Yesterday after work I came home and sat down and played with Facebook and MWC and wasted time and started some laundry and then realized I was supposed to run after work. So I laced up my shoes. Last run was from my “starting” point and I want to try to increase so I started from the end of the driveway (so I could see the street and not get run over – which I hear is very bad for your health) and ran even farther than before. I made it and didn’t die in the process.

I was up and at the box in the middle of the night, but they have an even earlier class and so there were people there working. I stretched my knee a bit and then Kim said we were ready to start our warm-up.

We did ten shuttle runs, ten air squats, eight shuttle runs, lunge down the mat, six shuttle runs, ten cherry pickers, four shuttle runs, broad jump down the mat, two shuttle runs, ten supermans. The music was playing softly and so when my heart monitor went off, it was audible for everybody. There is no volume control on the thing. We finished up with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
High-bar Back Squat
12 sets of 2 reps @ 80% of your 1 Rep Max
-Just like last week, controlled descent with fast/explosive movement out of the bottom
6 Rounds NOT for Time:
10 Romanian Deadlifts
-find a weight that is heavy, but maintain perfect form through all 10 reps
20 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 kg.
10 Box Jumps with a stepdown 24″/20″

I told Kim that I have created a new move, the back squat good morning and although I keep saying in my head “chest up” my chest apparently doesn’t listen unless it comes from outside. So she watched me do one and said something I thought I would never, ever hear. She said, “You are going too low on your squat.” Who would ever have thought that could happen.

But, it worked a lot better when I didn’t drop that last couple inches AND it was easier to power back up. I did my twelve sets of two with 32# but probably could have handled 37#. If we do 90% next week, I will be golden at that 37#.

I did 42# for the Romanian deadlifts and used a 15# dumbbell for the KB swings. I jumped on to a 14″ box. We were supposed to go at a steady rate and not try to beat the clock. I can never beat the clock and I mentioned that I just go until I beep and then get my heart rate back down and go some more. I could do all ten deadlifts at one time always. I did the first three rounds of KB swings without stopping, but had to do in two sets for the last three rounds. The first round of box jumps I powered through but then my heart rate was so high, it took a long time to get it down to where I could do the deadlifts again. So for the next four rounds I was smarter and did them in two bursts. However, on that last round I just wanted to get done and so I just kept going on. I know it wasn’t for time, but who doesn’t look? It took me 26.21 to get my six rounds in.

Usually in rounds for time, I don’t do as many rounds. I was thinking with each round that I really don’t have to do all that. I can cut back. Then I would say, you can do one more. At round five I was all ready to just quit, but then I thought I could do just one more. I’m glad I stuck with it.

I’m sore and tired and mostly, I’m proud of my effort. And with the low volume on the music, everyone could tell I was working my little heart to its limit cuz I beeped and beeped and beeped. And finished. What a big girl. There was a catastrophe in there, I broke a nail.