February 2013

Wednesday is rest day for me which was a really good thing because Tuesday was Too Much Day for me. I did lots of arm stretches on Tuesday, but still was hurting – just not in my arms. My chest was so tight and sore that reaching up hurt, reaching over hurt, picking up my laptop to move it was a struggle. So I was glad it was a day to not go to the box.

At work, we rearranged the furniture. It still didn’t look good. We moved it some more. Still not right. We moved it around and then adjusted it and moved some more and suddenly, the room was looking much better. It really did need to be moved and it is much nicer now. That was my pseudo workout. After work I came home and sat and then I remembered I was supposed to practice run. So I did. I did my 200 meters and then across the street and up the driveway. I didn’t die.

When I tried to roll out of bed this morning and leaned on my arm, my whole body screamed in protest. It hurt. What in the world was I thinking? Who would go to the gym when they can’t even get out of bed? Me, of course.

Yesterday was Christine’s last day. She is moving to Michigan. Today, Caren was coach. I haven’t seen her in quite a while. She noticed an improvement!

Our warm-up was a “nice, gentle” 400 meter run. I did my 200 meters and was the first person back and Caren wanted to know if I was all right. I explained that 200 is as far as I can go, but I will never get better if I don’t keep trying. She understood. She also had some suggestions for how to breathe while running, something I needed. I’m retaining too much CO2 and it isn’t helping my heart rate any.

Next was lunge down the mat, then stiff leg bear crawl down the mat, then crab walk down the mat. All things I could do and my shoulder/chest was not screaming any more. Then we played a game. We held a plank position while one person did a burpee, jump over the planked person, burpee, jump, down the line and then crawl under the planked people back to the head. Then go to the end of the line and each person take a turn. I was appalled. I told Caren I couldn’t do that many burpees without resting and they would all be in hell while I took forever to get down the line. I did a burpee, jumped over two people, did a burpee, jumped over two people and then had to crawl, what seemed painfully slowly, under them to the head. I was apologizing all the way and they were all laughing, so I guess they weren’t too mad.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 minutes working on Shoulder mobility.
For Time:
Power Snatch 95/65#

We did lots of shoulder stuff and it really made my arm/shoulder/chest feel better. Caren wanted to know if I was still scaling and I told her my plan was to go with 8-6-4-2 reps but that she would probably never catch me breaking parallel. I was under the assumption that I had to squat with these. When she said I didn’t, I mused that I might be able to put some weight on my weight.

As part of our shoulder stuff, we did dislocates and passthroughs and then demonstrated the power snatch so she could correct any issues with form before we started. I did okay with a PVC pipe and then tried just the bar. I could do just the bar, but if I was honest, I could probably really add the weights to my weight.

So for the WOD, I built smaller piles for my touch and go because I had 5 pound weights on each end. That meant I had a 32# bar. I have never done half the proscribed weight before. What a big girl. I did my scaled reps and was still the last one done at 8.53 but I managed and even though that was a lot of burpees, I didn’t puke. So it was all good.

I rocked this one. I was in beast mode. I know it was scaled and I know I was slow, but it was so much more than I could do before that I still say, I rocked it in beast mode.


Yesterday at the box was awesome. Today was just some. I looked at the WOD last night and knew there was running involved. Actually, it said “sprint” and I don’t have that, I have Verizon, so I knew I was screwed right there.

I woke up in the middle of the night and it was pouring. I pondered the thought of “sprinting” in the cold rain and figured it would be miserable. Somehow, even in my misery, I fell back to sleep and woke up to  – rain. Of course it was still raining. It’s February in South Carolina. But it was in the 50s, so it wasn’t that cold.

I went to box anyway because it is Tuesday and I go to the box on Tuesday. That meant that regardless of the WOD and regardless of the weather, I should go to the box. Today, unlike some other days, it actually posted to Facebook and let me get that small thrill for showing up. I could check in. Great.

