My arms were killing me already. I have been stretching and trying whatever I can to make them feel better. I don’t know if there is such a thing as a tricepsectomy but I think that’s what it is going to take.

I forgot to mention part of yesterday’s warm-up which was more push-ups and arm stuff. Thankfully today’s warm-up wasn’t all arms.

I wasn’t sure I was going to show up. I know a hard workout when I see one but some of them are deceptive in that they don’t look that bad. However, today was another partner WOD and that just isn’t fair to anybody.

But it is Friday and I go to the box on Fridays. I showed up. Warm-up was a 400 meter run but I only did 200 meters, but I did manage 200 meters which is all I can ever manage. Then we did a modified Ryan complex down the mat with lunge, lunge, squat and jump out of the squat and then do a burpee. A Kim complex down the mat. Grab a PVC pipe and hold it in the racked position and lunge back down the mat. Dislocates and passthroughs and then hold the PVC pipe overhead in a locked out position and lunge back up the mat. Well, my balance isn’t that good. I explained that and was given a pass and just walked slowly up the mat with bar locked out. Then practice a thruster with just the PVC pipe. I was exhausted already.

The WOD as written:

Partner WOD Friday!
In teams of two:
For Time:
Row 750 meters, while partner holds 185/135 pounds in the Front rack position
50 Burpees, while partner holds 115/95 pounds Overhead
50 Thrusters, 95/65 pounds, while partner holds the Dip support position
– Partners may switch during each exercise, but repetitions will only count while the other partner is holding the required position. Each pair of athletes must complete all the repetitions before moving to the next exercise.

I asked if Fridays were always going to be partner WODs and Kim said they would be for a while but not for the rest of time. I said I would have to stop coming on Fridays. This isn’t fair to my poor partner.

I maxed out a deadlift at 112# this Monday. Holding 135# racked or 95# overhead was ludicrous. I have been known to actually move 65# around, but thrusters were out of the question with that weight.

Candace got stuck with me and Aaron and Ricky were a team. I had to have all my own weights set up because they had to be tiny. I held the racked position with 42# and did an overhead hold with just the 22# bar. I had enough trouble with the PVC pipe thrusters that I opted to use only that.

Candace did the Rx weights except for the thrusters where she had to cut back just slightly.

I also had to use a band for the dip hold because I’m a weenie.

I started out rowing until Candace needed to drop her weight. Then I held my weight while she finished up the row. She had 100 meters left when I started whining and saying “I can’t do this” repeatedly until she got to 750 meters. I guess I could, but it wasn’t easy.

We needed to let me get my heart rate back down before we could start the next level of hell. I just had to do push-ups for this while Candace did burpees. I managed 14 before she had to set the weight down. I asked if I could do a split stance or had to have my feet even. I could do either. I held my bar first split, then went parallel, then split, and Candace did her burpees. We switched and I got round of push-ups and then we switched and she got the last burpees while my arms burned, but I did not drop the weight until she finished.

I started the thrusters and she did the dip hold. I was getting so sick from the up and down. Thinking about later and turning into a nurse, I believe it is a matter of orthostatic hypotension kicking in. My heart rate was so high and I simply didn’t have the stroke volume to keep up with oxygen demands and that is why I sometimes (but not all the time) get so lightheaded and dizzy. I had to melt for a few minutes.

I then held my dip with a green band for support. I know the my elbows bent a little but no one called me on it. On the second time, I asked if anyone minded if I did a dip and thrust without doing a full squat and I could. However, Coach Jason said I was getting down low enough anyway. I may be over thinking. Candace asked me to do 12 so she would have ten left and I managed it. Then we did the last with me doing the dip hold while she did 5 thrusters and wait 30 seconds to regroup and finish up. We got done in 17.02.

Candace is very fit and very competitive and she was so nice to me. She told me to come back next Friday because it is a challenge and it is a way to get better. She also said this would have been a terrible one to have to do by herself. I just feel so bad for anyone stuck with me. I know I have to rest often and have to work with being old, but other people shouldn’t have to put up with my obvious limitations.

As Candace pointed out, there was a pair in the 5 AM class that took over 24 minutes, so we weren’t that bad.