I looked at the WOD last night when it finally posted and just about cried. Then I thought that I really didn’t have to do this at all. Then I thought about how it was Thursday and I go to the box on Thursday.

This is so outside my comfort zone, I really don’t know where to go with this. So I went with the magic. I set my alarm.

At least it was in the low 70s this morning. But it was rainy and steamy and humid and still not exactly perfect weather for a relaxing workout. I put the first load of laundry into the washer and took off for the box and figured they were just going to have to deal with me. I pay my dues and it is all scalable.

Warm-up was an 800 meter run. I cannot go that far. Well, I can. I can’t run that far and they would all be waiting for me back at the box. I did about a 500 meter run/walk and I really ran more than I walked. I barely beat Ricky back to the box.

Then we did ten cherry pickers, lunge down the mat, and dislocates and passthroughs. Then we did the backwards passthroughs. We worked on some shoulder stretches for about ten minutes.

The WOD as written:
Spent 30 minutes learning the various rope climbing techniques and strength building exercises and practicing your skills.
AMRAP in 3 minutes
Burpee Rope Climbs – RX is touching the metal trusses.
If you cannot RX, substitute jumping up as high as possible and grabbing the rope with your hands and locking the rope with your feet showing you have your weight in your feet and not in your hands.  Then dismount and drop for the burpee.

We started with strict pull-ups and I used a green band. I just had a massage yesterday. What used to hurt didn’t hurt, but it moved to a different part of my upper arm. I think it is my biceps that is hurting today. I could do ring rows without a problem but pull-ups hurt even doing one. I could hang from the bar and lift my knees to waist height without a problem.

We moved to the ropes and I can lace the rope around my foot, but I can’t seem to find the anchor position with my other foot. I’m completely uncoordinated and have no idea how to master this one. I guess I just have to practice. I tried several times and I can’t find the place for my other foot.

For the WOD, there were four ropes and five people. Ricky can really climb a rope. Todd and Cindy could grab the rope and lace their feet. They went first and did their three minutes. Then Sonja and I went. She could also grab the rope and lace it through her feet. I had to do lay on the ground, pull my ass up and down, get back up to do a burpee and then back to the ground to do a pseudo climb. At least it didn’t hurt my arm.

I did the first four burpees jumping out and back, the last three I did with walking them out and back. I had to rest a few seconds after the fourth round, making the walking thing a better option. I would only need about five seconds to get low enough for another round so that worked.

My score was 14 which was so much better than I thought I could do. I thought I could do nothing.

I need to have more faith in myself. It all looks so impossible when I see it written out. I know it is all scalable, but it is also all scary.

There was magic today. I didn’t wimp out. I went, I did stuff.