Cheri and I spoke last night. I made sure she was sticking to the menus she sent me and we talked about working out the kinks from sore muscles. I could talk her through some things, but a couch stretch/sit was beyond what I could manage with just telling her over the phone. We had to get online and find a video.

As we talked, I looked at today’s WOD because the magic hour had come and it was posted. I groaned. It was all impossible. But CrossFit is scalable. CrossFit Hilton Head nicely scales all the WODs right there online so people like me can see what they might be able to accomplish. My box, not so much. But I kept looking and figured out I could do something.

Cheri mentioned that she would be so defeated by this she wouldn’t keep going. But that isn’t what happens for me. I’m challenged but saddened that I’m probably too old to ever achieve all the wonderful things available to those smart enough to start this sooner.

And I hate tabatas. They are punitive and don’t leave any room for being old. I have to keep talking to myself to get me through them. I guess they are WAY outside my comfort zone. So of course, I was at the box bright and early. Because I was good person, I was graced with the beauty of full moon low in the sky playing peekaboo with the tree branches. It was gloriously beautiful on the ride to the box.

First we did a 400 meter run with ten squats at the halfway point. We all know I can’t run that distance, but I can do 200 meters to I made it TO the Perkins parking lot, did my ten squats, started to run back, walked about 50 meters and then finished with a jog back through the parking lot. Next was passthroughs while lunging down the mat. My balance is pretty sucky, so I had to do a passthrough, then lunge, then passthrough because if I did them at the same time, I fell over. But I never had to use the PVC pipe as a crutch.

We did some dislocates and then spent six minutes on shoulder stretches. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds to get the muscles to relax. I didn’t know that or didn’t remember it, so it was good information to have.

The WOD as written:
Spend 15 minutes trying to find a max unbroken set of Deficit Handstand Push ups.
– deficit is a 45# plate between the parallettes

Tabata Air Squats
– Run 400 meters
Tabata Push ups
– when the last person gets back from their 400 m run, start the second Tabata

Now that is just ridiculous. No one, including the coach, could do that parallette hand stand thing let alone a push up with it. Nonsense or crazy talk. I have never done even a hand stand against the wall. I’ve practiced with a high box and holding myself up, but that was months ago.

Today, I walked up the wall with my hands about a meter from the wall itself. I got myself straight, but didn’t have the bravery (not sure about the strength) to then walk myself completely vertical. However, I could hold that tilted hand stand for 30 seconds. This was a first for me and I was quite thrilled with this much progress. I’m not ready to head for the I CAN games or anything but still, it’s progress. Okay, I’m going to the I CAN games again, but again, as the scorekeeper. I love watching the real athletes.

Then the tabatas. I know these are awful. I never know how much to push and how much I will have left by the end. I started out with ten squats. Too much, so I cut back to eight on round two. Still too much because I was already getting dizzy. So I did six on the next and the next and the rest, although for the last two rounds I beeped all the way through. I could get back to safe zone during the rest, but just barely and after the first squat, I was already chugging away.

I scaled my WOD by declaring I was not running 400 meters. I would be the last person back for sure and then have to immediately do the other tabata which is just ludicrous. The least fit person gets no rest at all. I was the least fit person there and so I declined to be the stupidest as well. I planned on a parking lot sprint, but since my heart rate was already high, I walked it. I still beat Ricky back, but just barely. Cindy said she was going to be last back and she was right.

Next we went into the push-ups. I tried eight and could manage that for two rounds. On round three, I was already beeping so I cut back to five. I managed that for the rest of the rounds although round eight was not looking promising. I was not going to waste all those other push-ups, so I did it by sheer will power.

My scores were a piddly 6 and 5. But my work was 54 squats in four minutes and 46 push-ups in four minutes which looks really good (at least it does to me). That, and I had a 30 second hand stand (scaled). Not bad for an old coot.