I am not an elite athlete. I don’t even aspire to being an elite athlete. What I am is a Little Old Lady who sat around and got fat and hated it and so got off her fat behind and got it to the gym. My gym of choice is CrossFit. It is my gym of choice because it is all scalable. That is the mantra; that is a core belief; that is why even I can succeed.

However, CrossFit is also for the elite athlete. They work to improve and build ten areas of fitness. When I showed up back in August 2012 I had no areas of fitness and much room for improvement and building. I had already been to a couple garage games and loved watching the power and finesse, the control and camaraderie. I wanted to be part of the CrossFit community.

However, I have no aspirations for including myself in the CrossFit Garage Games and certainly no illusions about going on ESPN and showing everybody how unfit an old lady can be. So the CrossFit Open challenge isn’t anything I’m too interested in. Last week was the first week and the WOD was ridiculous. I looked at it and reread it several times to make sure that I was reading the lunacy correctly. I was. I called Craig to find out what was going on. I learned that I would not be going to CrossFit Summerville for the next five weeks since this was to be our Thursday WOD.

Last night I looked just to see what I would be missing. I reread it several times. I looked at the video. I reread it again. Either I was reading it wrong or I was delusional. This looked like something I could do. I had said I wasn’t going to be there. No one would count it against me if I stayed home. I vacillated. I didn’t have to go. I could do this – maybe. No one was expecting me. I could do this. I would show up.

My box has mostly younger people. Okay, I’m the only member who qualifies for the Master designation which for these WODs is 55 and over. Our WOD was copied directly from CrossFit HQ but I’m not copying what was written on our board because I wouldn’t be expected to compete with all the kiddies. I get some consideration for being an old coot.

Warm up was a 400 meter run and I did about 225 meter, maybe a bit more. Ricky barely beat me back. Then inch worm with a pushup down the mat. Then ten jumps and pull you knees as high as you can, getting ready for those box jumps to come. Finish with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
MASTERS WOMEN – includes Masters Women 55+
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
55 pound Shoulder to overhead, 5 reps
55 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
15 Box jumps, 20″ box

The Men were at 115# while the Master Men were at 95#. The Men category had them on a 24″ box while the Masters Men was a 20″ box. The Women were at 75# and a 20″ box. So what’s up with that. Old men get a lower box, but older women don’t.

Anyway, I did the lifts with a 32# bar making it more than half of the elite weights. I did a 20″ box because step ups were counted and I could do that. Coach Caren said, after we were all done, that my lifts were powerful and I could have had more weight on the bar and been fine. I felt like I was spending too much time trying to get my heart rate back down. Every time the music paused between songs, there I was beep-beep-beeping.

Even though they were a step up, because it was so high, I needed to launch myself up so they were accumulatively harder than I had thought they would be. They were still making my heart rate soar. Even so, I managed to get in three complete rounds, and 17 more reps. That meant my score was 107. I made three digits, I was over half the weight of an elite athlete, and I used the same box as written.

For me, this is fantastic. I wasn’t even going to show up today and look how much I did. Good stuff. The key to achievement is in showing up.