I would like to have that body I used to have half a lifetime ago.


I’m disgruntled. I don’t know if I have ever been gruntled or what that would even mean, but I know that I’m disillusioned and disappointed with myself and my seeming lack of progress. I want more and I want it now and I am taking forever to improve and I used to be young and now I’m just old and slow.

I follow a number of CrossFit women’s blogs. They are all younger (okay, much younger) than me and it is amazing to see how much they can do and move and accomplish. It makes me, frankly, jealous. Most of them are young enough to be my daughters so, conversely, I’m old enough to be their mother. I don’t expect to be able to do as much as my own sons and neither of my daughters-in-law(ish) do CrossFit (routinely). But even if they did, they would either start out better than I am now, or soon outstrip me.

So why do I keep going back? Do I just love the humiliation of always having the fewest AMRAP reps or the longest RFT time? What am I doing at CrossFit?

Well, first of all, I hate the numbers. I hate being the most weenie person day after damn day. Newbies come in and whiz past me as I struggle with each and every thing we do. They are simply younger, stronger, fitter, more agile, and have more stamina than me.

Craig used to have something called Boot Camp where new people did four weeks of acclimation and learning about CrossFit and in that four week time would see marked improvements. They did the same WOD on the first and last day and could see how far they had come in just four weeks.

I’ve been doing this for eleven months. What has improved in all that time?

When I went to the first free Saturday class, I couldn’t finish the class. I was sitting on the sidelines before they even tried the burpees. I tried a band assisted pull-up and if Ryan hadn’t caught me, I would have done a slingshot move across the gym. I pretty much just sucked. Really sucked.

One of the flippant usual warm-up moves is lunge down the mat and it is just an off the cuff thing of no real concern. I couldn’t manage it. At first, I couldn’t even make it down the whole mat. Even with using a PVC pipe as a cane. I’ve done a lunge down the mat with a weight (admittedly it was only five pounds) and managed to not fall over. I can lunge down the mat doing passthroughs without even faltering.

When I first started, I couldn’t squat to parallel let alone break parallel and get ass to grass. And when I finally managed to get my fat ass down, I couldn’t get myself back up. I began trying to squat with a PVC pipe in the racked position all the way down to a 24″ box. And I lifted no iron and certainly there were no weights on my weight. I simply didn’t have the ROM or the strength.

Yesterday, I did a squat clean thruster with a full squat and coming overhead with a 32# bar. It isn’t earth shattering, but it is so much more than I could do when I started.

I could look back and see the first time I managed a lift with weights on my weight. I have a picture of me beaming with 42# held in a deadlift. I can back squat with 58# now. My deadlift max (from a few months ago) was 112#.

I had to start out with ring rows and could barely string a few together. I’m not really very good at band assisted pull-ups, but I have managed to string seven in a row, which was more than the number of ring rows I could do when I started.

My first “box jump” was onto a 25# plate. My last box jump was on a 12″ box with a bunch of plates stacked to 22″. My last missed box jump was at 23″ and my leg still hurts (which is probably a big reason why I’m so grumpy now – after more than a week, I want this boo-boo to be healed and unless I find a tent preacher, I’m not going to be healed any time soon).

I still can’t run for any distance. I can’t do anything that needs stamina. My heart rate goes too high too often. I am always the last, the slowest, the weakest, the oldest. It is humiliating. But, here’s the thing, even though it is taking me forever, when I look back on last August, before I joined CrossFit and started this insanity, I was in even worse shape.

Last August, I was fatter, less muscled, even weaker and slower, and had even less balance. Last August I kept listening to my sons and wishing I was their age and could do what they were doing.

I’m never going to be young again. I’m never going to progress at the same rate as those who are still young. I’m old and can’t give it much of an approvement rating except it beats the alternative. I move slower and unfortunately, I heal slower.

I’m ten pounds lighter than when I started. I’m two dress sizes smaller than when I started (those muscles just are sleeker than fat globs). I’ve got weights on my weights for most of my moves (snatch, I’m coming for you) and I have some goals.

I should go to an open gym and work on deadlifts because I’m sick of weeks on end of one move to the exclusion of everything else. I want to see if I can lift my own body weight yet. I really don’t care about Smolov or even Outlaw. I just want to keep getting better. I want to, someday, just jump up and grab the bar and do a pull-up like the big people do. I want to be able to be unashamed of the numbers on the white board. I don’t have a dream of ever Rxing anything, because I believe that is somewhat unrealistic at my age and fitness level. I waited too long to start this and I sat around doing nothing for too many years.

