Saturday we went kayaking for a couple hours and it turned out beautiful. It was a bit rainy and the rental place called and we moved our time back a bit. It also made it at the best time for the tide on the river. It was still incoming when we started and helped push us upstream but by the time we were ready to come back, it was outgoing and pulled us downstream. Perfect.

Yesterday, we rode our bikes up to the new construction site. It has been months since I’ve been on my bike. It wasn’t bad until we were going uphill with the wind gusting into our faces. But, after all the bazillion squats, my legs didn’t give out. It was a little over two miles each way and it was always easier to go downhill with the wind at our back, but even uphill or wind in my face didn’t tire me out.

Today at around 5.00 a huge thunderstorm broke and there was a gush of rain and lots of wind and the occasional lightning flash. I have my clock turned away from my otherwise I watch the time pass all night instead of sleeping. I figure it was around 5 because shortly after it started, my alarm clock went off. So it was time to get ready to go to the box and that’s what I did.

There was a 5 AM class today and it was barely raining by the time we got there. Some of the participants were running and some were rowing. Ryan was coaching and amazingly enough, he talked too much and the 5 AM class ran over a bit. We were sent on a 400 meter run while they finished up. I don’t run that far so I did 200 meters but ran the whole thing.

Next was Ryan complex down the mat and I managed that but by the end, my heart rate was beeping a bit. Dislocates and passthroughs followed. We then worked on loosening up our arms for the rest of today’s WOD.

The WOD as written:
15 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Front Squat.
– Prior to starting your first warm-up sets, you will perform 5 drops from the top of a 20” box. Stand on the box, drop down, and land in your squat stance. You don’t need to go down into a full squat, just a quarter-squat. (we did not do this due to time constraints)
5 Rounds for Time:
400 meter Run
15 Overhead Squats 95/65#

The last time we did this front squat thing, my knee was really hurting and we were getting ready to leave on our trip in the very near future. I didn’t do anything more than a PVC pipe. I was still leaning too far forward and trying to accordion pleat myself.

Today, in order to keep me on my heels, the first thing I did was take off my shoes. Apparently I didn’t even have the idea of this movement correct. I finally leaned the bar back into my chest and could actually manage a bit of weight. I was surprised I could do any because I knew the last time I tried, I couldn’t. I managed a 52# front squat. Who knew?

But then I was confronted with badness. I told Ryan while we were still on the front squat, that I was cutting back the reps to 10 instead of 15. Someone has to scale for me and I never know how much I should do and how much is too weenie. I thought I could manage the overhead squat with the 22# bar, but I couldn’t. I should have upped the reps back to 15 if I was just using a PVC pipe, but the up and down makes me so dizzy that I never know where to push that.

I began the first round with just rowing. It was raining out but not too much. I did my 500 meters there and I was beeping. Ryan helped my with my form there and I really need help with form everywhere. Le sigh. But I did only 10 PVC squats with my arms really locked out overhead.

Then I rowed again and it was taking me forever and I kept beeping. If I was going to beep, I might just was well go out there where it was cooler and less stuffy. So, after the next ten squats, I did a 200 meter walk/run. All I ran was the parking lot back in but I didn’t ever stop beeping no matter what. I did the squats and left to walk/run again. But I only walked because my heart rate never got under 160 and so I beeped the whole way. Ten more squats.

Last round I set out on my walk and decided that I would run the parking lot back in no matter what. So I did. I did my little squats and finished in 17.52. I probably should have done the 15 squats each round. I could have done it with the PVC pipe. I wish I had more guidance on how to scale this. I know everybody gets to succeed here. I know that I am far better than when I started. I wish I knew more of what I could manage before a WOD starts so I knew how much to push.

I was exhausted; my heart rate was 182 when I finished. It’s not like I wasn’t working. But I wish I knew if I should push harder or if this is where I am and it is okay to be here.