The WOD for today wasn’t posted before I fell asleep last night. I don’t know why I was so tired, but I was and so I slept blissfully unaware of the fresh new hell waiting for me today. The alarm went off and I went to see what I would be doing.

As I shoved my fat ass out of bed, I noticed my arm was hurting. I stumbled to Command Central and powered up the computer so I could see what was ahead. It was all arms. I was still tired. I told myself I could just skip today and go tomorrow. Then inside my head was this little argument with myself. If I was going to skip a day, it should not be after I already woke up. But my arm is already sore. I stumbled back toward the bedroom and before I even got to the living room, I knew I was going to the box today and tomorrow. I can rest my arm on my sister vacation.

Warm-up was a 200 meter run and 250 meter row in any order and there were six of us and five rowing machines. I rowed first and then ran while everyone else did the opposite. That way it worked. I got back to the box to see we would do lunge down the mat with passthroughs. Then ten thrusters with a PVC pipe and then dislocates. Then ten good mornings. We did some stretches and rolled out our arms for a few minutes, too.

The WOD as written:
The Thruster
Spend 20 minutes working on the thruster. You may power clean the bar to get into the front rack position. Focus on your form on the descent into the bottom of the front squat portion of the movement and the powerful launch out of the bottom through the transition to the overhead extension. If you cannot reach full depth in the squat, do not add weight. Once you have shown the coach proficiency in the movement, work to a 3 rep max.
AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
200 meter run
6 power cleans (135/95)
10 abmat sit-ups

Even during the warm-up I was getting dizzy and lightheaded. It wasn’t that hot this morning and although it is muggy, it isn’t any worse than it has been. It rained again during the night but I didn’t see any steam rising yet. But I kept feeling dizzy anyway.

I began with the baby bar to work on just form and then managed my 22# bar with a 3 rep max at that weight. It isn’t all that much, but I couldn’t full squat with a bar at all before, so I’m getting there. My right knee would come in and I would concentrate on maintaining that and then my elbows would drop. There is just so much I can focus on at a time. I would work on my elbows and then come out on my toes. By the end, it was better but still not poetry in motion or anything.

For the AMRAP I did parking lot runs, used a 27# bar and did sit-ups. We did not have to break parallel so I could manage a bit more weight. I’m glad I didn’t try going to 32# because my arm is cranky with just this weight.

I really ran the parking lot the first time and managed the six clean before beeping. I had to rest before sit-ups and went through those quickly. But I walked the parking lot so I would have enough heart rate left to make the six cleans without stopping. That worked. Time marched on. I finished the fourth round and was out for my stroll through the parking lot. One minute left as I reached the farthest point out. I ran back and cranked out the cleans before time was up. The last one was pitiful but I took it. I have no idea what my heart rate was at the end. I wasn’t having any problems so I just figured I could rest after the clock stopped. My score was 4+7.

I did notice that when I got finished creating a beautiful sweat angel and finally opened my eyes, that Kim was standing right there just in case. But I was fine – except for, you know, my arm hurts.