I looked at the WOD for today and noticed it was going to involve shoes and I’m still quite red, but just on one foot. (Well, my back looks awful, but just in streaks.) I looked at it and thought I could just not go. I told myself I could just not do this. I have an ouchie and I can get a pass.

I was so thirsty yesterday that I drank more and more and more and then some more so I figured I would be up all night peeing, but I evidently needed all the water because I didn’t wake up all night. So that excuse wouldn’t have worked either.

Anyway, like any good jock, I just set the alarm because I go to the box on Tuesday and so I needed to go to the box today. I figured I would show up and do my best. I wore some different not real workout shoes today hoping that would help. I mentioned that it was difficult to row barefoot and Kim agreed with me. The shoes I was wearing made it possible, but not as nice as my real shoes.

Warm-up was a run so I rowed and tried it out. My not burnt foot kept slipping out of the shoe, but my burnt foot was doing okay. So I knew this would work. Next was ten air squats and that was fine. Then, broadjump down the mat and even the idea of really leaping on that foot made me wince. I did a lunge down the mat sort of thing but I really lunged with left foot forward, but my left knee couldn’t get to the mat because that makes my ankle bend and my sore toes bend and it wasn’t pretty but I made it without weeping. Then dislocates and passthroughs and that worked okay. Lock the bar out overhead and lunge down the mat which was the same awkward left knee not getting to the mat move. Hold the PVC pipe overhead and ten squats.

Today’s WOD sounded dirty and I didn’t look up any movies because I wasn’t going to show up so I really had no idea what I was doing today.

The WOD as written:

Heaving Snatch Balance

15 minutes to work up to a 1 rep max.


5 Rounds for time:

Run 400 meters

15 Overhead Squats 95/65#

Heaving snatches just sounds like something from an adult movie. But it isn’t. The bar starts out like a high back squat, but you heave it overhead while you drop under it into a full squat. We practiced with a PVC pipe for a few minutes and then the clock started. I had the baby 3.2# sand filled PVC pipe and could manage that. Next step up is 22# bar and I could dip and drop, but I wasn’t anywhere close to full squat. I practiced the move and still had noodle arms on some of the reps, but could fully lock out on others. I never broke parallel, but I might have gotten closer.

I had to really talk to myself on this. I know that I could have scaled this but today, a scale would have been cheating. If I had actually been able to run, I would have only done 200 meters because I can’t run 400 meters anyway and then do something afterwards would have been impossible. But I was rowing. To replace a 400 meter run with a row, you do 500 meters. Just yuck. No one was watching me. I could “scale” to just 400 meters on the row. My tired side said this. My jock side said it wouldn’t be “scale” it would be “cheat” and I don’t want to be a cheater.

I rowed the 500 meters, but I never once liked it. I was doing overhead squats with the just the baby 3.2 pound bar. For three of the rounds I started beeping and had to pause. On the last two rounds, I played smarter. For the last 50 meters of the row, I slowed down instead of speeding up and let my heart rate drop a bit. I was still beeping, but managed all 15 reps without too much problem. I finished in 22.11.

I did well over 100 squats today and only got dizzy one time which is really great. I kept my eyes shut for most of the squats and that seems to help a little.

I’m so glad I went. But I really had to go, it is Tuesday.