But there are things I believe I still can accomplish. And so I keep going back, over and over again. Even when I’m disappointed and disillusioned. It is the only way I’m going to get better. I won’t have to start over if I never quit.


All my ouchies are getting better by the day and so I am sleeping better by the night. But I’m still waking often with something causing me to flinch. I hope I’m well on my way to getting all better because I get really cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.

I saw the WOD yesterday and determined I could manage a scaled version and went to bed at dusk so I could wake up in the middle of the damn night and head to the box. That was my plan and I managed to make it happen.

Warm-up was a 250 meter row, lunge down the mat doing passthroughs, 200 meter row, 10 air squats, 150 meter row, 5 inchworm out to a push-up and come back, 100 meter row and 10 push-ups. I managed all that without beeping.

Well, the website is down so I have to try to remember what we did instead of copy and paste. My own web access was down and I had to reset everything this morning, too. I believe that was a terrible rain we had last night and it made all the interwebs cranky around here.

The WOD as remembered:
We spent 20 minutes to get a 3 rep max on squat clean thrusters.
10 min AMRAP
15 ring push-ups
10 paralette passthroughs
5 thrusters (135#/95#)

I don’t remember ever being able to do the squats with weights. I was finally getting to lower and lower boxes behind my fat ass to keep me from toppling over. I started with a PVC pipe today, moved to the 22# bar, added 2.5# to each side and managed to get three strung together. I went up to a 32# bar and managed to get one rep, but was too unsteady on my feet in the squat and with the weight overhead with the thruster.

I was determined to not fall on my still sore ass. While the road rash is healing, it is still painful if I sit wrong or wiggle wrong or do anything to make it come into contact with solid objects. Joe told me Gold’s Gym has some cream for this type of ouchie and informed me that men get it, too. I guess that is encouraging; this isn’t just because I’m old and have old people skin. Young men can also scrape their asses off doing sit-ups.

I have enough problem with just push-ups. I could have challenged myself and done them on dumbbells but I thought doing strict hand release push-ups would be challenge enough. I used 20″ boxes for the pass through things and had just the empty 22# bar for the thrusters. If you set the weight down, you had to start up again with a squat clean and I didn’t want to do any extras.

I managed the firsts 15 push-ups without stopping, then I had to kill myself with the passthrough things. I can go forward without much problem, but backwards isn’t working so well. I had to get my heart rate back to 150 so I could manage to do all 5 thrusters without an extra squat clean thrown in. I managed. I did 2 rounds and 12 and was dripping wet when I finished.

There are days when I am amazed at how far I’ve come and then there are days when I see that the road ahead is exponentially longer. I guess it just means there is still room for improvement.


I opted to not go to CrossFit today. I slept in. I might have changed my mind, but the WOD wasn’t posted when I last looked and I’m too battered from last week to trust that I won’t kill myself this week.

I looked this morning and I could have managed it in a scaled version, but it felt really good to sleep in this morning. So, I just missed a day. I haven’t done that without being sick before, in fact I’ve gone when I was too sick to be there. But, I’m burning myself out.

Instead, I took my now turning green bruised leg for a run/walk around the block. I didn’t time it and I didn’t wear the heart monitor. I ran to a point, walked until I could breathe again and ran some more. I would think I should stop running and then find a landmark some distance in front of me and run until I got there. I ran to the fire hydrant, then I was just going to make it to the stop sign but I could go to that mailbox. Then I ran to the boat and then the car blocking the sidewalk and then I ran to the finish line.

My own WOD:
Five rounds for time:
10 squats
10 push-ups

I really can do ten push-ups without resting, but not if I’ve done anything else prior to the push-ups. I had rested after my run/walk and thought I was good enough to go on this. I set the kitchen timer thing to 20:00 and began.

