We went out to a wine tasting last evening and I had only one glass but some extra snacks that were quite tasty. I tried to find the WOD on my phone on the way home, but it wasn’t showing up and so I had to patiently wait to look.

I have decided to start looking at them all as a challenge and realize that I’m more powerful than I give myself credit for being. I keep going back and I keep improving. These WODs aren’t insurmountable. I can do this. I know because I keep doing it.

But once again I had to watch a movie to see what in the hell I was going to be doing. With a name like man maker, I assumed it would be horrible. After looking at the movie, I decided I was doing this without weights because lunging with weights is how I hurt my knee and it is 95% better now, but still not perfect.

So the first thing we did was a 400 meter run which I can’t do so I did a 200 meter run and got back and panted like a lizard on a hot rock and was trying to recover before the 400 meter people returned. I did that recovery thing and then we did lunge down the mat and I managed to make the whole way without beeping. Ten cherry pickers and then inchworm down the mat with a push-up at the bottom. When we broad jump down the mat, Ricky can make it like five or six huge jumps or something ridiculous while it takes me twice as many jumps. Even though he is taller, he doesn’t have the same flexibility as this old broad. So on these, I can beat him because I can really get my feet up to my hands since the one thing I still have is some flexibility. It always cracks me up to have something or anything that I’m not the worst at. So I love this one. We ended with dislocates and passthroughs.

We then went through ten reps of each of the separate movements included in a snatch using just PVC pipes.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 minutes working on Snatch Technique.
6 rounds for Time:
Run 200m
5 man makers
– Pick a DB weight that will be challenging.

I worked a bit with a sand filled PVC pipe and got to feeling centered. I tried just an overhead squat with the bar. I managed one. I tried more and was falling apart. I repositioned my feet and worried about them and my arms got all noodly, which is now a term, and I couldn’t manage the squat. So I pushed up on the bar while squatting with my feet in the right place and I eventually got three reps in a row, so I managed Monday’s skill.

Our man makers were with dumbbells of weight of choice and I choose 5#, but had 3# ones close by just in case. I never used them. It was from an upright position, jump to a plank with hands on the barbells. Full push-up with chest to floor. On the plank portion, lift one weight to armpit and back down, another push-up, pickup the other weight, jump back in, rise and bring the weights to shoulders as you do a squat, rise up and push the weights overhead. Repeat.

I started out with a 200 meter run/walk, but I was walking for half the distance to try to keep my heart rate under 155 so I could actually do some of that shit when I got back. I managed one full rep and was beeping. I rested, did a second rep, was beeping. I said to Coach Kim that I was going to have to rest after each movement, she said just do three. I said something about the run and she said just do a parking lot sprint. Well, hell. I could manage a parking lot walk and on the way out it had to be really slow because my heart rate was too high after the man maker.

I had four more man makers things to do when it hit me that I was doing an extra push-up with each one. I would push-up, pick up the right weight, push-up, pick up the left weight, push-up and then walk back in. Damn. I stopped that shit as soon I realized I was cheating by doing more. What a dumb way to cheat.

For the last four rounds I did manage 1.5 man makers, rest, 1.5 and then parking lot thing. I finished up in 19.03.

I have a bruised left knee and I have no idea when that happened. It looks much better with all the dirt, grime, and sweat showered off. And, just in case it matters, I did check in the shower, and those did NOT make me turn into a man.