So, after bragging that I usually know what the words mean now, when the WOD went up I had to go and find a video to find out what in the hell I was supposed to be doing. That will teach me.

I believe that I have now found the culprit, but there was something beeping three beeps about every hour to ninety minutes last night. The first time I barely heard it. The second time I thought it might be the fire alarm but it was too soft and it quit. The third time I was just pissed. The fourth time I finally was going to go over there to the other side of the room and track it down, but I looked at the clock (finally) and saw it was 5.06. I had nine more minutes to sleep so I figured it wasn’t going to wake me up again.

I have my heart monitor and pedometer over in a basket in the sitting room part of the master suite. I assumed it was one of those things beeping but I really need my heart monitor. I can’t figure out how to not break the thing and still get a battery in there. I know where to take it, but they don’t open until ten so that even though I pass it on my way to work, they aren’t open yet. I didn’t care if the pedometer didn’t have a battery.

After getting back home and putting Dick on beep patrol to figure out which thing it was, I thought I should make sure it isn’t the netbook sitting over there. It was turned off and so shouldn’t beep. But there was a cordless phone and its battery was drained. I tried a different plug and it seems that the rechargeable battery stopped charging. Problem solved. Why didn’t this happen during the day time?

So, I was awake (sort of)  and got to the box and got myself signed in even though the screen had gone dark and I wasn’t sure what to touch to make it come back to life because I can’t afford Apple products. I now know what is safe to touch to reanimate the screen.

Our warm-up was a 500 meter row and my rower was on some funky screen and I was the last to start and so really the last to finish. Then ten cherry pickers, ten squats, and then …. Roxanne burpees. What, you ask is that? Well, Joey thought it would be fun to play Roxanne by Sting and do a burpee every time the name is said. When they strung them all together, I did every other one and was still huffing and puffing like the old lady I am.

I guess it was fun and it was certainly different but I’m all good without ever doing it again.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 minutes working on One-Armed Push up Progressions.
– Demo video here.
12 Minute AMRAP:
10 Evil Wheels 135/95#
10 Single-leg Deadlifts 135/95#
Parking Lot Sprint


One armed push-ups? Really? One armed? I was so proud that I can finally just do a real push-up and now we need one armed? Lunacy. Simple and complete lunacy. But I did some of the progressions from the knees on an abmat thing.

I did fourteen unbroken HRPUs just to see how far I could get, but that was after I had been messing around with progressions. I would really like to get to 20 unbroken. But the first thing was to place your hands backwards and do a push-up from there. I could do girl ones of those and managed to do five in a row. I might have been able to squeak out a sixth but I collapsed in a heap instead.

So, what in the hell is an evil wheel? It wasn’t as evil as it sounded. I would rather do them than a burpee, but they were difficult and I couldn’t get to a full plank. But I made sure I was using my core and not my arms to push and pull the weight along.

My max effort deadlift is 112# so that 95# was simply unrealistic even for me standing on two feet. I was so unbalanced (one of the CrossFit core strength or areas of fitness and one where I suck), I simply couldn’t lift even 42# without falling over. I stood on one foot and rested the other on a 45# weight and did that. On the first round, I did all ten standing on my left foot. Although I am right handed, I am left footed and this is my stronger leg. But by ten I was burning.

I just walked the parking lot and got my heart rate back down during this part of the workout. Then I would be in the low 150s and could manage to get through the 20 moves and cool down a bit on the next stroll through the parking lot.

On the rest of the deadlifts, I did five on one leg and then switched to five on the other and that worked better.

On my fourth round, I left the building with about a minute on the clock. Caren was calling time from the doorway. I wasn’t going to make it if I walked. So I ran back in and made it through the door with two seconds to spare. My heart rate was close to 180 and my hands were tingling but I got my four rounds complete.