Wednesday is rest day for me which was a really good thing because Tuesday was Too Much Day for me. I did lots of arm stretches on Tuesday, but still was hurting – just not in my arms. My chest was so tight and sore that reaching up hurt, reaching over hurt, picking up my laptop to move it was a struggle. So I was glad it was a day to not go to the box.

At work, we rearranged the furniture. It still didn’t look good. We moved it some more. Still not right. We moved it around and then adjusted it and moved some more and suddenly, the room was looking much better. It really did need to be moved and it is much nicer now. That was my pseudo workout. After work I came home and sat and then I remembered I was supposed to practice run. So I did. I did my 200 meters and then across the street and up the driveway. I didn’t die.

When I tried to roll out of bed this morning and leaned on my arm, my whole body screamed in protest. It hurt. What in the world was I thinking? Who would go to the gym when they can’t even get out of bed? Me, of course.

Yesterday was Christine’s last day. She is moving to Michigan. Today, Caren was coach. I haven’t seen her in quite a while. She noticed an improvement!

Our warm-up was a “nice, gentle” 400 meter run. I did my 200 meters and was the first person back and Caren wanted to know if I was all right. I explained that 200 is as far as I can go, but I will never get better if I don’t keep trying. She understood. She also had some suggestions for how to breathe while running, something I needed. I’m retaining too much CO2 and it isn’t helping my heart rate any.

Next was lunge down the mat, then stiff leg bear crawl down the mat, then crab walk down the mat. All things I could do and my shoulder/chest was not screaming any more. Then we played a game. We held a plank position while one person did a burpee, jump over the planked person, burpee, jump, down the line and then crawl under the planked people back to the head. Then go to the end of the line and each person take a turn. I was appalled. I told Caren I couldn’t do that many burpees without resting and they would all be in hell while I took forever to get down the line. I did a burpee, jumped over two people, did a burpee, jumped over two people and then had to crawl, what seemed painfully slowly, under them to the head. I was apologizing all the way and they were all laughing, so I guess they weren’t too mad.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 minutes working on Shoulder mobility.
For Time:
Power Snatch 95/65#

We did lots of shoulder stuff and it really made my arm/shoulder/chest feel better. Caren wanted to know if I was still scaling and I told her my plan was to go with 8-6-4-2 reps but that she would probably never catch me breaking parallel. I was under the assumption that I had to squat with these. When she said I didn’t, I mused that I might be able to put some weight on my weight.

As part of our shoulder stuff, we did dislocates and passthroughs and then demonstrated the power snatch so she could correct any issues with form before we started. I did okay with a PVC pipe and then tried just the bar. I could do just the bar, but if I was honest, I could probably really add the weights to my weight.

So for the WOD, I built smaller piles for my touch and go because I had 5 pound weights on each end. That meant I had a 32# bar. I have never done half the proscribed weight before. What a big girl. I did my scaled reps and was still the last one done at 8.53 but I managed and even though that was a lot of burpees, I didn’t puke. So it was all good.

I rocked this one. I was in beast mode. I know it was scaled and I know I was slow, but it was so much more than I could do before that I still say, I rocked it in beast mode.