Yesterday at the box was awesome. Today was just some. I looked at the WOD last night and knew there was running involved. Actually, it said “sprint” and I don’t have that, I have Verizon, so I knew I was screwed right there.

I woke up in the middle of the night and it was pouring. I pondered the thought of “sprinting” in the cold rain and figured it would be miserable. Somehow, even in my misery, I fell back to sleep and woke up to  – rain. Of course it was still raining. It’s February in South Carolina. But it was in the 50s, so it wasn’t that cold.

I went to box anyway because it is Tuesday and I go to the box on Tuesday. That meant that regardless of the WOD and regardless of the weather, I should go to the box. Today, unlike some other days, it actually posted to Facebook and let me get that small thrill for showing up. I could check in. Great.

Since it was raining, although it wasn’t pouring, we did four sprints down the mat, then ten squats, then two sprints, then broad jump down the mat, then four sprints, and end with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Split Snatch 2-2-2-2
-Be sure to shrug yourself under the bar fast so you can land quickly in the Split. That shrug under the bar will translate over to any other Snatch or Clean variation, so it’s important to master it.
4 Rounds for Time:
10 Parallette Complexes:
Pushup, Pass through, Dip, Pass through = 1 complex
Sprint 200 meters.

Split snatch is a move that is a bit beyond my capabilities. I just did a snatch using a 22# bar and I really don’t think I ever truly broke parallel. I might have once, but if so, it was a miracle. I got as low as I could on the squat part and managed to control the bar, but it wasn’t really pretty in any way. However, I did do four sets of two so I guess I wasn’t totally awful.

Last time we tried anything with a parallette, I couldn’t get my fat ass back and forth. I could, sorta, this time and I really didn’t want to use the boxes if I didn’t have to. However, I really burned through the oxygen or something because my heart rate was crazy on this. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t upright. Perhaps it was because I have so little upper body strength.

I had to do pushups from my knees and could get forward and actually fully extend my hips, I could dip, but getting back in one hop was hopeless. I managed about three before all hell broke loose. I could do one at a time, beep a bit, do one, beep and rest, do one … it was taking forever. My hands hurt, my arms hurt, I was dripping.

And after ten, I could go for a stroll in the now drizzling rain. Ricky had looked at the weather map and we were right in the middle of light spot, but more rain was coming. Great. But for now, it was a drizzle. I walked for 100 meters, then ran until I was beeping again, which meant about 60 meters of running and then walked back in.

The second round was even more fun because my shoes were now wet and slippery. I fell on my butt twice. I managed ten more pitiful complexes and then went for another walk. I walked 100 meters and ran 100 meters and then called it quits. It took me 13.42 to do two rounds. I think Ricky’s time was under 8 minutes for four rounds.

However, I went to the box, I did more than I have ever done before. On the drive home, it started to pour, but I was under roof, so take that weather gods. I need to do lots of stretches today because my arms are going to fall off. Tomorrow is rest day and it is Christine’s last day, so I wished her a great life today. Thursday it will be all new at the box and I will be there, ready to CrossFit.