It’s been a week since I was feeling good enough to try to work out. Wednesday is my off day and Thursday and Friday was just miserable so I stayed home and pretended I knew better than to overstress an already sick and old body.

I also went to a Super Bowl party last evening and ate way too much junk food. I don’t think I had any healthy food yesterday besides (perhaps) a nectarine. Well, I know I had the nectarine, but I’m not sure it is considered healthy food.

Whatever this creeping crud is, it is fading, but it isn’t gone completely. I’m still coughing and my nose is still running and my eyes are still burning and I have a bit of a problem with feeling like I have enough air to live all the time. So, I would say I’m not yet completely healthy.

And I didn’t get to bed early enough and I didn’t sleep soundly enough.

All these things conspired against me as I stepped into the box this morning. We knew we were in trouble when we got there at 6 and the 5 AM class still had rounds to go on their WOD. That is, quite frankly, a bad sign in itself.

It was nice and brisk out there today with a temperature that might have been 36 unless I remembered that wrong and it was 34. But it was cold out there, especially for us delicate Southern folks. Christine was sick so Ryan stayed and coached our class as well.

We started out with a 1000 meter row while the 5 AM class finished up their WOD. Then we lunged down the mat and were supposed to lunge back up but I was already feeling less than wonderful. Next was a stretch that is way too hard to describe and I don’t have a name for it, but ten for each leg. Then ten windmills and ten supermans. We did some dislocates and passthroughs to finish.

The WOD as written:
Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
The last set of 5 should be the maximum weight you can lift for 5 reps.
5 Rounds for Time:
8 Squat Clean Thrusters 115/75
12 Pullups
16 Kettlebell Swings 24kg/16/kg
Extra Credit:
50 Barbell roll-outs

We have been doing banded deadlifts of late and I had no idea how much weight I could actually deadlift. I started with the 42# which is pretty much the least you can have on a bar and the most I have ever done, all in one. Ryan, unlike Christine, was very careful that we all had the correct form going on and made sure our backs were positioned correctly throughout the movement and I did several lifts with the 42#. Then I added 5# to each side. Then I took the extra five off and put another 10# and then eventually … and here is where it pretty much all fell apart for me.

I get dizzy with up and down stuff. I really don’t know how many times I was lifting the lower weights but I kept getting dizzier and dizzier. I don’t know if it was not being there for so long, not eating right yesterday, still being sick, not sleeping, or a combination of all of the above.

I had to go outside and puke. I thought I was just going to sit down, but then I knew I wasn’t so I had to go back and get my water bottle before leaving the building and then I almost didn’t make it to the grass. After I puked, I felt better; not great, but better.

So I went back inside and ended up with a 75# bar to do the five sets of five deadlifts. But I didn’t feel all that great even with that many more ups and downs. The idea of squat thrusters was just beyond me. Actually, the idea of a WOD was beyond me, but those squat thrusters were the frosting on the cake.

I was just going to quit but I felt like a total weenie, so instead, I did just the pull-ups (green band assisted) and the KB swings (15# barbell). We were late starting, late finishing, and just late. I managed two rounds of that and didn’t even look at the time so I have no idea how long even that took. Forever, I believe.

At one point, I was hanging from the bar with my foot trapped in the green band and unable to find the box behind me to step on. Candace had to save me. And she did. She is so nice. Thanks.

I got through more than I thought I was going to manage, but I didn’t do nearly as well as a regular-going, well nourished, well rested, healthy person would. I hope I do better tomorrow.