I really intended to get to the box yesterday, but I just couldn’t manage to make myself go. I was still trying to recover from the wonderful weekend of I CAN Games. So, I skipped a day. The WOD wasn’t posted the night before, at least not before I fell asleep. I woke up at exactly 5.15 anyway without an alarm clock. I momentarily thought about going and didn’t.

When I looked at the WOD, it was all rowing. Well, after the skill anyway.
High Bar Back Squat 6 x 6 @ 70% of 1RM and then

15 rounds of rowing for calories:
30 seconds on (max effort)
90 seconds off (55% max effort)

Try to match the calories of each max effort period with the following rest period.

When I saw that, I thought I should have dragged my sorry butt out of bed and gone. When I arrived today, I saw another line added to the WOD. The number of calories would then be the number of squats performed. Glad I didn’t go.

There was a line of thunderstorms that snuck in here last evening. It rained a bit and at 3.10 AM there was a beautiful lightning show out there that was quite impressive. I would have preferred sleeping at that time of day, but that’s what I got.

The alarm went off, I got up, and out the door. I got to the box. Coach Jason had done the 5 AM class and Candace and Becca were both there. Ricky had a race in Colorado over the weekend and just flew back home last evening and did not show up at all. I was the only person there which meant I had everything tailored to Little Old Lady.

Warm-up was a parking lot sprint, ten sit-ups, parking lot spring, lunge down the mat, ten good mornings and dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
The Pendlay Row – (watch the demo video)
4 x 5 heaviest possible with great form
2 minutes of ME ring dips
AMRAP in 6 minutes of:
    25 double unders
10 burpees
2 minutes of ME pull-ups

I was thinking the Pendlay thing was more like a deadlift and was putting out weight. Coach said it was a heavy lift using only the arms. The weight gets heavy fast. If you do too much weight, you starting moving your core and lifting with more than arms which isn’t the correct move. I just did a 33# bar and might have managed a 42# setup but didn’t feel compelled to try.

I used a 24″ box and did dips with that. Coach built in a minute rest period before starting the AMRAP. I asked, because this just bugs the hell out of me, who decided that at CrossFit Summerville the ratio is 4:1 for singles to double unders. He didn’t know, but guessed it was Kim and Ryan themselves. I looked this up last night. Everyplace, not just CrossFit Hilton Head, say the ratio is 3:1. I have enough trouble. Coach said he thought it might be because they really want me to do double unders and not the singles. I really would like to do them, too. Unfortunately, I still trip over the rope doing singles.

I also switched out the burpees and put in push-ups because why the hell not. Kim has done that for me in the past. Since there is no scaling on the board, I pretty much do what I can and make shit up as I go.

Coach said to do ring rows instead of the pull-ups. So I was set with that. He also built in a minute rest between the AMRAP and the ring rows.

So I managed 41 of those dippy things, two rounds of AMRAP with my heart rate going crazy most of the time even with the rest for 70, and then 19 ring rows for a total 130.

I’m glad I went because it always feels better to burn some stress off, but I know I didn’t really max out today on effort. Next time will have to be better.