I had a nice long weekend and ended up eating way too much junk. It was great. I had cake three days in a row and I usually have cake no days in a row. We went to two parties and celebrated the freedoms provided by those who served their country in the armed forces. Semper fi.

I was unable to sleep in on any of the four days I was off so I was sound asleep when the alarm clock went off this morning. Of course. I mean, why not? But I dragged myself out of bed and got to the box for fun and games.

Warm-up was a 500 meter row and then ten air squats and inchworm down the mat with a push-up at the bottom. Grab a PVC pipe and do ten dislocates and then lock it overhead with arms fully extended (like in a snatch) and lunge down the mat. I was dizzy at the end of the mat. This should have been a sign. I’ve been doing this without being dizzy for a while. Then we did passthroughs and started the WOD. However, Coach Kim suggested we roll out our triceps on the bar before starting. I love doing that.

The WOD as written:
Front Squat
3 sets of 5 reps – heavy
For time:
Snatch 115/85#
Wall Ball 20/14#

I looked last night and my max lift on a front squat was 37# and that was one rep. I asked Kim where she thought I should start. I took my shoes off so I could keep me toes up and my weight on my heels. I led with my butt going down and with my arms coming up. I kept my feet in the right place and my back was straighter and my arms were high. I was only using a 22# and did five okay. I rested a minute and did them again and it was still okay. Although we weren’t supposed to be adding weight, I did. I put on five more pounds and did the last five with 27#. My arms were shaking when I set the bar back on the rack, but I did them.

So, the weights for the WOD are simply out of my league – for now. With everything involving up and down movements, I said to Kim that if I got too dizzy I would just stop. She said if I got dizzy to just do dips and do a snatch press and push press with the wall balls. I really wanted to do the moves, since my weight is nothing. I have a 3.2 pound PVC pipe and a 4 pound wall ball.

I also lowered the reps by three for each round so I did 18 – 12 – 6 for my reps. I got the first round done doing full squats with both moves but by the end, I was really getting dizzy and had to sit. I did three more snatches and had to sit. I did three more and had to walk outside in case I puked. I did deep breathing and managed to calm my spinning head. It was while promenading in the parking lot that it dawned on me that my left ear has been plugged up all weekend and it might be affecting my equilibrium which is iffy at best.

I went back in and picked up my little pipe and did dips instead of squats. I should have done nine more at the end, but I didn’t think of it until after I had been sitting around breathing heavy for a few minutes. But with the modified move, I really could have managed nine more reps of each. But I finished out my third round at 13.15. Not my best day at the box, but not my worst either. So I’m happy with myself for at least showing up.