One of the best things about being this old is that I have had enough time and experience being me that I have figured out my weak spots. Or perhaps they are my strong points. I don’t really know which this is, but I’m competitive and I hate to lose.

This is part of what makes CrossFit so challenging. Every single day, I lose. I can’t do the WODs as written and while I know that isn’t losing, I also know it isn’t exactly winning. I think that is the very best thing about CrossFit Hilton Head. Craig makes it possible for people to win at every level. He has written scaled workouts for each day. So weenies like me can feel like winners, not just bull-headed stubborn jackasses that don’t know when to quit.

I’m sure his level one people realize they aren’t really ready for ESPN any time soon. But it would be so cool to write my time or reps even with LI after them and get to be all official. I always leave it blank or write scaled or put it how much less my workout was. But I’m working just as hard as the young and fit, I just don’t get as much bang for my bucks.

I knew that if I didn’t publicly say I was going to do 40 burpees, there was no way in hell I was going to voluntarily just do 40 burpees. That’s crazy talk. But I put it in writing and I put in on the web and I was going to have to say I didn’t do it or, even worse, do 40 burpees.

I did 40 burpees.

Well, I did 3 burpees with the popping my legs out and back and I never jumped high enough to touch something six inches over my head. Then I did about 17 more burpees with the stepping out and hopping back and barely jumping off the ground. I was completely willing to stop right there, but I had said I wanted to know if I could even do 40 burpees in 17 minutes.

So I walked them out and I walked them back for the last 20. Actually, I hopped back in on the last one feeling all powerful and stuff.

It took me 11 minutes and 29 seconds to do that. I also learned that you really need real shoes if you are going to do burpees on ceramic tiles. I tried it with my rubber soled soft slippers on and then went and got my shoes. I did have an area rug under my hands, but I was on ceramic tiles since that is what is what I have here. I could have tried either the linoleum kitchen floor or the not really hard wood bedroom floor, but I really didn’t think the surface was that much of an issue.

So, in theory, I did what I said I would. I did my crappy 40 burpees. However, not one of them would really have counted and every single one would have had a “no rep” call behind it. I have no idea how long it is going to take me to get fit, but I think I should have started 40 years ago. Or else, after all the years of racquetball, not taken 18 years off. Or maybe found some anti-aging potion and stayed younger. Something else needed to happen. Either that, or I just have to keep at this and some day in the far distant future I will be able to just knock this stuff out.