I got the first round of squats done and 7 push-ups before I was feeling like a rest. I finished that and began the next round and managed the squats and only 5 push-ups. I squeaked the rest out with yet another break and then had to rest before starting the squats. I did them and had to do three pieces, 4-3-3 on the push-ups. Then I had to rest again. I managed the squats again, but not as quickly and thought repeatedly how I should have put a headband on as sweat dripped into my eyes. I got through round four and really just wanted to power through but had to rest anyway. I got the squats done by repeating “Chest up” with each one and I really think that all 50 were done with the proper form. I had the weight on my heels and outside of my feet, kept my knees from falling in and made a real effort to not fold up like a cheap beach chair. I got five push-ups in before pausing, then two more and kept telling myself only three more, but I had to rest. I was done in 10:15.

I had sweat running down my face and spotting my glasses. I never wear my classes to CrossFit. I have my contacts in before leaving the house. But just here … I dripped all over.

There is a reason that boxes do not have ceramic tile on their floors. Well, they would shatter the first time someone dropped the bar but that’s not the reason I’m talking about. As I covered in glow and my hands got damp, they kept slipping on the ceramic tile. I know I did all my push-ups as hand release because that’s how I was taught. But at least five times I had to wipe my damp hands on my shorts to keep me from slipping on the floor.

I didn’t go to the gym but I didn’t blow the whole day off, either. The gym would have been okay. They did Smolov which wouldn’t have killed me and then did toes to bar and KB swings along with repeated runs. I may have scaled the reps and definitely would have scaled the weight, but it wouldn’t have hurt my boo-boos.

I got something done today so I shouldn’t be trying to crawl out of my skin. That’s the best I could manage.


I have been told that I am currently the oldest member of CrossFit Summerville. They have had older people there in the past, but they are no longer there. I don’t know if the owners care about why they left or not, but I have an inkling about perhaps maybe the reason they didn’t stay members.


CrossFit is for everyone and every workout is scalable (in theory). They have a mission to help those returning from service especially those with injuries and they work to get these injured people returned to as much of a full life as possible. So each workout is scalable. The premise is that although CrossFit is forging elite athletes and using all ten areas of fitness, they are also for everyman who isn’t an elite athlete and wants to get in some shape other than round.

CrossFit Hilton Head is one of the few boxes where I have seen WODs posted on their website with scaled versions incorporated into the offered WOD. I haven’t looked at every box in the country and haven’t even looked at 1% of them. But I have looked at boxes around me and around Hilton Head to find out what is available. I have also looked a couple in Ohio to see what is available near my sister.

IF CrossFit is scalable, why don’t more boxes actually scale their WODs and let the members pick their level. For me to have to beg for a scaled WOD each time I show up is both embarrassing and demeaning. I’m in the gym with people younger than my own children. I’m often more than twice as old as the people I’m working with. I have no idea why my heart rate is always so fast, but it is something I have to deal with every time I work out and it isn’t something to ignore.

The way I can scale is to keep cutting back on the weights for the Rx. Of course. I can’t even move the amount of weight that is listed let alone move it many times. But Craig doesn’t just drop the weight. For crap athletes, he also drops the reps. No one ever has to be embarrassed. They are LI which is at least a level.

I know in my soul that this is improving my overall strength, agility, ROM, and even endurance. I’m not going to turn into Ironman material but I’m not getting worse with each day. I know what I couldn’t even think of doing a year ago. I know where I was when I started this last September. I have weights on my weights for every lift except the snatch and I can probably do that next time we get to it. Whenever that may be.

But we are doing Smolov. So we spend three weeks on each move and we will see great improvement in that move after the three weeks. HA! I won’t. I’m not trying to be an Olympic weightlifter. I don’t mind practicing the moves repeatedly. But when my weight is so low to start, the various percentages aren’t increasing the weight for fewer lifts. They are just killing me at the beginning with the higher number of lifts. The difference of 5% of a low number is negligible. This is math, not strength.

I suppose I could go to the box during open gym and see what my max effort for a deadlift is now. The last time I did a deadlift, it was cold out there. It hasn’t been cold for a long time. But I did back squats for weeks on end and now will be doing push press for weeks. And then we will move to the next thing for weeks and more weeks and more weeks.

I can push press 42# and that’s it. 70% is 29.4 pounds which doesn’t exist in weights. 75% is 31.5 pounds which doesn’t exist. 80% is 33.6 and 85% is 35.7 while 90% is 37.8. I can get the bar to weigh 27, 32, 37, 42 pounds. So I can manage some of the weight changes, but I don’t have the incremental differences. There are five steps and I have three choices before I’m at my top weight. Smolov wasn’t designed for people like me. Period.

