Yesterday was my day off and I slept for an extra hour and a half. It was luxurious. When I got home from work, I ran 200 meters and made it, but I was winded and spent at the end. I have no idea how to build up stamina except by keeping at it, but it sure doesn’t seem like this part is getting any better. I guess I can now run 200 meters and I couldn’t before.

I was all rested when I looked at the WOD for today. Tabata day. I hate tabatas and that will probably never change. But, it is what it is and if I want to do CrossFit, then I do what is on the white board. So I went to sleep knowing that the alarm was set and I would be ready for a workout in the morning.

It was cold out there, but not freezing. It was a balmy 39⁰ and so we were able to start with a quick run. The big people did 400 meters but I just did 200 and had to be happy with that. I really ran to the end of the sidewalk but I had to walk the last little bit into the box, so it was really just 200 meters. Then I sat there and panted for a bit.

Next, broad jump/burpee down the mat. Now, it is bad enough when we broad jump down the mat. Chris and Ricky are both about 6 feet tall and young men and they can cover a larger distance with a broad jump. It takes three of my jumps to equal two of theirs. So, not only is that part harder, but I had to do half again as many freaking burpees as they did. The old broad can’t broad jump for shit.

Next was ten ring rows which wasn’t too bad and then ten ring dips which was nearly impossible. Okay, it was totally impossible. Even with a band. I might have really gotten eight in, but they were ugly. We ended with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 minutes working on mobility. Specifically ankle and hip flexibility. Test position: Overhead Squat with PVC pipe
Tabata Supermans
-rest 1 minute
Tabata KB swings 24/16 kg
-rest 1 minute
Tabata Russian Twists (touch left, touch right = 1 rep)
-Score is the lowest number of reps completed in a round

We did all manner of stretches for 20 minutes and ended with the squat stuff and I was really working on staying on my heels and breaking parallel without breaking whatever plane that would be by leaning forward too much. It felt more stable and I never got told to keep my chest up. So I guess it was okay.

I complained around Ryan about Tabata stuff and he said to start with a lower number of reps and do the rounds. I was thinking they were 40/20 and seven rounds, but they are 20/10 and eight rounds. So my plan was to stop the first round at 15 seconds and just shoot for that many reps for the next seven rounds.

That worked with the Supermans and I did eight each round. The problem with Tabata is that I could have increased the number and kept that up, but I wouldn’t get credit for them anyway so why bother. That is why I hate this things. Shoot low and hit your mark seems like a dumb thing to tell people.

With the KB swings, I didn’t want just the ten pound KB and the next one up was 25 pounds and that was too much. I picked a 15 pound dumbbell and used that. Once again I quit at the 15 second mark on the first round and did 8. I could do that the next round, but I was already beeping. For the next round I cut back to 7 and even though I beeped pretty much constantly, I didn’t get much over 170 and just kept at that number.

I thought the Russian Twist was with a weight, but she said there was nothing specified, so we didn’t have to use a weight. I did not. I stopped at 15 seconds again and this is the one where I really screwed up. I could have done the whole 20 seconds each time and been perfectly fine, but I stopped at 11 the first time and so never went past it again.

So my score was 8-7-11 and I could have scored higher on the 8 and 11 if it wasn’t a Tabata but why kill myself for no good reason. I could tell myself that no matter what number goes on the board, I did the reps I did, but the whole reason for the board is to have it on the board where everyone can see it. These are punitive and stupid. But I got three numbers. And yes, I know, zero is a number but it is not a very nice one.