Since it was raining, although it wasn’t pouring, we did four sprints down the mat, then ten squats, then two sprints, then broad jump down the mat, then four sprints, and end with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Split Snatch 2-2-2-2
-Be sure to shrug yourself under the bar fast so you can land quickly in the Split. That shrug under the bar will translate over to any other Snatch or Clean variation, so it’s important to master it.
4 Rounds for Time:
10 Parallette Complexes:
Pushup, Pass through, Dip, Pass through = 1 complex
Sprint 200 meters.

Split snatch is a move that is a bit beyond my capabilities. I just did a snatch using a 22# bar and I really don’t think I ever truly broke parallel. I might have once, but if so, it was a miracle. I got as low as I could on the squat part and managed to control the bar, but it wasn’t really pretty in any way. However, I did do four sets of two so I guess I wasn’t totally awful.

Last time we tried anything with a parallette, I couldn’t get my fat ass back and forth. I could, sorta, this time and I really didn’t want to use the boxes if I didn’t have to. However, I really burned through the oxygen or something because my heart rate was crazy on this. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t upright. Perhaps it was because I have so little upper body strength.

I had to do pushups from my knees and could get forward and actually fully extend my hips, I could dip, but getting back in one hop was hopeless. I managed about three before all hell broke loose. I could do one at a time, beep a bit, do one, beep and rest, do one … it was taking forever. My hands hurt, my arms hurt, I was dripping.

And after ten, I could go for a stroll in the now drizzling rain. Ricky had looked at the weather map and we were right in the middle of light spot, but more rain was coming. Great. But for now, it was a drizzle. I walked for 100 meters, then ran until I was beeping again, which meant about 60 meters of running and then walked back in.

The second round was even more fun because my shoes were now wet and slippery. I fell on my butt twice. I managed ten more pitiful complexes and then went for another walk. I walked 100 meters and ran 100 meters and then called it quits. It took me 13.42 to do two rounds. I think Ricky’s time was under 8 minutes for four rounds.

However, I went to the box, I did more than I have ever done before. On the drive home, it started to pour, but I was under roof, so take that weather gods. I need to do lots of stretches today because my arms are going to fall off. Tomorrow is rest day and it is Christine’s last day, so I wished her a great life today. Thursday it will be all new at the box and I will be there, ready to CrossFit.


A couple days of rest was needed. I ran 200 meters on Friday afternoon just because I told myself I would. On Saturday, we went to Hilton Head, and we took Aiden and Morgan to CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Hilton Head and then played with Frankie, too. The little kids were really cute and Corey did a great job with them. The bigger kids were really rocking it out. It was hard to do nothing but watch. It poured and then it rained and then it poured some more all day. I didn’t run when we got home.

Yesterday, I ran 200 meters and then some since I wasn’t dead yet. I was winded but made it also across the street and up the driveway. Then I came in and plopped down and tried to breathe again. I noticed that when I first start running, I hold my breath, which is really stupid. So I tried not to do that.

Got to the box this morning and the first thing was a 400 meter run, but I still just did 200. But I did the little bit extra and ran all the way through the door. Then I panted. Next was ten squats, ten burpees, and ten pushups, followed by good mornings and dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Spend 15 minutes finding a 5 Rep Max Good Morning
10 minute AMRAP:
15 Overhead Walking Lunges with plate 45#/25#
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″
Extra Credit:
Weighted Plank hold. Accumulate 5 minutes. If you start to sag, drop the weight!

I noted that the good mornings should be a piece of cake for me since it is really just my squat. Although I am trying to keep my chest up, today I didn’t have to. I began with the small bar and could do that. I added 2.5 to each side, then 5, and then both the 5 and the 2.5. I was up to 10 on each side, but the 7.5 was difficult. So I asked what I thought was a logical question. “How do you bail with this if it is too much?”

We discussed it, but there is little to do except protect your head and neck and hope for the best. I wasn’t sure I could shrug anything off. Christine stood in front of me, ready to grab the bar, and I did five rep good mornings with a 42# bar and did them all. But, I didn’t try any more.

I have trouble with lunges just doing them. I have never been able to do anything with holding stuff over my head. I usually have to windmill my arms out at some point on just regular walking lunges to keep my balance. So, today I thought I would try with a 5# weight. I know it was less than the Rx, but everything I do is. This was more than I had ever done before.

