A 16-year-old girl in Texas is pregnant and wants to marry the 16-year-old father and raise the child with skill and alacrity and all the wonderful things parents give to their children, like food, shelter, clothing, and everything else.

Her parents, who are divorced, want her to have an abortion. She sued to keep her baby and won. That’s great. I’m sure the two 16-year-olds and their offspring will be happy ever after and all that. What irritated me is this: The parents also agreed to return the teen’s car, pay her cell phone bill and pay half of her health insurance.

What? If you are all adult and have the capacity to raise a child on your own because your parents are NOT going to help you and the boy is going to get tired of this before you even have the baby (you have 30 more weeks to go), you certainly can pay for your own car and cell phone.

If it were me, I would stop making car payments and have the car repossessed. But that is probably against the court order. So I would cancel her car insurance and call the cops and have her picked up as an uninsured motorist and have her car impounded. No teen HAS to have a car and a cell phone.

I think she is making a mistake. I don’t think she is ready to parent a child and she certainly doesn’t have great parents to emulate. I have no idea about when she is marrying her boyfriend and going to live happily ever after, but I sure hope her parents don’t have to supply her with cars until they die. So I assume that as soon as she marries, she is her husband’s problem and he has to get her a car and a phone.

I’m sure the courts have to say that no one can force you to have an abortion or every man confronted with a pregnant girlfriend could insist on an abortion or termination of parental responsibilities and men have no choice in the matter after conception. They were supposed to be careful before conception, unlike their female partners who have a myriad options after the fact. There can be no coercion of abortion, only coercion of parenthood. And bitterness and distrust and all sorts of other recriminating emotions.

So, this teen girl who shall remain nameless but photographed and interviewed and talked to and her boyfriend’s name printed and her parents’ names printed and yet she remains anonymous – she gets a baby, happily ever after marriage that won’t even be happy when the baby arrives, a car, a phone, and her health insurance half paid for. I have no idea who is paying for the other half or if she will only be half insured. That part makes no sense to me, either.

All I see here is sadness and bad choices all around. But for the court to order the return of her car and phone just gripes my ass. Those are gifts and the parents shouldn’t have to supply them to their “adult” daughter who is completely in charge of her wonderful life.