I looked for a WOD last night and it never posted. So I didn’t have to obsess about all the things that were going to be difficult in the morning. All I had to do was set my alarm and show up.

I did that much, but I also looked to see what the WOD was going to be before I left the house just in case I needed my jump rope. Still nothing posted. It was a secret WOD. They are set to post automatically each day at 8 PM. Some technological glitch kept that from happening and so it was all a mystery even this morning.

Luckily, Kim knew where else to look to find what was scheduled for today. As she wrote it on the board all I could think was “Oh great, something else I don’t remember how to do.” But that was not the case. It was something I wasn’t supposed to know. It was something new and improved so I wasn’t being stupid, which is alarmingly frequent.

We started out with a 400 meter run and I did 200 meters because that is all I can manage. Then ten cherry pickers. Kim complex down the mat (lunge, lunge, squat with a jump up, burpee), then ten wall balls (I used the 4# one and could get a full squat and hit the line on the wall) and ten sit-ups. Dislocates and passthroughs finished that. Then we did 15 minutes of stretches working on shoulders and hips to get us loosened up for the WOD.

The WOD is now posted and so I can copy and paste it. That’s good.

The WOD as written:
Spend 15 minutes working on Rolling Pistol Progressions
10 minute AMRAP:
20 Sprawl Balls 20/14#
5 Power Cleans 135/95#
Extra Credit: 50 Abmat situps while holding a dumbbell

So, I did sorta pistols to a 20″ box while the younger folks worked on this candlestick thing trying to get to enough stability and power to do a pistol. I could get down and back up with exactly no grace or panache. I would have to use my arms like I was doing the breaststroke and could haul my fat ass up off the box. None of them were pretty but I did need less pushing against air with my arms by the end of the 15 minutes.

Sprawl balls were new to me and I was happy I wasn’t supposed to know what the hell they were. No one did. A wall ball is picked up off the ground, thrown at the wall straight ahead (no specified distance from the wall was given), caught on the rebound, set on the ground, hands placed on the ground on either side of the ball, jump out your feet, touch your chest to the ball, jump back to a low squat, pick up the ball for the next rep.

Dorothy Parker was whispering in my ear again, “What fresh new hell is this?”

I used a ten pound ball for this nonsense. I can barely do a deadlift with 95# so a clean was pretty much out of the question. I did use a 42# bar for power cleans.

On the first round, I really jumped my legs out and back. I had a heart rate escalating with every jump. On the second round, I walked my legs out and back. I finished the second round with 30 seconds left on the clock and a heart rate of 178. That’s where I stopped. Two rounds.

When we went kayaking this past weekend, I was graceless when trying to exit the kayak. I thought Dick had it steadied but it tipped and moved and I sloshed in the water, smacked my leg on the side, and crammed by left little finger. That’s the part that has really bothered me. Today, on each sprawl ball, I was pushing against my sore finger. It didn’t help at all.

I did not do any extra credit. I’m not an overachiever.

When Craig at CrossFit Hilton Head has an AMRAP, he scales the reps as well as the weights or movements for the weenies. I know I’m a weenie. But I’m not sure how to really scale this stuff for weenie performance. So I keep getting really low numbers. But I keep going back and doing more each time I go.

Craig’s blog had a premise last Sunday, is it better to get the higher numbers (or lower times) and do weenier movements, or is it better to take the lower numbers (or higher times) and really push yourself to your max effort. This coming Sunday, I will have my answer. I sure hope it is pushing myself because if it is to do less and get a higher number, I’m going to be pissed.