I did my box jumps on 14″ and on the second round I managed to do all 10 without stopping, but then my heart rate was so high, I more than made up the wasted down time trying to get it back down to something that would let me go back to lunges.

So I ended up with 3 rounds plus 10 lunges and a heart rate of about 178 when I quit. But I did get those last few lunges in, which was important.

I was quite pleased with myself. Knowing how much trouble I have with lunges even without a weight, and knowing how strenuous box jumps are, I figured I would be happy with two rounds. I did better than I expected and more than I have ever done before. I had sweat dripping off my face and was panting like a lizard on a hot rock. It felt great.

I didn’t even try the extra credit. My old try-to-roller-blade injury just wouldn’t like it.


This is NOT a five pound weight

Fridays at the box are the most difficult not for anything there, but because I don’t have to work and getting up so early is such a chore. But I got up early and made my way westward to the box and managed to not whine (out loud) about it.

The 5 AM class was just finishing up their WOD and no one was interested in the extra credit part. They left us the box and we were able to commence by leaving on a 400 meter run. Well, Ricky and Ken did 400 meters. I ran the entire sidewalk and back to the door, but then I was pooped. I wasn’t beeping until I hit inside the gym, but I sure as hell couldn’t move much after that.

Next up was Ryan complex down the mat and then ten pushups, ten pull-ups (I did ring rows) and then ten burpees. Finish with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Back Squat
12 sets of 2 at 75% of your 1 rep max
-These squats are meant to be fast. Go down controlled, and then explode all the way up as fast as possible
12 minute AMRAP:
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Push Jerks
-bar weight is 95/65#
-you must stand up completely from the third Power Clean before going into the Front Squats. Likewise, you must stand up from the last Front Squat before going into the Push Jerks.
Extra Credit:
Dumbbell Cross Chops: 50 each side
-pick a weight that is heavy, but don’t get sloppy.

My max on Monday was 32# so I did back squats with just the small bar. I was staying chest up right until the bottom and then fell forward a bit. So I worked on controlling more at the bottom and then tried to power up. As I came up, I was actually hopping – who knew? So I need to stop that. But I got the 12 rounds in without feeling sick.

The most weight lifting I did was building my little piles of weights to put the empty bar on so I didn’t have the wrong height to touch and go with the power cleans. I mentioned, months ago and to the owner, about Craig’s plywood disks that are the size of weights so that the proper height without weight can be achieved. She thought it was a great idea. There are none available.

So I built my little towers and only did a bar. I have been having such trouble with that front squat, that I put no extra weight on. Looking back, perhaps I should have.

Somehow, I manage eleven rounds. I would do the nine moves and only once did I need to break it up. I was beeping during the squats every time but didn’t feel bad and so finished the round. Then I would sit and get my heart rate back down under the 161 beeping point and a little beyond. I was shooting for a 155 heart rate before I started the next round. I rarely got over 170 except I really wanted that last round and so even though I was only at 162 before I started, I went for it and got round 11.

I did not do a single push jerk correctly, but Christine said they weren’t too bad. I just don’t feel like I’m falling under the bar at all. But, I did it. Perhaps I should have had a bit more weight on the bar, but I didn’t think I could do the squats like that.

Christine didn’t know what the extra credit move was and none of us was particularly interested in getting any extra credit anyway. We decided it would be for putting your car in reverse and leaving the parking lot. I got that done.

Now, a couple days off to rest and recuperate. Good thing. I could hardly pick up my water bottle, jacket, and purse to get into the house. My arms are like spaghetti right now.


Yesterday was my day off and I slept for an extra hour and a half. It was luxurious. When I got home from work, I ran 200 meters and made it, but I was winded and spent at the end. I have no idea how to build up stamina except by keeping at it, but it sure doesn’t seem like this part is getting any better. I guess I can now run 200 meters and I couldn’t before.

I was all rested when I looked at the WOD for today. Tabata day. I hate tabatas and that will probably never change. But, it is what it is and if I want to do CrossFit, then I do what is on the white board. So I went to sleep knowing that the alarm was set and I would be ready for a workout in the morning.

