No extra work yesterday. I worked at work and didn’t really have much down time and came home exhausted from the time change. I didn’t even think about considering running. It never crossed my mind. All I wanted to do was crash.

I managed to stay awake until after nine, but just barely. But by going to bed that early, I woke up at 4 and could not fall back to sleep. I got enough sleep, but it might have been better to have shifted it a bit and slept until five. But it did mean I was really awake before getting out of bed and getting ready for a fun trip to the box.

It was raining this morning so our warm-up was a 500 meter row. I managed that without any problems. Then we were to do ten passthroughs in the squat position. I mentioned to Coach Caren that I wasn’t sure my knee would like that. I fell over after my ninth one and declared myself done.

We then practiced the move for today’s skill using a PVC pipe and added this and then that and soon had a list of things a mile long. I don’t have that much memory available anymore. So we lowered it to Dip and Drive. That much I could remember. I understand the concept of lowering the bar softly and not negatively and all that, but I’m really just a dip and drive memory.

The WOD as written:
Push Jerk from behind the neck
-remember, get under the bar quick and don’t press it out!
5 rounds for time:
20 Push ups
10 Strict Pull ups
Extra Credit: 40 Hollow-body Rocks

We were supposed to increase the weight with each round and that was lots of increases for someone who doesn’t lift much.

I started with the 22# bar. (Round 1, three reps) I added 2.5 pounds to each side. (Round 2, three reps) I took off the smaller weights and added 5 pounds to each side. (Round 3, three reps) I added both the 2.5 and 5 pounds to each side. (Round 4, two reps) I took off the small metal plates and put on 10 pounds on each side and discussed bailing techniques because I had no idea if I could do this. (Round 5, two reps that were scary) I added 2.5 pounds to the 10 pounds on each side. (Round 6, one rep). That is 47 freaking pounds over my head. I didn’t have to bail. Scott said the look on my face was priceless. I was beaming. I can’t believe it. Then I got all cocky. I tried 52# and had to drop it and get the hell out of the way. I did not hurt myself and I got a new PR. I know it is a little number, but it is the biggest little number I’ve ever done with something like this.

Then the next part. I can do big kid pushups, but 100 was probably out of the question. I can do a few band assisted pull-ups, but 50 was definitely out of the question. With these types of workouts I often scale not just the moves but the reps. I wasn’t really sure how scaled I wanted to do today. This is the part about not having a written scaled version that is tricky. I never know if I’m letting myself off too easy or not.

I did the first round with real big kid pushups and then ring rows. I did the next round with big kid pushups and ring rows. I did the third round with abmat pushups and ring rows. And the fourth round I did with girl pushups and ring rows. And then I was done. Scott, Ricky, and Candace had all finished five rounds. Sabre still had a round to go but I couldn’t manage the thought of another round even with girl pushups. My time was 11.54 and I was pooped.

Candace tried the extra credit. I came home and floated into the house on the winds of my spectacular push jerk, even though I keep forgetting the name of what I did.