I have gotten to the stage of incessantly itching and my sunburn is completely in places I can’t reach or it wouldn’t be burned in the first place. I’m losing my mind. I was up at 2 AM again itching like a maniac and scratching too much. I attempted to put some lotion on and it helped a little, but I was still only thinking of scratching. So  I got up and played Boggle for an hour. When the alarm went off, it was really difficult to get out of bed.

Last night, Dick told me it was supposed to rain all night and be careful in the morning. If the roads were flooded, I should use good sense and not be a total jock (maybe that was jerk). But since I was up in the middle of the night, I knew it hadn’t rained, or at least not much. So I knew it was safe to head out.

I actually got my real shoes on today, although I couldn’t really tie up the left one tightly. So I hit the box with determination and tired eyes. Warm-up was 15 times running up and down the mat or run outside in the light rain. I chose to stay inside. Then lunge down the mat and I could actually do it today without undue stress. Broad jump down the mat but when Ed slipped (he didn’t run in the rain either) we all decided that before we got hurt, we needed to stop that. Five squats because we were already half way down the mat and then ten cherry pickers. End with dislocates and passthroughs.

The rest of the warm-up was practicing the moves for the WOD. So we did ten wall balls, ten KB swings, ten box jumps, but only five push press. We did not practice with the row. As we warmed up, we were also setting up. Today, I used a ten pound medicine ball and did better with it than the last time I tried. I used a 15 pound dumbbell for the KB swing because the ten is too light and the 25 is too heavy. I used the 12 inch box with a 25 pound plate on top and for the warm-up I actually jumped, although during the WOD I did step ups. I used just a 22 pound bar for the push press.

The WOD as written:
Fight Gone Bad! (with a swing!)
1 minute of work at each station / 3 rounds / 1 minute rest between rounds
Wallballs 20/14#
Kettlebell Swing 24/16 kg.
Box Jump 20″
Push Press 75/55#
Row for Calories

We had six people there and only five rowing machines, so we had the three boys start with rowing and end with wall balls while the three girls began with the wall balls and ended with the rowing.

When I saw this last night, I tried to figure the best strategy. Do I work for 30 seconds and rest for 30? Should I do 15 on and 15 off twice? Should I just stop when my heart rate gets too high? I couldn’t decide what was best even as I was setting up.

First round I managed 15 wall balls, but my heart rate was okay and then it was 170 so it wasn’t registering correctly. I did five and five on the KB swings with a rest in the middle and got my heart rate back under 160 before the step-ups started, but I was beeping at 7 and pushed through to ten. I did the push press in two bursts and then rowed it out and rested for a minute. Each row did seven calories.

Second round I decided to just do ten of each move and still divided the push press. I was going to add three to the push press so I could get 50 for the round, but I just didn’t have it. I should have done it on the step-ups, but I didn’t think of it soon enough. Last round I did that and got 50 for that round. I was thinking that would get me to 150 because I wasn’t adding in my head correctly. I could have got one more move someplace had I been adding right. But I ended with a 149 score. I also beeped through most of the WOD, but could manage.

Since we still had time left for the day, there was an optional tabata we could participate it. I hate them when they are the WOD. It was all abs and I was hot and tired. I opted to cheer on those who chose to do this and bask in the knowledge that I could do so without doing it myself. Todd had to get ready for work so I said I would drive Cindy home. The other three also did the tabata, but Cindy ended up with a boo-boo. She dropped out after round three of the first set. We still stayed and cheered on Candace, Ed, and Ricky. Those folks rock.