It was cold out there, but not freezing. It was a balmy 39⁰ and so we were able to start with a quick run. The big people did 400 meters but I just did 200 and had to be happy with that. I really ran to the end of the sidewalk but I had to walk the last little bit into the box, so it was really just 200 meters. Then I sat there and panted for a bit.

Next, broad jump/burpee down the mat. Now, it is bad enough when we broad jump down the mat. Chris and Ricky are both about 6 feet tall and young men and they can cover a larger distance with a broad jump. It takes three of my jumps to equal two of theirs. So, not only is that part harder, but I had to do half again as many freaking burpees as they did. The old broad can’t broad jump for shit.

Next was ten ring rows which wasn’t too bad and then ten ring dips which was nearly impossible. Okay, it was totally impossible. Even with a band. I might have really gotten eight in, but they were ugly. We ended with dislocates and passthroughs.

The WOD as written:
Spend 20 minutes working on mobility. Specifically ankle and hip flexibility. Test position: Overhead Squat with PVC pipe
Tabata Supermans
-rest 1 minute
Tabata KB swings 24/16 kg
-rest 1 minute
Tabata Russian Twists (touch left, touch right = 1 rep)
-Score is the lowest number of reps completed in a round

We did all manner of stretches for 20 minutes and ended with the squat stuff and I was really working on staying on my heels and breaking parallel without breaking whatever plane that would be by leaning forward too much. It felt more stable and I never got told to keep my chest up. So I guess it was okay.

I complained around Ryan about Tabata stuff and he said to start with a lower number of reps and do the rounds. I was thinking they were 40/20 and seven rounds, but they are 20/10 and eight rounds. So my plan was to stop the first round at 15 seconds and just shoot for that many reps for the next seven rounds.

That worked with the Supermans and I did eight each round. The problem with Tabata is that I could have increased the number and kept that up, but I wouldn’t get credit for them anyway so why bother. That is why I hate this things. Shoot low and hit your mark seems like a dumb thing to tell people.

With the KB swings, I didn’t want just the ten pound KB and the next one up was 25 pounds and that was too much. I picked a 15 pound dumbbell and used that. Once again I quit at the 15 second mark on the first round and did 8. I could do that the next round, but I was already beeping. For the next round I cut back to 7 and even though I beeped pretty much constantly, I didn’t get much over 170 and just kept at that number.

I thought the Russian Twist was with a weight, but she said there was nothing specified, so we didn’t have to use a weight. I did not. I stopped at 15 seconds again and this is the one where I really screwed up. I could have done the whole 20 seconds each time and been perfectly fine, but I stopped at 11 the first time and so never went past it again.

So my score was 8-7-11 and I could have scored higher on the 8 and 11 if it wasn’t a Tabata but why kill myself for no good reason. I could tell myself that no matter what number goes on the board, I did the reps I did, but the whole reason for the board is to have it on the board where everyone can see it. These are punitive and stupid. But I got three numbers. And yes, I know, zero is a number but it is not a very nice one.


A 16-year-old girl in Texas is pregnant and wants to marry the 16-year-old father and raise the child with skill and alacrity and all the wonderful things parents give to their children, like food, shelter, clothing, and everything else.

Her parents, who are divorced, want her to have an abortion. She sued to keep her baby and won. That’s great. I’m sure the two 16-year-olds and their offspring will be happy ever after and all that. What irritated me is this: The parents also agreed to return the teen’s car, pay her cell phone bill and pay half of her health insurance.

What? If you are all adult and have the capacity to raise a child on your own because your parents are NOT going to help you and the boy is going to get tired of this before you even have the baby (you have 30 more weeks to go), you certainly can pay for your own car and cell phone.

If it were me, I would stop making car payments and have the car repossessed. But that is probably against the court order. So I would cancel her car insurance and call the cops and have her picked up as an uninsured motorist and have her car impounded. No teen HAS to have a car and a cell phone.