My box was doing Outlaw which is also not designed for people like me. I’m sure there are some people who completely enjoy this type of experience and they should have their day in the sun. There is no reason, however, to put the new to the box people and the old farts like me into this same category. There is a reason it NEEDS to be scalable. I’m not Outlaw or Smolov. I’m a Little Old Lady who wants to improve within her means and stay as strong and healthy as is possible for someone this age.

I didn’t go to the box today.

The WOD as written:
Strict Press – (Smolov Jr. week 1/ day 3)
8 x 4 @ 80%
rest 2 minutes between sets
Partner WOD:
AMRAP in 16 minutes
20 shoulder to overhead (95/65)
40 power cleans (95/65)
60 standing lunges (95/65)
200 meter run
The barbell cannot touch the ground for the entirety of the barbell portion(touch & go on power cleans).
The partners may switch back and forth any number of times and at any time to rest.
5 burpee penalty for barbell on the ground.
Lunges performed in the front rack position. Alternate legs.
Co-Ed teams may use 65# barbell but the female must complete 50% of the reps in each movement.

Partner WODs have defeated me before. I have mentioned this to Kim who has told me it is all scalable and I have mentioned that something like this is not and she had to agree. I have never lifted 65# over my head even once. The only 65# or greater I have ever done was a deadlift. I cannot (yet) move that much iron up and over and around and whatever else.

If I could have been certain that Carma or Sabre would show up at the box, I could have had another cretin weenie asshat like me there to move a much smaller weight around and we could have at least tried to accomplish this WOD. I have done partner WODs with both women and we are evenly matched and it was really fun. But what am I supposed to do when this is the task set before me and I am surrounded by people who can work with those weights?

Well, what I did was sleep in and skip going to the box. Well played, CrossFit Summerville. You win again.


Now if I was just given the chance

I don’t know exactly why I forgot to sleep much last night, but I did. My leg would hurt and then I was worried about Morgan’s birthday cake and I’m not sure how to make it OR how to transport it should I figure out how to make it. She wants a Barbie doll in the cake with the cake as the doll’s dress. I even had a cake like that when I was three or so. I don’t know who made it but I think it was Bert. I have no idea how it got to Aunt Kathy’s house, either. And it wasn’t a Barbie because I’m older than that.

Whatever it was that kept me from sleeping, it worked. I was sound asleep when the alarm went off and it was very difficult to drag my fat ass out of bed and get moving. But I did.

I looked at the WOD last night and practiced a few moves to see if it was going to hurt my ouchie leg where I missed the box jump on Tuesday. I tried a few jumps and I ran a little bit and it seemed okay. So I knew I was good for the box in the morning so I went to the box in the morning.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run and I could do that. Coach Kim put the ten parallettes out in a row and then on the other side of the gym she had ten cones. We were to jump over the parallettes and then run back and forth through the cones first facing front, then facing toward the east and then toward the west. Now THAT hurt my leg. I could do a small jump straight up and down, but higher jumps hurt and I know even changing direction walking hurts. I rowed while they all did this stuff and kept myself warm because we wouldn’t want me to cool down.

We then did that same stretch as Tuesday and I think she called it a Samson stretch. And then we ended with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Spending 15 minutes practicing double unders
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
Double Unders
AbMat Sit Ups
Anvil Standards for Rx Sit Up:
Both hands touching the ground behind your head.
Both hands touching the ground beyond the end of your toes. Not touching your toes or the ground outside your feet. Soles of the feet touching and knees dropping to the side.
Must use AbMat.

I knew that the first time I missed a double under and whipped myself across my scrape/bruise that I would burst into tears and go home. I have never done a double under in my life and figured I wasn’t going to get one today. I did some jumping just to keep from cooling down.

I’ve looked and people who think they can force folks to do double unders by punishing them more for single unders are, in fact, upping the ante and insisting that 4:1 is a good ratio because “it will force you to do double unders and you will thank us later” and all that shit.

Part the reason I didn’t sleep last night was double unders. I decided I really could, if I really had to, do a 3:1 ratio. It would be 450 jumps and 150 sit-ups total and I might be able to get that done. But no! We do 4:1 because it will help me have a heart attack and die and that will make me grateful later or something like that. Well, I wasn’t doing 600 jumps. So, if I had to write scaled next to the already humiliating single unders anyway, fuck it. I opted to do 300 jumps and 150 sit-ups.

