So, I found these cute little 1″ clips and thought I could maybe turn a PVC pipe into a pseudo-bar and add just five pounds to each side and finally have a ten pound bar. But, I forgot to bring them to the box on Thursday and so I had to wait. I put them IN the car so I didn’t have to remember them at 5.45 when I am spectacularly less that fully alert.

I tried to use them with a PVC pipe and the plastic is just a bit more than 1″ in diameter so they won’t work. Next plan is to take the clips to Lowe’s and see if they will work with a 1″ dowel rod and then I can really have a usable bar that will give me some flexibility. Right now, until I can manage a 42# repeat lift, I have to build little towers for my bar. But if I could put ten pound plates on the end of a dowel rod and have them stay, I would have a 20# bar of the right height. I sure hope this works. I was building little towers two days in a row now.

I looked and since it is Friday, today is Partner WOD day and there was a bit of pause as I studied it. There was simply no way. But they keep saying there is always a way. So I asked if there was a way that I simply couldn’t see. Well, there was a way for me to scale the WOD, of course. There just wasn’t any way for me to do a partner WOD.

Our warm-up was a 200 meter run and then lunge down the mat and I figured out how I bruised my knees. It isn’t the burpees, I hit the mat on my lunges a little aggressively sometimes. Who knew? Then ten air squats, bear crawl down the mat, ten cherry pickers, and end with dislocates and passthroughs. We then did ten minutes of stretches of choice.

The WOD as written:
Partner WOD Friday!
– 5 minute AMRAP:
5 Med ball Tosses to partner 20/14# (Partners will be 20′ apart)
50′ Partner Wheelbarrows (Partner 1 down mats, Partner 2 back)
– 200 meter run with barbell 135/95
– 5 minute AMRAP:
Ground to Overhead 135/95
– 200 meter run with barbell 135/95
– 5 minute AMRAP:
5 Med ball Tosses to partner 20/14# (Partners will be 20′ apart)
50′ Partner Wheelbarrows (Partner 1 down mats, Partner 2 back)
During the Med ball tosses, if the ball touches the ground, there will be an immediate penalty of 10 Burpees.

The score will be the total number of reps accumulated in all 3 AMRAPs.

My issue was throwing the med ball, lifting the weight, running with a weight … well, I had many issues. But how to deal with the wheelbarrow thing? I just knew I didn’t know enough. So when I asked, I got an answer.

Med ball toss against the wall, bear crawl down the mat, parking lot sprint, weight of choice.

I tried a ten pound med ball and couldn’t make the distance. I’m so glad I stuck with the baby ball because even with that I was beeping. Then bear crawl down the mat and I made 23 on the first five minute AMRAP.

The 200 meter run was with the partners carrying one bar in whatever manner they chose. I therefore used half the weight of my bar for my parking lot sprint/stroll.

I asked Coach Jason if I could throw in a one minute rest after the “run” and before the next AMRAP. He didn’t care cuz it was my time. I managed 30 ground to overheads in my five minutes and was pleased with that and then did another parking lot stroll and one minute rest.

On the last AMRAP, I got three complete rounds with five second left and a heart rate of 165 so I had to be happy there. My score was 71 in 20.25.

There were two other teams. Cindy and Todd got 69 which is really funny for the married couple. Candace and Ricky did really great together, but Ricky couldn’t put Rx down because they used a 14# med ball and guys were supposed to use 20#.

The 5 AM class only had three people there and they all worked as a team. We had five people and I knew I was working alone. We had two men and two women, but the married couple prefers working together so there was that to contend with.

Partner WODs need to have larger pools of people for the partners so that like-skilled people can work together. I’m still unhappy with these, but not nearly as unhappy as before. I feel sorry for anyone stuck with me and we have said they all have to play Pass the Patti and the loser gets me for a partner. It is funny, yet it does make me feel sad. I’ve never been the booby prize before and it isn’t a great feeling.

Today I worked really hard and was covered in glow so much it was dripping everywhere. Now, for a couple days of rest before I’m back at the box. Maybe some of my bruises will fade by then.