I think she is making a mistake. I don’t think she is ready to parent a child and she certainly doesn’t have great parents to emulate. I have no idea about when she is marrying her boyfriend and going to live happily ever after, but I sure hope her parents don’t have to supply her with cars until they die. So I assume that as soon as she marries, she is her husband’s problem and he has to get her a car and a phone.

I’m sure the courts have to say that no one can force you to have an abortion or every man confronted with a pregnant girlfriend could insist on an abortion or termination of parental responsibilities and men have no choice in the matter after conception. They were supposed to be careful before conception, unlike their female partners who have a myriad options after the fact. There can be no coercion of abortion, only coercion of parenthood. And bitterness and distrust and all sorts of other recriminating emotions.

So, this teen girl who shall remain nameless but photographed and interviewed and talked to and her boyfriend’s name printed and her parents’ names printed and yet she remains anonymous – she gets a baby, happily ever after marriage that won’t even be happy when the baby arrives, a car, a phone, and her health insurance half paid for. I have no idea who is paying for the other half or if she will only be half insured. That part makes no sense to me, either.

All I see here is sadness and bad choices all around. But for the court to order the return of her car and phone just gripes my ass. Those are gifts and the parents shouldn’t have to supply them to their “adult” daughter who is completely in charge of her wonderful life.

I managed to look at the WOD for today and not freak out again although I knew I couldn’t do it as written. But then again, that’s fairly normal. So I got up and got ready. My phone said it was 50⁰ and thunderstorms when I looked at 5.18 AM. I did not hear any rain or thunder, nor did I see any lightening, but I dressed for the 50⁰.

I got to the box and tried to check in for Facebook and I had a great signal but it wouldn’t post. I gave up and went back to the main screen and now it was clear and 41⁰ out there. I only live 4 miles (on curvy twisted roads) from the box and so something was amiss.

I did my knee stretch thing and then we had a choice of row or run and I tried running. I ran to the end of the sidewalk, already beeping and managed to run back to the driveway anyway. Then I had to walk back in. I have no idea how to build up more stamina. I guess I could try running not at the box. What a concept.

Then Ryan complex down the mat and follow with ten squats, ten pushups, ten sit-ups and dislocates and passthroughs. I did my squats in front of a pole to make sure I wasn’t leaning forward. Ricky mentioned it looked like I might be trying to pole dance. What a thought!

Named WODs just kill me.

The WOD as written:
Split Clean 3-3-3-3-3
-just like the Split Snatch last week, if this is awkward feeling, keep the weight light
5 Rounds for Time:
15 Dumbbell Split Cleans  40/25#
21 Pull-ups

I started doing just cleans with just a bar, but then put on five pounds on each side. I did the five rounds of three without too much problem, but when I bent down to take the weights off, I felt dizzy and when I reached down to pick stuff up off the floor, I was seeing flashing stars or something. I sat down and just sat and hoped I didn’t puke inside again. I just sat some more and eventually it was a bit a better.

But just grabbing dumbbells was making me dizzy. I picked the smallest ones we have even though I had thought I could go higher with the weight last night. Every jump up and squat down was making me dizzier. I got through 15 and then went to ring rows. I had set up my rings and there are only so many rings there and I can’t change where they are. Someone else decided to use that space for banded pull-ups and so I could get kicked or move. I moved and reset the only other rings available. I managed 21 in three sets.

I sat and thought about another round and decided I could do it. However, I had to stop and sit repeatedly and Christine said not to do the splits, but just do the cleans. I could do that better, but then the weight was really too light. However, I was having enough trouble as it was. I got through the second round and was going to quit. Then after sitting for 30 seconds I decided I could do one more. And so I did. I quit after three rounds and 16.15.

I sat in the car for a few moments before pulling out. I swear I looked behind me but with the convertible up, there are lots of blind spots where there is dark fabric instead of windows. I almost hit Candace getting to her car. That would have been a horrible ending to the day. She was already wounded from doing 105 pull-ups. She said she could tell I didn’t see her and knew I wasn’t going to hit her. I sure hope not.

I’m still dizzy. I have no idea what set me off today, but I sure hope it is better when I get back there on Thursday.


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