Perhaps they believe all jocks are really stupid or something, but I come to the box to get better, not to kill myself. Perhaps I’m the only old person doing CrossFit, but I know that is a lie because Craig has people older than me at his box. He also has a 3:1 ratio and already scales his WODs to three levels or more.

Martin finished first and could do the double unders without problem. He is probably in his early 20s and Alysha tried double unders and got some but not all. She could do twice the number and count her single unders as one each and then throw in a double under every third or fourth jump which didn’t seem like good math to me. Ricky did double unders, Todd did 4:1 single unders. Danielle, the lady who tried to pass out on Tuesday had breakfast today and she did a 2:1 ratio, just like me. I finished in 15.23.

I have road rash on my ass from 150 sit-ups and my leg is on fire right now. But I got through it. There are just days when I feel like I’m being set up for failure rather than being encouraged to grow. This is one of those days. Perhaps I’m missing something and the afternoon classes are chuck full of elite athletes who can do all sorts of powerful and masterful stuff.

I know it is all scalable. Today I scaled for myself and may have overachieved on the scaling. I worked really hard so I don’t know why I’m so ticked off, but I am.


CrossFit Summerville had a website again last evening so I could look at the WOD. Either I’m getting better or more used to not being able to do much because I looked at it and promptly let it go rather than obsessing about it all night long.

Either way, I knew I was going to the box today so why worry. I felt like Alfred E. Neuman. At least I didn’t feel like that pointy hatted spy guy. I was up at the crack of before even dawn and went off to the box.

Warm-up was a 800 meter run. For those of you who don’t speak meters, that’s a half mile. I can’t really run 400 meters. My plan was to go out until the last person passed me coming back and then turn around at that point. I might have got a 600 meter run/walk in, but I did have to walk part of that. I’m just pitiful at this running shit. Next was ten air squats with holding for a count of three at the bottom of the squat. Then lunge down the mat getting a good stretch in the hip flexors. Broad jump back down the mat and land in a deep squat, which would have made me fall on my ass. I did the best I could and 2/3 of the way down I was beeping like crazy and had to wait. Then get into a move that looked sort of like a fencing lunge but with hands held overhead and locked and hold for 30 seconds and alternate front legs and hold for 30 seconds.

The WOD as written:
Collect 10 minutes in the bottom of a squat.
Spend 15 minutes finding your max jump height.
Standing jump from two feet (no running start, drop step, etc.) landing on object with two feet and showing control on top with hips and knees extended.
4 rounds for time:
10 ground to overhead (135/95)
1 parking lot sprint (front edge of sign)

Too deep in the squat and my knee hurt. Just breaking parallel was more muscles in my thighs screaming. I could hold for about 20 seconds at a time and accumulated about 5 minutes and a piss poor attitude.

I don’t know what my max height for a box jump was. I think it was the short box and two 25 pound plates which is 16 inches. It might have had a ten pound on top. Today, I inched my way to 22″ jump and wanted the 23″ so bad. But instead, I have a scraped and bruised shin. I also have a new PR for this move, so it isn’t all bad.

For the WOD itself I used 32# and had to build my little towers to get the bar to the right height. Still no plywood cutouts because it is a good idea. CrossFit Hilton Head had all sorts of good ideas and I try my damnedest to get CrossFit Summerville to use some of them. No luck so far. More’s the pity.

So I built my little towers but I had them too close together and the bar fell off at one point and clunked me in my bruised and scraped shin and I didn’t swear like a sailor because I could hardly breathe. Lucky other people at the box. It was a pretty full class today. Ed, Ricky, Todd, Cindy, and me were all looking pretty bad by the end.

I could never do more than four grounds to overhead before beeping. I walked the parking lot sprint right up until the last bit and ran in on the final round and had a time of 15.18 and felt pretty good about the whole thing.

I’m home now with ice on my arm and my leg letting me know I was a dimwit for even trying that last jump. I was too afraid and probably held back in fear just enough to miss the step. 22″ isn’t bad for someone who had never gotten away from the baby box. At least tomorrow is rest day for me, so I have a little time for this leg to get really sore.


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