Yesterday after work, I did my run but something different. I ran for 30 seconds and then walked for 30 seconds and did five minutes of that. I was still panting after the last 30 second walk but in my head I had said I would do five minutes of this. However, I wasn’t back home yet as I had gone around the block. So I walked for another 30 seconds and then did two more minutes of 30 seconds run, then walk and by that time, I was back home. It takes me ten minutes to walk briskly around the block so I did cut some time off.

I was really tired and went to bed early but then woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep for a very long time. I was asleep when the alarm went off. But it was Tuesday and so I got up and ready to get to the box.

We had a new coach today. Ashley usually coaches later in the day. We began with a one mile run, but we didn’t need to push it. I explained that I couldn’t run that far, but I practice my running. I would go as far as I could and Ricky would probably still beat me back to the box. I went to the cross roads which is farther than the 400 meter distance but not up to the 800 meter distance so I don’t really know how far I ran/walked, but it was farther than yesterday. Ricky and Candace were right behind me as we came up the driveway, but they let me go through the door first. They are so good to me.

Next we inch wormed down the mat and then did ten v-ups and then ten supermans. We ended with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Snatch 2-2-2-2-2
You must stand up fully from the squat with full control of the weight before dropping it in order for the rep to count. You are allowed to reset between reps, but don’t waste any time getting back to the bar.

Ashley is a certified weight trainer so we were in luck. She could really help us with form on this move. We practiced a lot with the various portions of the move using PVC pipes and that alone exhausted me. We then practiced a bit with just the bar and if our form was good enough, we could add weights. I can barely do the bar so I was at max effort with just that. My form was a bit better by the end of the day. Ashley said that it takes three years to really get this move perfected. I have time.

Chris was already good to add weights after the practice. Cindy got to put some weight on next. Ken and Ricky could add weights and that left me and Candace with just bars. She was really struggling with popping her hips and shrugging and so she kept working on form. We took off our shoes to keep us back on our heels. Candace said she felt like she was on the short bus and I said I was there every day. Before it was time to leave, Candace finally was good enough to add weight and do the move for a few reps.

I was glad to have gotten through the day without hurting myself. I did manage that. So all isn’t lost and I have plenty of time to improve my form and then increase me weight. As long as I keep going, I will incrementally keep getting better. I think. I can.