My sunburn is to the point of itching incessantly. I was up for way too long in the middle of the night trying to not scratch and make it bleed or really, really hurt. It is now to the place where it is much less painful, but still a bit ouchie if too much pressure is applied. When I tried on my real shoes this morning, it still hurt my foot too much to even walk.

I have some old shoes that worked, but they are rockers and so I could walk and run in them, but they sucked for lifting. I knew I was going to be in my stocking feet for much of the day.

Warm-up was a 400 meter run and I did about 250 or 275 – whatever it is to go through the Midas parking lot and not turn back at the water meter. It is more, but I don’t know how much more. I rested until everyone else was back which wasn’t very long. Next was lunge down the mat and I could almost get my left knee to the mat so it worked pretty good. Ten cherry pickers followed. Then we worked on each of the separate pieces to a snatch with ten reps of each move – the shrug, the elbow bend, then simply to overhead, and then dropping under the bar. All done with PVC pipes. Then we did dislocates and passthroughs to finish.

Since today was a skill day with no WOD written in, we spent the next 15 minutes on stretching for the skill.

The WOD as written:
High Hang Snatch (at hip)
– Work up to a heavy weight before going into the working sets. Take no more than 3 attempts at a maximum weight.
Wide Stance Snatch – work up to a 1 rep max.

I worked for a while with the sand filled pipe and Cindy said we should try some fishing lure weights mixed with sand to get it to ten pounds. That would be so wonderful. To go from 3.2 pounds to 22 pounds is simply too much of a jump. It would be beneficial for me, of course, but if they have some young teens or preteens in the CrossFit Kids, a ten pound bar would probably work for some of them, too.

I can do a snatch with the 3.2 bar, but I have so much trouble with weight on an overhead squat that the snatch is still out of reach for me – with the equipment available.

I got the 22 pound bar and just tried the shrug and elbow thing and moving it to overhead was possible, but squatting with it was not.

I went back to the beginning and got a 20 inch box and squatted just to that while holding the bar overhead. I could manage that for a few reps. I need to keep me knees strong and not let the right one fall in. I worked on that. It got better.

I got the 12 inch box and put two 25# plates on it and squatted to that. Harder, but still able to manage that much depth. So I took off one 25# plate and added a 10# plate. I managed a couple reps at that depth, too. My arms were getting tired, the time was running out and I was a bit wobbly on the last couple squats. I didn’t try with just the 25# plate.

I know this is a difficult move. I will really get it mastered eventually. Today, I did all I could and saw some improvement. I would love to be fit, strong, agile, balanced – healthy. I hope I didn’t wait too long. I believe I’m getting fitter, stronger, more agile, and better balanced, so the only thing to do is keep going back and keep working. So, I guess that’s what I will do.